Fridge / Deadlands

Fridge Brilliance
  • When I first picked up Deadlands, I started with "Hell on Earth" (The After-The-Bomb one.) and there were so many items that said "This will be answered in Lost Colony" (which wouldn't be published for another 3 years) that I actually wrote a complaint letter to the author about how it felt like the whole game was just a marketing ploy to sell this other game. Shortly thereafter, a friend gave me the original Weird West books, and upon reading them, I realized that the whole storyline is basically an incredibly detailed three-act play and I'd come in on the second act. Mysteries in Weird West were answered in Hell on Earth as well. Now I've got almost everything made for all three games and happily run them at any opportunity. — Doctor X

Fridge Logic
  • Wait, if prairie ticks can't penetrate human flesh, how can they perform a Chest Burster routine? They'd have to get through even more flesh going out that way. And if they had the raw strength to just rend victims apart to get out in the first place, why would they go down anyone's throat?