* From the Lifestream, all things originate, and to it all things return. Meaning people are knitted together from spare fragments of spirit energy, go live in a crappy world, then when they die, ''their spirit and consciousness is completely dissolved bit by bit'' and the cycle starts again. Then there's the fact that even as a living being, contact with raw Lifestream results in mutations, insanity, and other unspeakable things.
** Also, that lightbulb in your room? Powered by ''your dead grandfather's soul'' courtesy of the [=Shinra=] Electric Power Company.
*** Also, what happens to Grandpa's soul once it has been used to power that light bulb? Is it [[DeaderThanDead thoroughly spent]]? Is it [[AndIMustScream trapped somewhere]]? Think about it. Or better yet, don't.
*** Not exactly Fridge, since there's a cutscene where Bugenhagen shows you a simulation/vision of all the Lifestream drained from the world, leaving it a lifeless rock...
**** I would disagree there, I think he's quite right about it being fridge- the point isn't about what happens when the whole Lifestream is gone, it's about what happens to the part that was your grandpa's soul. After all, the energy in a light bulb is released as light and heat, so those photons energised by ol' grandpa? Flying off into space, perhaps? Dissipated into the air across millions of square metres, never to rejoin the planet? Fridge indeed...
**** Grandpa's soul wouldn't have even reached the lightbulb. It would have already ''burned out in an atomic furnace'' to create normal electricity.
* Natural materia is quite rare, and with good reason: it's formed from the condensation of Mako over the course of many many years. Materia can be manufactured too, though it's said that man-made materia is less powerful than natural. Materia allows you to focus and call upon the powers of the land, or so they say. No matter how you slice it though, materia is spirit energy balled up into a crystal and used to perform magic. If you've ever used materia, you're a necromancer.
* Another spooky thing about Midgar: We all remember the scene when [=Shinra=] blows up the support beam holding up Sector 7, right? And how Reno mentions how its self-destruct is set to go off if anyone messes with it too much... while this was undoubtedly to prevent anyone from messing with it once they'd set it to get ready to blow, this opens a whole other can of worms. Think about it: A team of 8 people could get to each tower's control unit, goof around mindlessly a few times, and ''completely wipe out the entire city.''
** What he's saying is that if the ''heroes'' mess with the self-destruct that he ''just activated'' it will go off. Not that if anyone just futzes around with the console on a normal day it'd go off. That'd just be stupid. He's describing the current, specific circumstances, not how it always works.
** Hell, just to take that bit of FH one step further: ''Why the hell were the primary support beams designed to be able to self-destruct in the first place!?'' Thank goodness nobody in ''this'' world thinks like that when designing major cities... umm, they ''don't'', right?
*** Worse still: ''[[spoiler: A member of your party is Shinra's Head of Urban Development]]!''
*** Even worst: when [=Shinra=] caused the plate to fall, they killed two towns' worth of people just to get at a group of six. This at first sounds like [=Shinra=] holding a VillainBall, until you realize how [[PoweredByAForsakenChild Mako]] works; they were refueling.
* Aerith works as a flower girl. Sweet and innocent, right? Until you find out that the term "flower girl" has been used as a euphemism for "prostitute" in certain cultures, including [[http://books.google.com/books?id=tJnLqLkCEhIC&pg=PA9&lpg=PA9&dq=%22hua+niang%22+prostitution#v=onepage&q&f=false China]]. If you think about where she works, and wonder if her price of 1 gil a bloom is enough to make the rent, and think about how readily she agreed to date Cloud, and how comfortable she was pretending to work at the Honeybee Inn, and... well, it's WMG, but let's just say the poor girl might have had more than aphids to worry about...
** If you talk to some of the men outside the Honeybee Inn after Cloud enjoyed the company of 20 burly men (or just had a freak out, depending on which room you went in), you find out that Aerith sold some flowers to them for 500 gil. Maybe not a prostitute, but definitely [[TheTease a tease.]]
*** One of the men also says that Aerith told him that she ''wouldn't'' go out with him for even 1000 gil! It's actually more FridgeBrilliance than FridgeHorror in that it's [[TheTease Aerith's]] [[LittleMissConArtist little joke.]] Aerith presents herself as a "flower girl", and if men take that the wrong way, she charges them lots of gil to "buy her flowers." (Remember that when she was clearly literally selling flowers towards the start of the game, she only charged Cloud 1 gil.) So when it turns out that she really was just a flower girl and not THAT kind of flower girl, it's too late for the poor horny guys to get their money back!
