* I was watching "stupid stuff" again, and it dawned on me: Kevin Grumbles sent Homestar a "[=HRemail=]"!
* In the [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad Email]] [=hremail3184=], Strong Bad destroys his Lappy through a fiery explosion. Some tropers may make angry comparisons to "retirement", but if you think about it, a showstopping finale is also what laid the spirits of the first two computers to rest in that sbemail, which is what happened here too. ~ Tropers/OldManHoOh
* The [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad email]] [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail80.html stunt double]] ends with an advertisement for ''Dangeresque 3'' "in 3D!", complete with off-center red and blue outlines. Five years later, once everybody had forgotten about this one-off gag, ''Dangeresque 3'' was actually released as [[EpisodicGame a part]] of ''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople'' - in polygonal 3D. --{{Tropers/YellowYoshi398}}
* Fans of Homestar Runner have always wondered why Strong Bad hasn't taken off his mask, even going so far as to email "him" over and over. While he says it's actually his face (sure enough, it caused him immense pain the one time he tried), there's also a real reason in real life: Lucha Libre wrestlers DON'T TAKE OFF THEIR MASKS, EVEN OUT IN PUBLIC. (For the wrestler, it's a flamboyant and special, but effective, part of their identity).
* In the song These Peoples Try To Fade Me, Coach Z says he's "so old-school they tore the school down". While it may sound like a typical Coach Z line, it making absolutely no sense, this line actually does. Basically he's [[BadassBoast more old-school than old-school]].
* In [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/dethemberween.html Happy Dethemberween]], Homestar is the only one who realizes that The Thnikkaman is Bubs in a PaperThinDisguise. This may be a reference to a quote from [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail161.html 4 branches]]:
--> '''Strong Bad:''' [[{{Cap}} You know how in video games, if you get the super-duper high score, it eventually flips back to zero]]? Well, sometimes Homestar does something so stupid, he flips back to smart.
* In the Videlectrix game [[http://www.videlectrix.com/kidspeedy.html Kid Speedy]], the censored swear words slow you down because are swearing while you trip.
* In [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/cantsayjob.html A Jorb Well Done]], Homestar's issue with Coach Z's SpeechImpediment makes sense because its the opposite of Homestar's ElmuhFuddSyndwome.
* Remember that Teen Girl Squad episode where Tompkinis was playing an original Gameboy and said that "she got Bowser on the ropes"? Well a few people are saying that Bowser didn't appear until [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1 Super Mario Bros Deluxe]]. However, Bowser was also in [[VideoGame/PanelDePon Tetris Attack]] and YoshiCookie. (Gameboy versions)
* Why did Bubs resort to violence to get Strong Bad to take back his story of [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail177.html "Orginal Bubs"]]? Because, as Strong Bad himself later confirmed, Strong Bad is a reality warper whose stories and ideas become real at random, and Bubs didn't want to be replaced by Strong Bad replaced actor parody. And it's a good thing he did, parts of that story that weren't shot down became real, from there being several Kings of Town to Onion Bubs.
* How did Pom Pom come back after getting killed? He previously got a 1-Up by beating the crap out of Strong Bad in the ''Strong Bad Email'' "pom pom".
* Ever notice how the clips from Dangeresque 2 in the email 'stunt double' have an actual instrumental soundtrack, while Dangeresque 1 only has 'doot-doos' sung by Strong Bad (save for the credits theme)? That's because Dangeresque 2 is the ''sequel''! Of course it would be improved compared to Dangeresque 1! Dangeresque 3 continues the trend with its soundtrack, having only one scene near the end contain the classic 'doot-doos.'
* In sbemail206, we get a trailer for ''Dangeresque 4 / 2 = 6'', in which there are two Dangeresques and two Dangeresque Toos. What does that have to do with six? Two Dangeresques (1 + 1) + two Dangeresque Toos (2 + 2) = 1 + 1 + 2 + 2. That equals 2 + 4. But that equals...
* In [[Recap/StrongBadEmailE84KidsBook sbemail84]], Strong Bad says that Southern accents are hot. In Marzipan's Answering Machine 17, he calls Marzipan as "Sharpdene," the "new girl," who has a Southern accent.

* See [[Headscratchers/HomestarRunner here]].

* In ''A Death-Defying Decemberween'', there's this hot drink that two of the characters are seen drinking called Hot Jones. At first, it looks like a cup of hot milk with what look like red sprinkles floating in it. Then, somehow, some time later, you'll find out that "jones" refers to a now-rare slang for heroin. Whether that's a coincidence is up to you.
* Some of you veterans may remember Buiscuitdoughhandsman, the 'guy' first suspected to have stolen The Poopsmith in the ''Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon''. At the end of Strong Bad Email #145 ''myths & legends'', Stong Bad mentions "startling new evidence in the Biscuitdoughhandsman conspiracy". An easter egg shows an anonymous interviewee ([[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial who's definitely not Coach Z]]) telling he found a "severed hand" in the locker room and holding what i can only deduce is a piece of unbaked biscuit dough with a bite taken out of it. Anybody else think the King of Town might have murdered '''and possibly eaten''' Buiscuitdoughhandsman?
* If you really think about it, Strong Bad really is a VillainProtagonist when his abuse of Strong Sad is taken into consideration. Strong Bad has repeatedly referenced his fondness at the prospect of Strong Sad dying in some ways. Strong Sad naturally shows signs of depression, which only makes it sadder when he expresses a desire to die. Really, Strong Sad's situation is full of FridgeHorror when one sees that he's willing to remain in the same household as a {{Jerkass}} that [[MoralEventHorizon once tried to drown him in a pool by encasing his body in concrete]]. Unless NegativeContinuity comes into effect, and even then, it's still a definite case of DudeNotFunny
** In "fan club", Strong Bad refers to Strong Sad heading the Deleteheads, a fan club devoted to Strong Bad and Sbemails, as a bit of "Stockholm Syndrome-esque irony". But considering that Strong Sad still runs such a club even after Strong Bad has continued to abuse him (sometimes in horrific ways like chaining him inside a filled bathtub), there may be a disturbing truth to that.
** Even more disturbing: in "A Decemberween Mackerel", Homestar Runner and Marzipan are shown singing carols to Strong Sad who is once again chained up in a filled bathtub (presumably again by Strong Bad). Strong Sad shrugs off the inevitable hypothermia as something he's accustomed to, and neither Homestar nor Marzipan do anything to help him out aside from singing carols to "cheer him up".
** An offhand gag in one of the Hremails shows Strong Bad walking around in what appears to be Strong Sad's severed feet, which brings disturbing implications if not for NegativeContinuity. It's made all the more disturbing by the squishy noises they make with each step and that he refers to them as "foot pelts".
** While Strong Mad is TheBrute, Strong Bad is ''tiny''. Strong Sad, who is of average height and heavy, could more than likely physically overpower him if he tried. The fact that he doesn't is a FridgeHorror moment itself. He's either so thoroughly cowed by Strong Bad or so genuinely despairing (or both) that he doesn't even try to fight back.
* Just what exactly was that evidence Bubs was burning in "Bug in Mouth Disease"?
** Most likely it was something involving organ trafficking: he claims to have "a fresh pancreas" for Homestar in the cooler marked "Exhibit B", and in episode 2 of ''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople'', you need Strong Bad to sell Strong Sad's pretendix on the black market (run by Bubs, of course) in order to get a PlotCoupon.
* In the unfinished toon ''Those Darn Cousins'', the titular cousins refer to Homestar as ''uncle'' Homestar. [[{{Squick}} Homestar must have really loved his aunt...]]