Fridge / Darkman

  • Fridge Logic: Do all the guys that Darkman impersonates have the same height?
    • ...And eye color? Same kind of teeth as he does? And where does he get the hair? Does he rob wig stores?
    • It's hard to see unless you're watching in hi-def, but Darkman always has blue eyes, even when he's impersonating someone. It's easiest to tell when he's impersonating Durant, because Larry Drake's eyes are green in that scene.
    • The novelization mentions that yes, he orders a lot of wigs, contact lenses, and other things to perfect his disguises.
      • In the sequels, the hair comes part of the mask ready-made.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It would seem at first glance that much of why Peyton was tortured and left for dead, was because he didn't know what Durant wanted. However this troper remembers an earlier scene where he was in the same room with Julie who was talking about the Memorandum out loud. He knew exactly what Durant was talking about, he was only trying to protect Julie.