'''The [[VideoGame/{{Metro 2033}} Video Game]]'''


* Why aren't Ace, Miller, and the guy with the American accent lynched by the Reds/Nazis for being from the enemy side of the NATO countries?
** Because they are not from NATO, they are Russians and have Russian passports. Thank BlindIdiotTranslation of the English dub for the confusion.

'''The [[Literature/{{Metro 2033}} Novel]]'''


* Artyom encounters two guys camping at the otherwise empty ''Polyanka'' station and has an Literature/AliceInWonderland-like philosophic discussion with them (think two Caterpillars with a hookah) before moving on. Later he is told that ''Polyanka'' was abandoned because of a gas leak and nobody ever stays there. This implies that Artyom spent hours [[spoiler: in an ''empty'' Metro station, talking to himself]].