!![[Music/{{Friday}} The song:]]
* FridgeBrilliance:
** The song and its video are argued to be one of the greatest, most introspective works of art in the history of Western culture according to [[http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/3/37219/1735343-1300154451929.jpg this guy on 4chan.]] His interpretation of some of the symbolism and metaphors also causes some ''serious'' FridgeHorror.
** Why can't she decide which seat to take? ''Both of them are full.''
* FridgeHorror:
** What if Rebecca had actually caught that bus? ''Think of all the seats!''
*** [[YourHeadAsplode Oh, if only...]]
** According to the song, a week's progression goes Thursday --> Friday --> Saturday --> Sunday. After that, there is no evidence that any other days exist. What EldritchLocation do they live in with no Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesday? Does the universe stop at Sunday, or are they stuck in a GroundhogDayLoop? It just raises too many questions.
*** She can probably only count to four.
*** Well, in the song itself there's no mention of the rest of the week, but the video starts with that calendar of {{shout out}}s to other songs named after days of the week ("Pleasant Valley Sunday", "Manic Monday", etc). But maybe that just means there ''used to be'' days other than Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
* FridgeLogic:
** Why is she so confused about choosing between the front and back seats? Wasn't she going to take the bus anyway?
*** She was planning on taking the bus and had her seat all planned out, but when she saw that she had missed the bus and was getting a ride with her friends, she was unprepared and was still reeling from the change in her routine, forcing her to have to make a snap decision that she couldn't handle.
** How are any of them old enough to drive?
*** There are a lot of people that look younger then they are. It's not impossible for a sixteen year old to look vaguely 13-14.
*** Since ''when'' are sixteen-year-olds allowed to drive all those minors in a car. They're practically police bait.
** She's got "a friend on the right,"...but there's another girl ''on her left side.''
*** She's a bitch.
*** [[TakeThat Yes, but we're talking about the SONG.]]

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