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Fridge: Daybreakers
  • When the vampire army's Hummer explodes after being skewered through the windshield, it looks like a particularly grievous case of Hollywood exaggeration... until you find out that the vampires explode when killed.
    • At first glance, it would seem like the number of vampires that smoke is actually rather astounding... until you realize that the health problems caused by such are no longer a concern, thanks to immortality.
      • Addiction Displacement is probably to blame as well.
      • And with virtually no one eating solid food anymore, farmers might as well grow tobacco, so it's probably a whole lot cheaper.
      • That would be interesting to see in this universe - the vamps would be harvesting at night.
  • The vampire military hasn't thought to try developing stake-proof vests. Modern police have developed stab vests, how much modification would they take to resist stakes as well? Also why do they wear helmets? Wouldn't getting shot in the head have no effect on them?
    • It veers into wall-banger territory when close-ups show that their futuristic armor clearly has armored shoulder pads but no heart-covering stake-proof plating.
      • Bullets may not kill them, but they may suffer temporary wounds that splatter blood around before they heal. With a crippling blood-shortage going on and most of their fellow soldiers half-starved, spraying the red stuff all over is probably not a good thing even if the leaks do plug themselves within seconds. Plus, those shoulder pads might actually come in handy if a rampaging subsider tries to feed on a vampire and isn't picky about biting just the neck.
      • There may be pragmatism at work as well - the vampire population is unsustainably high, so the more vampire soldiers that die due to reckless tactics and inneffective armour, the better.
      • Most of there armor doesn't really seem all that advanced, just very specifically catered to hold out UV rays (the anti-sunlight helmet is really just a metal case with a camera and a screen on the inside). Most of their tech isn't to far stretched from what it is now, just catered to a specific task. Combine that with the fact that a modern crossbow bolt can penetrate IIIA body armor and stab vests are intended to stop handheld blade strikes, not crossbow bolts, and its easy to imagine that their body armor simply isn't all that effective against their prey's weapon of choice.
    • Also, the only thing that vampires eat is blood. So why is their puke white instead of red?
      • Maybe their bodies only metabolize red blood cells, leaving the white ones undigested?

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