* The revelation that Krumwiede [[spoiler:falsified the Forsythia cure]] puts a scene where he refused to give an infected friend Forsythia into a whole new light.
* The main film page mentions a FlowerMotif of yellow flowers whenever there's a personal loss or tragedy. Krumwiede claims to have been cured by Forsythia, which is a yellow flower itself.

* Since [[spoiler:Sun Feng's village]] used the placebo, they will assume that they are vaccinated. If they return to their daily lives, they will contract the disease and everyone, including the children, will die. [[spoiler:Moreover, Dr. Orates will have no idea where the village is since she was blindfolded and rode a car with the windows covered, so it's highly unlikely she'll be able to get there before it's too late.]]
* When [[spoiler:Doctor Mears]] gets sick in her hotel room, she immediately asks for the names of everyone who has ever cleaned her room or brought her food. Even if she gave it to just one of them (and not the other way around) it's likely that, due to the high communicability rate of the disease, and the fact that hotel staff serve multiple rooms, nearly everyone in the hotel has now been infected.
* Krumwiede says that the real cure could have bad effects and cause death farther down the line. He's supposed to be grasping for some justification to explain why he would [[spoiler:lie about the cure]]. However, since the researcher [[spoiler:injected herself to make a cure without clinical trials,]] he could possibly be completely right.
** Speaking of Krumwiede, he refused to get vaccinated or [[spoiler:take the real cure]] because he insisted on peddling his own false hope drug to everyone. Despite him taking the precautions against it, there's still no way of confirming that he hasn't been in contact with a contaminated person or object. [[KarmicDeath It seems likely, as a result, that his conspiracy theories will come back to bite him somewhere along the line...]]
* The entire movie is a singular case of Fridge Horror. It represents a '''BEST CASE SCENARIO''' for a major emergent viral pandemic. The pandemic would play out MOSTLY how it was shown, but the [[HollywoodScience actual time frame would be much, much longer]]. Society would suffer a complete breakdown (with the possibility of WeaponOfMassDestruction events, loss of all utilities, a much higher level of destruction, etc.) and a vaccine, if ''any'' were to be had, would take ''years'' to test and distribute, not months. The death toll? In the hundreds of millions, possibly over a billion people. For once, Hollywood's ''understating'' the severity of the event and its aftereffects on civilization.
** All of this is dependent on the details of the virus. Despite its high communicability, several medical experts have pointed out that the speed at which it kills would actually make a major epidemic much less likely. You can't say it's the "best case scenario" for a "major emergent pandemic" when both "best case" and "major" are completely arbitrary standards entirely dependent on the disease itself.
* The ForWantOfANail chain of events that lead to the pandemic could easily have been broken. So how many incipient viral outbreaks have we been spared from without knowing about it?
** The virus is based on the Nipah virus and its suspected origins. It's hypothesised that cross-contamination of bat and pig living spaces has been happening for ''years'' before the lethal virus emerged. These chains of events are inevitable, but the chances of them turning into a mass outbreak are still very low.

* If Mitch is Beth's husband, and it's been made medically clear that he doesn't have the virus, why don't the doctors do any tests to see if he's a walking cure?