Fridge / Nezumi Man

Fridge Brilliance

  • When Roahm Mythril did his weapons demos, he also included which Nezumi was weak to which weapon and had a logical reason for 7 of the 8 (example: Dragon Nezumi's weakness: "Pokémon type science at work".)note  The one he didn't have any idea about was Wave Nezumi being weak to the Dragon Cluster. I think I have the answer: What are dragons famous for? 1. Fire Breath, 2. Flying, 3. Being Scaly, 4. Hoarding shinies, and 5. Kidnapping Princesses. Hence, this weakness works best (and only) if Wave Nezumi is indeed The One Girl. (Though that does bring up a bit of Fridge Logic regarding Usagi the Kangaroo.) - Donald the Potholer