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Ultimate Assist Me

  • Phoenix Wright's enormous bill for defending Doom might seem normal, seeing as he's a lawyer, right? But it's more than that; Mr. Wright often doesn't get paid for his defenses, and is almost broke in his canon. He's got every reason in the world to charge that much.
  • How Deadpool is first defeated. He teleports back to Max's house after Doom finger snap him out of it twice. The third time he uses the teleport device, although accidentally, he explodes just like he does in the game.
  • In Assist Me: X-23, Doom falls for the titular X-Man, imagining her to be very, very sexy while eating yogurt. Max, on the other hand, sees her for how she really is, which is a wild and feral beast. While it may make sense in that Max is the straight man of Assist Me, it makes even more sense that he wouldn't be attracted to her when you consider who X-23 is played by. She's played by his real-life sister, naturally.