* Remember the scene where Sephiroth stabs Aerith? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEJ_3_wYROc Well, Game Theory did an episode on it...]]
** Building off of that, in the film sequel ''Advent Children'', the villains bring all the sick kids to the Forgotten City and have the kids drink from the water there. And then you remember that Aerith's body has been down there decomposing for the past 2 years. Ewww.
*** ... Or rather, her body and soul became part of the Lifestream. That water's clean... Well, until Kadaj... does that weird black inky thing to it.
**** "Peeing in the water", as this troper's friend put it. Let that sink in...
*** Does anyone else find it unnerving that instead of laying her to rest in one of the beds or something, the characters [[DisposingOfABody dump her body into the fucking lake?]]
**** Even more strange is the way Cloud is clearly ''standing'' in the water, but as soon as he lets go of her, she sinks at least a few meters to the bottom.
* How did Lucrecia find out she couldn't die? ''[[spoiler: She tried to kill herself.]]''
* There's the Hell House, an enemy that is powerful for its early appearance in the game in the Sector 6 slums. It looks like a fairly innocent house, but rams and guns down those who attempt to approach it. Do sufficient damage to it, and its innards pop out, which include a skull-like head and several arms. The horror becomes apparent when you remember that most people in the Midgar slums live in appalling squalor. Many live in shacks constructed of scrap metal and abandoned equipment. The Hell House seems to take advantage of this by luring its victims to what appears to be an actual, well-constructed and pleasant house.
* There's the moment when, after [[spoiler: you've been taken prisoner by Shinra]], you wake up to find that all the guards have been brutally killed off and the door [[spoiler: to your cell]] unlocked. One of the guards' corpses is just to the left of [[spoiler: your cell]]. [[spoiler: Sephiroth was right outside ''your door'' as you slept. He may very well have been the one to unlock your cell.]]

[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]
* Rufus Shinra's [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn]] in the film was actually being foreshadowed during the game.
** Despite his talk of ruling the world through fear, he expresses nothing but disgust towards the monsters his father had placed in charge of Shinra and likely would have replaced them once the crisis was over.
** Also, he never commits any acts of mass murder to deal with his issues and only uses the big guns on very serious threats, [[spoiler: like the Diamond Weapon]]. In contrast, several acts of outright murder happened under his father's orders.
** However, the biggest clue can be easily missed: after Tifa wakes up from the incident at the Northern Crater, Rufus sentences her and Barrett to be publicly executed. So where is the foreshadowing? He apparently allowed the rest of the team to go despite their previous fights against Shinra. However, Barrett and Tifa are known to be AVALANCHE terrorists responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents from their bombings of the reactors. As criminals, they deserved a death sentence, so Rufus only punished the people who actually carried out the murders.
* So when a Materia's level maxes out, the original Final Fantasy VII will spawn a new materia and tell you "X is born!" I thought that was a result of the BlindIdiotTranslation... but think about it. Materia is make of Mako, and Mako is the LIFE of the Planet... so that means that whenever a materia spawns a new one, it is literally giving birth, amoeba style. Nice one, Square Enix.
* When Cloud tells the story of the Nibelheim incident for the first time, there's a lot of little foreshadowing tidbits that you cannot but notice on during later playthroughs, namely:
** Cloud's POV during the train scene [[spoiler:is actually from Zack's right until Sephiroth starts talking about Nibelheim being "your hometown". Although the speech bubbles still come from "Cloud", the dialogue is from the real Cloud (the sick grunt)]].
** In that same scene, Cloud starts doing squats when he gets excited. [[spoiler:Which is a Zack mannerism that the real Cloud never displays IIRC.]]
** Sephiroth tells Cloud he can go visit his family and friends right at the moment when a grunt enters from the left side of the truck. [[spoiler:That grunt is actually the real Cloud, whom Sephiroth is actually addressing.]]
** For someone who left only two years ago, everybody in Nibelheim sure takes a bit too long to recognize Cloud. [[spoiler:Evidently, it's because of the helmet that is part of his grunt uniform.]]
