Heartwarming / Keijo!!!!!!!!

  • Nozomi's friendship with Hanabi. Because Hanabi was too talented at sports, her teammates would always exclude her from playing and she eventually couldn't enjoy playing sports anymore. When Nozomi manages to rival her in Keijo, she regained her interest in playing sports again. Even though Hanabi beat her during the final exam and almost failed, Nozomi doesn't hold a grudge and she treats her with respect when they meet again. While Hanabi was in the Elite Class when she enrolled in Setouchi, she still treats Nozomi as her equal and even spoke positively about her to the other elites. Hanabi would later help Nozomi win the climax of East-West War by boosting her strength with her Tit Spirit technique.
    • Later in the manga, Nozomi, Hanabi, Sayaka, and Saya reunite, celebrate, and begin living under the same roof. The girls after try to Saya when her Quick Draw Boob attack begin to put damage on her breasts, ue to overuse, by trying to create a new quick draw technique with her butt, despite Saya's reluctance to accept their help. This shows volumes of the Setouchi girls value of friendship.
  • Rin can be arrogant with her skills, but when she introduced to Nozomi, she praises Nozomi's skills by stating that she's stronger than everyone in the regular class and should advance to the Elite Class to improve her skills.
  • From Episode 12 of the anime: Kaya is upset, worrying that her mother is not just going to punish her, but kick her out after losing the race to Nozomi, and thus losing the entire competition for Suruga. Kaya's mother just hugs her and assures her that everything is going to be just fine, and that she's the best daughter in the world. The victory party/ball later that same evening even sees Kaya starting to come out of her shell around people.
  • After Sumire reveals her past predicament to Nozomi, the latter assures Sumire that not only she isn't alone, but Nozomi and Miyata are able to help her.
  • Then, when Sumire defeats her rival, she reconciles with Riko after the latter reveals that she was responsible for her Career-Ending Injury.