A silent film from 1924, directed by Creator/KingVidor. A sailor, John Woolford, who lost his wife in a carriage accident, and now travels the seas lonely (presumably he's filthy rich, or else we'd wonder why he's jobless) lands near an isolated house in Florida and meets a woman, Millie, who is living with her grandfather (a CivilWar veteran) and is menaced by a neigbor Nicholas. Woolford and Millie meet and part, but he soon returns, because he's in love with her. The menacing neighbor turns out to have been a wanted killer. He kills Millie's grandfather and takes her captive. Woolford frees her (actually she frees herself, but he fights the killer) but in the struggle a lamp burns the house down.

The "wild oranges" in the title refers to the metaphor of wild oranges, which we are helpfully told by the intertitles are bitter when you first taste them but ultimately rewarding.
!!Tropes include:

* BoundAndGagged
* DamselInDistress
* DefrostingIceQueen / RomancingTheWidow (gender reversed)
* InformedFlaw: Millie is supposedly afraid of everything because of influence from her grandfather, who saw the horrors of the Civil War. It shows up mainly in one scene where she's suddenly afraid of the ocean, right after saying she wants to be free.
* TwistedAnkle: Happens to the ''hero'', who gets his foot stuck in a hole in the floor, loses his gun, and gets attacked by the killer.
* {{Undercrank}}: The big fight scene is sped up.