''Under the Tuscan Sun'' is a 2003 ChickFlick about an author (Diane Lane) who is happy one day, then finds out her husband is cheating on her and soon ends up divorced and living in a sad little apartment. She finds this situation intolerable, so decides to go on a vacation to Europe. While there, she buys a giant villa in Tuscany (of course) on a whim, and spends the rest of the movie fixing it and her life up.

!!This film includes examples of:

* OliveGarden - The movie arguably wouldn't work at all otherwise, but the trope is taken to ridiculous extremes.
* BigFancyHouse - A bit run down, but freakin' enormous.
* BoyfriendBluff - A variation. Frances grabs Marcello and pretends to be his girlfriend in order to get rid of some rude admirers.
* HollywoodEconomics - She gets $300,000 from the sale of her house, and isn't implied to have a great deal more sitting around. The villa she buys must be worth a million Euro...at least, not counting the renovation with crew. It doesn't quite add up.
** The scene where she makes her offer to the original owner heavily implies that it's a rather paltry sum. She's only sold the house because a pigeon flies over and... eliminates on her, which the owner takes to be a sign from God (or something like that). Francis goes over things like renovation expenses, as well, though it's never quite explained how much she actually has.