Fridge / Keijo!!!!!!!!

Fridge Horror!!!

  • At first glance, Keijo comes off as incredibly silly and impossible to take seriously, but once one looks past the humorous and ridiculous appearances of the techniques the players pull off, true dread settles in when the sport of Keijo when watched from a medical standpoint. The things the Keijo players do to their bodies while on the land is should be putting an incredible strain on their bones, spines, muscles, tendons and fat tissues whenever using their techniques. The sheer punishment they push their bodies through is enough to leave irrecoverable injuries on in the span of a couple of years, as there exists a limit on how much a body can heal before it starts deteriorating. this would leave the players forced to retire and once they do, theyīre going to be stuck with sacking and unattractive shells of their former selves from all the abuse they suffered in the matches. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the Keijo-players are taking this sport dead seriously. One mistake or too much recklessness might cost them more than their careers in the long run after all...if not their lives.