* In the movie the car is shown to be evil from creation; in the book it is alluded that the previous owner's ghost drives the power of the car. Being based on Stephen King logic, it is safe to assume the car WAS created already infused with the dark spirit that seeks love and rage...lots and LOTS of rage apparently. This kind of explains why it kills the first person to ever sit in her after being offended by his cigar.

[[AC: FridgeHorror]]
* In Stephen King's other famous novel, ''Literature/{{It}}'', the eponymous clown summons a Plymouth the exact same make and model as Christine, who is driven by a dead guy. Let it sink in as to what that entails...
** A car very similar to Christine also shows up in ''Literature/ElevenTwentyTwoSixtyThree'', driven by [[spoiler:Sadie's psycho ex]].