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''Election'' (''黑社會''; literally "Black Society") and ''Triad Election'' (''黑社會2'') are a duology of films that tells of the Wo Shing Society, based loosely on the RealLife Hong Kong triad "Wo Shing Wo", the oldest in the city that carries a long tradition. Directed by famed Hong Kong director Johnnie To, the films provide a contrast to the TheTriadsAndTheTongs archetype in Hong Kong cinema that was previously predominated by the ''Film/YoungAndDangerous'' series.

In other words, internal betrayals within the society, threats of CivilWar, gratuitous violence, ambitious sociopaths, ruthless lackeys and some of the most disturbing scenes ever shown in a Hong Kong triad movie.

Released in 2005, ''Election'' is headlined by Lok (Simon Yam) and Big D (Leung Ka Fai), two of the leading candidates for the position of chairman in Wo Shing. Every two years, an election is held by the "Uncles" to determine who is fit to lead the society. While Lok is the favored vote among the elders and ultimately wins the election, Big D believes otherwise, and systemically begins tearing down tradition by kidnapping some of the higher ups and physically punishing them for electing Lok. As conflict and tensions mount between Lok and Big D's allies, center to their struggle is the Dragon Head Baton, the symbol of leadership that determines the Wo Shing Chairman. Thus begins a game of cat-and-mouse, where Lok and Big D's men rush to seize it for their respective bosses.

The sequel ''Triad Election'' was released in 2006. For the last two years, Lok has made Wo Shing prosper and the society is financially better than before. This time, the story centers on Lok's lieutenant Jimmy (Louis Koo), the society's biggest money-maker, who went from selling pirated pornography to becoming a legitimate businessman outside of the city in mainland China. When a deal in the mainland goes bad, China's National Security Bureau informs Jimmy he can longer do business beyond Hong Kong, unless Jimmy were to win the next bid for Chairman. However, Jimmy was never that ambitious, until Lok plans to break tradition by seeking re-election. Forced to become a candidate, Jimmy must win the Uncles' favor, while ensuring his own survival in the bid, with hopes that once he's elected and his two years as Chairman is up, he can finally go "clean".

Expect plenty of {{Deconstruction}}s to tropes that triad movies usually play upon.

!!Tropes associated with both films are:

