* Count Dracula is extremely eccentric and crazy, which I saw less as being due to his nature as a spawn of Satan and more due to his being mostly withdrawn from the world for hundreds of years. He is depicted with very hairy palms in his first appearance- this is a typical part of the vampire myth, but it's also part of another [[ADateWithRosiePalms myth]]... Now, he has some very attractive wives but he's obviously still very much in love with Winona Ryder... Could Dracula have started both classic myths in one fell swoop by being locked away in his castle, with his true love gone forever, for half a millenium? Stories about him would certainly spread in that time.
* There's a sequence in the film where Mina chucks pages from her diary overboard into the ocean, with a voice-over reading off text that is not in the novel ("Perhaps, though I try to be good, I am bad," etc). This could be an in-joke/explanation of why the romance story isn't in the book - Mina destroyed all the written evidence!