Fridge / Dale Brown

Fridge Brilliance
  • On the HarperCollins cover of Dale Brown's Warrior Class there is an image of a B-1B Lancer (lookalike), but (at least on my copy) the tail control surfaces appear translucent. At first I wrote it off as a printing problem. However, later on in the book it is stated that Dreamland's modified Bones, the EB-1C Vampires, lack a horizontal stabiliser and have a much shorter vertical stabiliser because of the special technology they use to make the skin of the Vampire able to change and affect its flight characteristics without needing conventional flight control surfaces. Then it clicked into place that the translucency wasn't accidental!Gentlemens Dame 883
    • I was disappointed by the end of Executive Intent, where we are merely told that Pat's forces are kicking ass and taking names rather than being allowed to "see", so to speak, the action. Then I realised that it was an evolution of the Mook Horror Show: By describing their actions from afar, reporting the devastation they bring on the Russians rather than showing, it turns them into alien, implacable forces of nature, not something still mortal, destructible. This allows for the impression of power without an overbearing in-your-face Invincible Hero impression. — Gentlemens Dame 883