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Bara Magna
||TheLeader||Mata Nui (the exiled Great Spirit)||
||TheLancer||Ackar (the veteran)||
||TheBigGuy||Kiina (has some pretty crazy ideas)||
||TheSmartGuy||Berix (a thief)||
||TheChick||Gresh (the rookie)||

Toa Inika/Mahri
||TheLeader||Jaller ([[PlayingWithFire Toa of Fire]], a leader determined to not make the same mistakes as his predecessors)||
||TheLancer||Kongu ([[BlowYouAway Toa of Air]], wears a Mask of {{Telepathy}} that [[HearingVoices won't turn off]] and is the first to voice a complaint)||
||TheBigGuy||Hewkii ([[DishingOutDirt Toa of Stone]], has ImprobableAimingSkills with or without a [[CoolMask mask that enhances them]])||
||TheSmartGuy||Nuparu ([[DishingOutDirt Toa of Earth]], one of Metru Nui's [[GadgeteerGenius smartest Matoran]])||
||TheChick||Hahli ([[MakingASplash Toa of Water]], who also has ImprobableAimingSkills)||
||TheHeart||Matoro ([[AnIcePerson Toa of Ice]], starts as TheEveryman, then turns into TheHero and [[HeroicSacrifice saves the universe]])||

Toa Metru/Hordika
||TheLeader||Vakama ([[PlayingWithFire Toa of Fire]], a leader with [[{{Wangst}} self-confidence issues]] and [[PsychicDreamsForEveryone visions]])||
||TheLancer||Onewa ([[DishingOutDirt Toa of Stone]], who [[DeadpanSnarker thinks Vakama is crazy]])||
||TheBigGuy||Whenua ([[DishingOutDirt Toa of Earth]], the [[GeniusBruiser strongest Toa Metru with extensive knowledge of]] [[CallARabbitASmeerp Rahi]])||
||TheSmartGuy||Nuju ([[AnIcePerson Toa of Ice]], an astrologist who can [[AnimalTalk talk to birds]])||
||TheChick||Nokama ([[MakingASplash Toa of Water]], was a [[HotLibrarian teacher]] before taking TheHero role, and is still the voice of wisdom for her team)||
||KidAppealCharacter||Matau ([[BlowYouAway Toa of Air]], a [[InHarmsWay thrill seeker]] and LargeHam)||

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Von Nebula arc

Fire Lord arc

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Battle Tribe
||TheLeader||Roddrill Robo||
||TheLancer||Bike Robo||
||TheBigGuy||Trailer Robo||
||TheSmartGuy||Combat Racer||
||TheChick||Scooter Robo||

Jet Tribe
||TheLeader||Blue Jet Robo||
||TheLancer||Falcon Robo||
||TheBigGuy||Triple Jim||
||TheSmartGuy||Mecha Fighter||
||TheChick||Eagle Robo||

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||TheLeader||Frankie Stein||
||TheLancer||Cleo de Nile||
||TheBigGuy||Clawdeen Wolf||
||TheSmartGuy||Ghoulia Yelps||

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||TheMentor||Sensei Wu||
||TheSixthRanger||Lloyd ([[spoiler:a.k.a. - The Green Ninja]])||

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''Tween Dora''