Fridge / Mac and Me

  • Fridge Brilliance in Mac and Me!? Yes! The aliens get sucked up by vacuum cleaners- repeatedly- in fact, it's how they get to Earth. They bring Eric back to life in the climactic scene, and then, in the denouement he's right there among them- still in his wheelchair. They HAVE to be invertebrates to get sucked up by vacuums- do they even realize humans aren't? It took me 20 years to put two and two together on this. —Nlpnt
  • Fridge Brilliance: Considering the amount of Product Placement, the Mac in the title is likely referring to McDonald's.
  • Fridge Horror: At the mall scene shootout, you can see Eric in front of the explosion near the aliens just before the explosion happens, already lying back in the same dead pose as he holds after his family runs back to him. This means that not only did his family abandon him as they were running to the police cars, the police gunned him down before the explosion happens.