A Korean comedy about... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a vampire cop.]] A mosquito in Romania bites a vampire, then goes to Korea and bites a local policeman, Na Do-yol. Subsequently, Do-yol develops vampire powers that awaken when he is sexually aroused, and decides to use them against the man who tried to kill his partner. HilarityEnsues.

!!Tropes Used:

* AdjectiveNounFred
* AmbiguouslyGay - Tak wears heavy eye makeup and has a tendency to overact, but never has any romance.
* BadassPreacher
* {{Camp}}
* ChewingTheScenery - Do-yol and, to a lesser extent, Tak.
* HeelFaceTurn - The priest, who tries to stake Do-yol, settles for helping him to regain his humanity, and ends up as his de facto sidekick.
* MissingTrailerScene (or rather, modified) - A scene in the trailer shows Do-yol standing on a skyscraper in a cheesy vampire costume, jumping off, and hitting the ground comedically. The version of the scene that appears in the movie has him wearing a lower-key outfit, and he is never shown hitting the ground (though his mask does fly off at an inopportune moment)
* MoodWhiplash - Do-yol is a corrupt cop who takes bribes to protect the head of an illegal gambling ring. Then he gets low-budget vampire powers from a mosquito, freaks out, and goes to ridiculous extremes to hide this from the other characters. Then his partner is beat up by the ringleader, he tries to get revenge, and is captured and almost killed. Then he wakes up on the ceiling, gets a cool mask from a rave, and becomes an insane, shrieking, kung-fu superhero who has to watch porn to activate his powers. [[spoiler: Then his powers give out, he and his girlfriend nearly die, and he is forced to abandon his humanity.]] Then he becomes a superhero, aided by the priest who tried to kill him.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent - Do-yol gets his powers from a glowing mosquito, "vamps out" when he gets a hard-on, and can return to human any time as long as he doesn't drink blood from the (warm, breathing) tap.