* In the old ''Manga/{{Astroboy}}'' mangas/show, Astroboy gets oil by having some device plugged into his butt. Strange, yet innocent, right? Well, think about it: This is a robot who looks like a nine-year-old boy. He's having a phallic-shaped oil-delivering object being shoved into his butt while EVERY OTHER ROBOT in the mangas/show receives their oil by drinking it from a cup. Of course, it begs to be added that Astroboy is the ONLY robot that pretty much has ''no clothes on'' save for some underpants and shoes. The other robots have clothes. And remember: the creator was trying to [[ReplacementGoldfish make a robot replacement for his dead son]]... Pass the BrainBleach, please.
* At the end of the Scara time travel arc, New Astro can't be activated until Old Astro is destroyed ([[TimeTravelTenseTrouble same Astro, different points in his own time stream]]), which of course is a brilliant excuse to show Astro's birth again... wait. [[spoiler: Astro just blew up. That was Astro's ''[[DeadForReal real, honest-to-goodness never coming back death]] there for all to see''.]]
* The end of the movie is supposed to be happy, but then you remember that Toby is still dead. Without a body to bury.

* In the 2003 anime, Dr. O'Shay speculates that the days Tenma spent with Tobio/Astro were probably the happiest days of his life. [[spoiler: So what's the first step in Tenma's VillainousBreakdown? Erasing Astro's memory so he can relive those days.]]
* The 1982 anime features an episode where two robots fall in love due to what O'Shay explains is a strange tendency for robots with similar designs to form strong attractions. Several episodes later Astro gets a love interest in Nuka, a robot based on his prototype blueprint.