** Cloud's Mom asks Cloud if what he's wearing is a SOLDIER uniform, presumably with excitement, and Cloud replies "Mom, I...", presumably embarrassed at her delight. [[spoiler: Actually, Cloud's Mom's question is probably her sensing that something went wrong because she sees it as a "low rank" uniform and Cloud's embarrassment is about his failure. That's why Cloud's memory has so many blanks in this part; a good deal of the conversation was probably about Cloud's failure.]] You probably thought sometime that Cloud seems weirdly uncomfortable being around the mother he should have been eager to see.
*** Additionally, Cloud has many other flashbacks of his mother telling him to just settle down and marry an older girl. These flashbacks have the same 'painful white' flash, meaning they're painful suppressed memories. Why would they be painful suppressed memories? [[spoiler: His mother gave him that lecture after discovering he'd failed to join SOLDIER.]]
*** Either that, or his mother was never there to begin with. [[spoiler: She's the only person in the current Nibelheim town who doesn't have an actress to take her place and can't be accounted for elsewhere in the world; plus, when Cloud finally gets back around to himself, he never even mentions her. But, we ''do'' know that ''Zack'' had loving parents in Gongaga. Cloud probably "remembered" going to visit his mother because going to his parents' house is ''what Zack would have done''.]]
*** That makes no sense. Cloud talks about his mother being killed there.
** Tifa asks afterwards if she was very hurt when Cloud found her. Your first reaction would be to think she didn't remember the details of what happened. [[spoiler:On the contrary, she is beginning to think that Cloud has assumed Zack's role in the story and is asking him something that only the person who attended her would know - just to affirm her suspicions that the real Cloud was the grunt she remembered being with them, and to see how much of the real Cloud is still there. Her constant interruptions when Cloud is visiting her house might have something of this as well.]]
*** Another possible interpretation is that she was, at the time, [[spoiler:doubting her own memories and trying to make sense of what actually happened. Sure, Cloud clearly wasn't well when she found him, and she was sure he wasn't at Nibelheim... but she had been badly hurt, he knew things he shouldn't have unless he was there, and our minds do have a funny way of messing with our memories. IIRC it's not until they're in the Lifestream that she realizes Cloud was the grunt.]]
** The ending, or rather the [[NoEnding complete lack of one]]. Cloud cuts off once he and Sephiroth face down in the reactor and doesn't elaborate further. He doesn't believe for a second that he could have killed Sephiroth, but [[DidYouDie Cloud obviously didn't die either]]. All anyone knows at that point is that Shinra has officially stated that their best SOLDIER is dead. [[spoiler:They're correct- Cloud did it.]]
** The reactions of everybody after Cloud tells the story: Tifa asks for a small detail, as discussed above. Aeris dodges Cloud's personal issues and changes the subject directly towards Sephiroth and the Ancients. [[spoiler:She probably suspected she was seeing Zack inside Cloud since some time and Tifa's small questions probably confirmed her doubts.]] Barrett says the story doesn't make sense. [[spoiler:He's right.]] Red XIII says "What a fascinating story". [[spoiler:Which doesn't imply he believes any of it.]]
** Furthermore, the difference in power between Cloud and Sephiroth. Didn't Zack hold his own against Sephiroth before getting defeated? Surely a 1st class can't actually have been that (comparably) weak. A grunt, however...
* If you date Aerith at the Gold Saucer, she and Cloud have the following exchange ([[spoiler:which, in hindsight, is a hint that she knows that Cloud has adopted Zack's personality and memories as his own]]):
-->'''Aerith:''' Cloud... I'm searching for you.\\
'''Cloud:''' ............?\\
'''Aerith:''' I want to meet you.\\
'''Cloud:''' But I'm right here.\\
'''Aerith:''' I know, I know... what I mean is... I want to meet... you.
* When Shinra opts to drop the Sector 7 plate onto the slums, it seems like overkill to take out an OddlySmallOrganization, and demonstrates just what a ruthless pack of immoral bastards most of the higher-ups are. And then we remember that it happened not long after Cloud presented himself to the president as an ex-SOLDIER. ''VideoGame/CrisisCore'' showed that [=SOLDIERs=] are so {{Badass}} that they needed to send a small army in just to deal with one who had gone rogue. As far as Shinra is concerned, AVALANCHE had crossed the GodzillaThreshold by taking in a rogue SOLDIER.