%%* AmbitionIsEvil: Nearly every major player in both films, aside from Jimmy
%%* AntiVillain: Jimmy
%%* AxCrazy: Big D and [[spoiler:Lok]]
* TheBadGuysAreCops: Played with - Hong Kong police knows they're in a stalemate against every triad in the city. Even if they can get rid of the tens of thousands of members in the current societies, penitentiaries can't hold all of them; likewise, if one triad goes away, another will spring right up. Effectively, the only thing the police can really do to keep the peace is curb any violence between opposing societies or any societies amongst themselves, such as Wo Shing during elections.
* BilingualBonus: In particular, a scene where Jimmy is ordering food at a high-class Chinese restaurant and is humorously unable to pronounce or read the Mandarin words (Cantonese and Mandarin use the same characters, but they're pronounced differently and the two languages are mutually unintelligible). Since knowledge about the writings systems and a rudimentary understanding of either language is required for the gag to work, the humor is a little hard to get if you don't understand Chinese.
* BittersweetEnding: ''Triad Election'' ends with [[spoiler:Jimmy successfully winning the election, but the Bureau forces him to change tradition by turning Wo Shing into a family enterprise to prevent the Dragon Head Baton from going into the mainland over and over again during every election (the Bureau claims it's been happening for countless elections, and they're getting sick of seeing it cross into the mainland). In other words, Jimmy must stay in the triads, unable to ever go "clean". Worse, if Jimmy is to go through with this, he knows the Uncles won't accept this, which implies he'll also be forced to seize total control of Wo Shing by eliminating them and any possible rivals off. In other words, bloodshed is inevitable, and Jimmy will be fully villified for his actions]]. May also border on TwistEnding
%%* BloodierAndGorier
%%* BloodOath
* BolivianArmyEnding: In regards to [[spoiler:Jet, who Jimmy believes won't have a chance standing alone in the underworld, after he betrays Lok for not assassinating Jimmy. Despite telling Jet that he can help him, Jet is too proud to take the offer and tosses away Jimmy's contact information, making it unclear whether he'll survive or not]].
* TheButcher: Jimmy in ''Triad Election'', though not by choice, since he's trying to prove a point to [[spoiler:Lok's captured lieutenants and forcing them to assassinate him]].
* CivilWar: [[spoiler:Narrowly averted between Wo Shing, as Big D reluctantly agrees to work with Lok after he claims victory by having all of Wo Shing in support of him]].
* DramaticPause: Done between Lok and Kun in the sequel, when the latter is against the former for re-bidding in the election, to which Lok unsuccessfully persuades him to exit the candidacy. It seems Kun might get physical on Lok, until a group of strangers pass by. At that point, Kun is convinced to work with Lok to stop Jimmy from winning.
%%* DualWielding
* EnemyMine: Lok and Kun in ''Triad Election'' against Jimmy, after he announces his bid when he said he wasn't going for it.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** In the first film, a police invesigator makes a quip about how Wo Shing isn't like another triad, where leadership is passed down from father to son. [[spoiler:''Triad Election'' ends with Jimmy being forced by the government to turn Wo Shing into a family enterprise, eventually passing it down to his children]].
** In a similar vein, [[spoiler:at the climax of the first film, Uncle "Long Gun" tells Jimmy that if he's to survive in the triads, he needs to seize power and absolute control, climbing up to the top of the society's heirarchy if need be; otherwise, he should get out before he can't. By the end of ''Triad Election'', Jimmy can never leave the triads, now that he's become Chairman and the Chinese government wants him to stay in the power to maintain control of Wo Shing]].
%%* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking
* HonorBeforeReason: Big Head, allied with Lok, keeps reciting the society's laws as Kun, aligned with Big D, is beating him with a log to take the Dragon Head Baton from him.
* HostageForMacGuffin: [[spoiler:Sparky, after Big D's men kidnap him to force Lok's allies to hand over the Dragon Head Baton]].
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Lok, regarding why he had to [[spoiler:kill Whistle's son to prevent him from talking to the police about the Dragon Head Baton]].
* IJustWantToBeBadass: Deconstructed with Jet - he believes that being feared by everyone is what will get him noticed in the underworld, many of which includes performing assassinations on orders from Lok. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing he's good for (at least, in Lok's eyes). The fact it's implied he's been in hiding for so long because of all the hits he's being doing for the Chairman makes it less likely for him to climb the ladder and be a legitimate candidate for Chairman, let alone a promotion. Lampshaded by one of the Uncles in the climax of ''Triad Election'', who's never even heard of this foot soldier.
* LiteralMinded: Jet, though this is played with in regards to IJustWantToBeBadass - when Big D tells him off for laughing when he shouldn't and that he should eat a ceramic spoon, Jet does exactly what he's told, in order to intimidate Big D.
%%* MacGuffin: The Dragon Head Baton
%%* MacGuffinDeliveryService
%%* MacheteMayhem
%%* MadeOfIron: Jet
* NotSoStoic: Lok, [[spoiler:during his crazed killing of Big D]]
%%* TheObiWan: Uncle Teng
%%* OnlyInItForTheMoney
%%* ProfessionalKiller
%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Uncle Teng
* SinisterSurveillance: The National Security Bureau, whose knowledge and reach ([[spoiler:in fact, ''control over'']]) regarding Hong Kong's triads frightens even Jimmy. May or may not be TruthInTelevision.
%%* SpeechImpediment: Mr. So
* StartMyOwn: [[spoiler:Since all of Wo Shing is against Big D for attempting to sabotage the vote for Chairman for himself and orders his men to steal the Dragon Head Baton when he doesn't win, Big D announces he'll create the "New Wo Shing Society". This sets off the sparks for CivilWar]].
%%* StepfordSmiler: Lok
%%* TheTriadsAndTheTongs
* TrueCompanions: Played with - when Lok's bid for Chairman is sealed, he thanks Big Head, Jet, Jimmy, Mr. So and Kun for their hard work, promising to look after each of them as their "godfather" and vice versa. Once his two years are over, he'll support whoever's planning to become a candidate for chairman. In ''Triad Election'', Lok wishes to seek re-election and fails to convince his "godsons" not to seek their bid. Visually deconstructed when Kun asks if Lok will sincerely support his bid, and the godsons glare viciously at the Chairman, waiting for the appropriate response.
%%* VillainProtagonist: Lok in the first movie; Jimmy skirts with this by being an AntiVillain, instead.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:After Lok is killed]], neither Big Head or Mr. So are mentioned or seen again. One can assume they either [[spoiler:sided with Jimmy as the new Chairman or killed on his orders to prevent any rivals from seizing power or ousting him to the Uncles that he orchestrated the hit on Lok]].