-->''"What is feel?"''
-->-- [[EmotionlessGirl Alysia Morales]]

-->''I have to protect my Mana in my heart from now on. I canít let anyone, or anything, touch it again.Ē
-->-- Azure Martinez, ''Literature/ArcanaMagiMemorial''

''Arcana Magi Universe'' written by H-M Brown, is a variety of WebOriginal prose stories, from WebSerialNovel to ShortStory. It involves TheFourGods and the teenage girls associated with them as they get caught up in adventures and world changing situations. While although some of the typical stereotypes, like the TransformationTrinket and MiniDressOfPower, are commonly found in ''Arcana Magi Universe'', the series adds more character depth, AppliedPhlebotinum, and action sequences to the MagicalGirl genre that would make it qualify for Rated R.

Due to the fact that few of the stories in 'Arcana Magi Universe' are related to each other, but not in others, they were separated into [[TheMultiverse four universes]] named after each of the TheFourGods. In a unique twist, one universe shares a distinct trait with two universes, but not with one, creating an opposing universe. For example, the setting of Merydia is featured in the Byakko Universe, Suzaku Universe, and Genbu Universe, but not in the Seiryu Universe. As for opposing universes one example is that in the Byakko Universe there is more focus on {{Magitek}} but in the Seiryu Universe, it's opposite, there is no Magitek present at all.

The stories in this series are by universe:

Suzaku Universe
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagi'' (2010)

Seiryu Universe
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiZero'' (2009)
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiPure'' (2011)

Genbu Universe
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiMemorial'' (2010)
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiCross'' (2011)

Byakko Universe
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiRush'' (2011)
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagiDivine'' (2012)

There is also a Behind The Scenes written by H-M Brown covering the history of ''Arcana Magi Universe'', including character sheets.

''Arcana Magi Universe'' is available via [[http://www.fictionaut.com/groups/arcana-magi-universe this link]].

Exclusive Tropes should go to their respective Articles.

"'''Here there be spoilers!'''"

!! ''Arcana Magi Universe'' provides the following common Tropes examples:

* CallingYourAttacks
* TheFourGods
* GeometricMagic -- Shared across the entire universe.
* MagicalGirl
* {{Magitek}} -- From CombiningMecha to weaponry
* {{Mana}}
* TransformationTrinket -- Found in ''Arcana Magi Zero'' and ''Arcana Magi''