* If you look at Aerith's profile in [[http://www.finalfantasyviipc.com/ FF7 website]] you will see that her blood-type is O. People from this blood group are known as "universal donors", meaning that they can donate blood to people from any blood group. It fits as a fiddle with Aerith always giving the best of herself for the good of the planet[[spoiler:, specially with her death]].
** On the other hand, Cloud's blood-type is AB, making him an universal recipient.
* When Cloud asks Aerith what answers she's searching for by following Sephiroth, she's extremely evasive:
-->'''Aerith:''' I'll go too. There are things I want to find out.\\
'''Cloud:''' About the Ancients?\\
'''Aerith:''' ... Many things.
** This is because she is trying to find out [[spoiler:what happened to ''Zack'' -- and she's evasive because, by this point, she's seen enough (especially if she noticed the Buster Sword) to suspect that Cloud is impersonating Zack]].
* Something that isn't really noticeable in-game, besides a skinny comment from Barret early on, but rather in character artwork; Cloud carries his famous Buster Sword and other large weapons with ease to the point of spinning them with one hand. But while he has some muscles, his build is far too lean for the average person to nonchalantly carry them. While being a SOLDIER, [[SuperSoldier known for their superhuman capabilities,]] is generally the excuse, he's practically a young man of little note compared to the muscular, tall physique of Sephiroth, and even [[spoiler: Zack]] has a more fitting build to a degree. [[spoiler: It's possibly a subtle nod to the fact that the Mako as well as the Jenova cells really are what gives Cloud his physical strength - he wasn't actually physically trained like any SOLDIER proper, especially in comparison to Sephiroth or Zack, since he wasn't in SOLDIER to begin with.]]
* Probably a minor thing, but there's a company called Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, founded in 1982, which supply many firearms, including machine guns. The name of the leader of AVALANCHE, that guy with the machine gun grafted onto his arm? Barrett.
* Why is Cait Sith so emotional during his not so HeroicSacrifice, and why does he refer to it as the "final farewell"? We all know that he's going to be safe, as he's really just [[spoiler:Reeve]], who will just send another Cait Sith to replace the old one, right? Consider the fact that he is a fortune teller, and consider the fact that Aeris will ''always'' be one of the party members that he says this "farewell" speech to, and consider the fact that he just read Aeris and Cloud's fortune. In other words, [[spoiler:he now knows that Aeris is going to die soon, and that ultimately it will be for the good of The Planet, meaning it would do more harm to interfere with this. So he is forced to just let everything happen, and is emotional not just because of this, but because he knows he could never die for the good of others the way Aeris is destined to do so, regardless of whether it's an actual sacrifice or not (note WordOfGod says it isn't), but the closest he will ever get to it is by sacrificing an expendable toy.]]
** In addition, his farewell speech could really be [[spoiler:him saying goodbye to Aeris knowing that he will not have the chance to do so when the time comes]].
* In ''Advent Children'' Aerith's name is never said aloud, primarily for dramatic effect but also to avoid favoring either of her equally accepted names.
* Looking back nearly twenty years later, the game's story is dominated by a fascinating and only ''slightly'' controversial dichotomy between the [[SpaceJews all-but-extinct nomadic race searching for a "Promised Land"]] and the [[ANaziByAnyOtherName jack-booted military-industrial complex with Germanic pagan theme naming]] (and a head honcho literally named '''Heidegger'''). The parallels go even further with the Lifestream, a fictionalized version of the godhead from {{UsefulNotes/Kabbalah}}. It's the focal point of Cetra spirituality, yet the Teutonic bad guys also used it to manufacture through unethical human experimentation a DarkMessiah who at first believes himself to be part of the Cetra and a guide to the Promised Land, yet later sees himself as a superior being with a right to rule the Planet because of his lineage, as he believes himself to be the son of an [[GodIsEvil evil being from the sky whose name is one letter off from "Jehova"]]. [[spoiler: He kills the last of the Cetra, but she triumphs in death when her strong spirituality enables the ''true'' godhead to save the day from the callous materialism of the Teutonic military-industrial complex and its infectious false god.]] And of course, all the while the Asian counterpart culture is a tourist attraction dreaming of one day reclaiming their former glory.