* The actresses' performances [[LaughablyEvil make light of how evil the Sanderson sisters are]]. Then you start to think about what they're trying to do, and that before they were caught, they were presumably doing it for a while. Even the other two, who are less outwardly dark, become creepier when you think about it. Sometimes, ''especially'' the other two.
-->'''Winifred:''' (about Binx) Whatever shall we do with him?\\
'''Mary:''' [[ImAHumanitarian Let's barbeque and fillet him!]]\\
'''Sarah:''' (childlike, reaches wantingly) [[PsychopathicManchild Hang him on a hook and let me play with him!]]\\
'''Winifred:''' (pushes Sarah back): NO!
** The movie also makes light of the fact THEY MURDERED A LITTLE GIRL IN THE OPENING! Okay, it is not as much making light of it as it is viewers seem to forget itů
** Mary is portrayed as the resident BigEater of the trio and is always eager to eat children. It gives us the stomach-churning implication that she's the fattest member of the trio specifically ''because'' she's eaten so many children!
*** Explains how they got rid of the bodies of the children they killed.
** Sarah is arguably the ''scariest'' of the trio. Winnie has all of the brains and more spellcasting ability, true, and Mary has probably devoured dozens (or hundreds) of children, but Sarah? Sarah's basically [[PsychopathicManchild a full-grown woman with an eight-year-old's mind]]. Maybe that's why she has a SirenSong power: she can call children to her because she's so childlike herself. At the same time, she's obsessed with boys (her first words after being rejuvenated? "I am beautiful! BOYS WILL LOVE ME!"), is vaguely aware of her own sexiness (see: her dance moves during "I Put A Spell On You"), and knows how to work it a bit, but for the most part, she has no idea what she's doing, and doesn't care if she does. All she knows is that there are men out there to [[DeadlyEuphemism "play with"]], ''and she wants them.'' Now, imagine if you were a witch with vast magical powers and no impulse control...the results are horrifying.
* Three little girls snatch the witches brooms and fly off with them (the woosh sound in the background). Those three are never seen again. Let's just hope they weren't still flying around when the Sanderson sisters died.
* When Winifred finds the spell to cast on Thackery, she mutters, "As usual..." How many other people have had to suffer Thackery's fate of being cursed with eternal life in the body of a widely-hated animal, [[AndIMustScream unable to tell anyone what happened to them?]]
* Max is infamously shamed by pretty much every character who knows he's a virgin, but gets the brunt of it from his little sister. Why? Because she's only ever heard that it's something bad, not what it actually means. It's similar to how some kids will use "gay" as an insult only because their introduction to the word was as an insult, rather than another term for homosexual.
* Mr. Binx saw his little girl's dead body in the witches' cottage, and had to bury a withered corpse with white hair and a desiccated face. We don't see this, thanks to OffscreenMomentOfAwesome and GoryDiscretionShot, but he asks the witches where his son is, and not Emily. Small wonder he looks like he's about to burst into angry tears and demands, "Answer me!".
* The last time Elijah saw his friend Thackery, the latter was going to rescue his sister from the witches. Then the witches were hung, to avenge Emily. Elijah had to spend the rest of his life not knowing where Thackery was, and knowing Elijah was spared because he came with backup.

* Allison accidentally bumps into an oven while hiding in the alley while the sisters are searching for them. This gives the MainCharacters the idea to attempt to bake the witches in the pottery kiln at the high school. Sound [[Literature/HanselAndGretel familiar?]]
* Near the end of the movie the trio drift off to sleep thinking that they are victorious and the witches think that all hope is lost because they don't have the book. A lamenting Winifred croons out the window, "Book, would you come home/ or make yourself known?" Cut to the book in Max's room opening its eye, looking towards a sleeping Max and Allison and then quickly shutting it again when the pair suddenly wake up. The two then decide to open the book which shoots out a beam of light alerting the witches to its location. Winnie unknowingly cast a spell and the book responded!
** On a related note, this would explain why Allison would say "Nothing unusual seems to be happening" even though the viewers can see the light radiating from the book and shooting out of the cupola--the spell Winifred cast made the book send out a signal ''only the sisters'' could see, and it was only made visible to the viewer through a PerceptionFilter so we'd know it was happening.
* During the "I Cast A Spell On You" number, Mary and Sarah are using microphones, but Winifred isn't, which seems like the filmmakers defying how acoustics work because [[RuleOfCool letting Bette Midler dance around and move freely about the stage like she's in a music video just looks cooler]]. However, in a later scene, Sarah's MagicMusic spell attracts children all through the town without any need for amplification, so it's likely the sisters can just make their sung spells carry exactly as far as they need them to. Either Winifred is the only one who doesn't need a microphone to be heard over the band because she's the one who started the spell, or none of them actually need mics, but Mary and Sarah are just standing behind theirs anyway (maybe because they just somehow figured out that's what backup vocalists are supposed to do).
* The Puritans in Salem successfully overcome the witches and hang them, while the adults in the modern world can't do a thing. Puritans were "experts" on witchcraft, with men like Cotton Mather writing treatises on black sorcery. With the witches gone, and no magic in Salem, along with the real-life hunts, the Puritans' descendants became more complacent and less willing to maintain the old traditions.
* Sarah's singing doesn't affect the main teens, or Thackery and Elijah. By colonial standards they'd already be adults. That's why Thackery was left to watch over Emily in the ColdOpen.
* Winifred's spell on the adults seems like nothing more than petty cruelty at first, until you remember their goals and how they were killed off originally. By enchanting all the parents to dance until they die they leave the children of the area completely unguarded while pre-emptively eliminating the most likely form of retribution.
* One of the odder quirks of the movie is how quickly the witches, and especially Winifred, acclimate to the present day; particular umbrage is taken with Winnie's line "Pull over! Lemme see your driver's license"--when she lived and died centuries before anything like the DMV existed. So how could she possibly know about them? That's when you remember that the first person the Sandersons meet after the main trio is a ''bus driver.'' Presumably, while they rode on the bus, he explained the whole notion of "driving" and "cars," and he figured it was part of their act. We even see Sarah playfully steering; it's easy to imagine that he joked "Do you have your license?" to her, and Sarah asked what he meant, with her sisters listening in.