* Chapter 14 of this fanfic actually inspired some of the ideas in Plankton's Eye View, especially those of Plankton's mission of self-redemption. Even the author himself was astonished to find out through his commentary that a badfic actually gave him better ideas. Come to think about it, if Plankton read this fanfic in Plankton's Eye View, that would mean that a badfic actually inspired him to become a better person.
* This fanfic can also be a satire of bad fanfiction in itself. Examine the symbolisms in the epilogue, which is found in ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8063013/1/Planktons_Eye_View Plankton's Eye View]].'' The fact that [[spoiler:C'ren is actually a whore]] well symbolizes the truth that the MarySue is just the product of one's dreams and insecurities.
* It's possible that the part where C'ren almost said she wished to be related to Music/JustinBieber is justified, considering her back story with her half-brother.
* Along with the fridge horror about C'ren's possible feelings for Plankton, the story might also be a satire on the author's love life. More info in the 'About' section of his blog. Add the fact that the author and Plankton coincidentally have the same names. The author's name is James, which is also Plankton's second name.
* In the scene where C'ren tells Pearl off for being fat, it's possible that C'ren has been raised to hate fat people. [[FreudianExcuse Remember her half-brother who is fat?]]

* It seems to be implied that C'ren has romantic feelings for Plankton, aside from Justin Bieber. How? That line where she told Plankton that she programmed all the love a wife could possibly have in his new computer. Plus add the fact that the Monica persona has been said to be attracted to shorter guys. This mirrors in the story where C'ren, the self-insert, is 5'10 tall, and Plankton is depicted as short. Plankton also hates rock music. Only C'ren seems to understand that. Also, C'ren did attempt to seduce Plankton, but only to fail. Now, the horror here is that Plankton and Mr. Krabs are of the same age. C'ren was disgusted when Mr. Krabs hit on her, but Plankton does not seem to disgust her at all. When it would seem out of character for C'ren to be comfortable around people like Plankton, she seems to act quite differently around him... Although this might be justified because C'ren is actually 35 years old.

* If C'ren just woke up from a dream about being 18 years old again and is actually 35 years old, how is it possible for her to be much older than [[Music/JustinBieber Justin Bieber]] when he is born in 1994, and [[Music/AvengedSevenfold Avenged Sevenfold]] became a band in 1999? It has been said that the only true part in the story that happened to her was the abuse she experienced in her family and the fact that she fled home when she was 7, and was forced to listen to [[Music/GreenDay Green Day]] and Avenged Sevenfold before that. If Avenged Sevenfold released their first album in 2001, C'ren would have to be seven years old by that time and be born in the same year Bieber was born. C'ren fled home by the end of 2001, and only got to listen to Avenged Sevenfold for less than a year. She was mostly forced to listen to Green Day. It's possible that, considering the symbolisms in the epilogue, 'much younger' symbolizes the fact that by the time Justin Bieber turns 35, he would have achieved so much more than C'ren ever did and ever will. The author possibly doesn't mean 'younger' in the literal sense of the word, but he might have meant it in the way a person has lived life to the fullest, thus giving a sense of youth. Her half-brother was able to buy the very first Avenged Sevenfold album earlier on. Years later, she soon discovered Justin Bieber, most possibly through FM radio, and that's how she fell in love with him despite his feminine voice during that time. But then, that would lead to a FridgeHorror conclusion that C'ren is bisexual and adamantly denies it. She was relieved, however, when she found out that Bieber is male and is about her age.
** This theory has now been confirmed to be AscendedFanon by James himself.