''The Mummy's Hand'' is a 1940 Franchise/UniversalHorror film, directed by Christy Cabanne.

Steve Banning (Dick Foran) and his sidekick, Babe Jenson (Wallace Ford) are stuck in Egypt following largely unsuccessful efforts at archaeology. They get lucky when they discover a clue to the location of the Princess Ananka's tomb. They convince Solvani (Cecil Kellaway), a travelling magician, to finance the expedition there. Their expedition is also joined by Marta Solvani (Peggy Moran), daughter of the magician. They all become targets to a secret order charged to protect the tomb and their {{Mummy}} Kharis (Tom Tyler).

Usually thought to be a sequel to ''Film/TheMummy1932'', ''The Mummy's Hand'' is actually a completely different film (unless you count it as a reboot of sorts). It is also a TropeCodifier for the mummy-themed horror films.

It was followed by three sequels.

!!Tropes in this film:

* BarBrawl: Starts out when some men paid by "the beggar" attack our heroes.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Babe's the comic relief of the film, but he's the one who ends up [[spoiler:killing Andoheb]].
* BlackEyesOfEvil: Kharis's eyes in the closeups appear as two black holes.
* BuriedAlive: Kharis was buried alive for the sacrilegious act of trying to resurrect his love, Princess Ananka.
* ChairmanOfTheBrawl: Employed in the bar brawl (where else?).
%%* DamselInDistress: Marta.
* DisappearingBox: Solvani has one. When he drops into it after being confronted by Marta about financing the expedition, he disappears from it and ends up in a locked one.
* GagDub: Creator/TheFiresignTheatre did one live over the radio for one of the sequels, ''The Mummy's Tomb'', by watching it on TV in the studio. Viewers at home were encouraged to turn on their televisions and watch along.
* GenreSavvy: Kharis can remember what happens in each film, [[spoiler:and kills his master in the third one when he starts espousing the same plot as the last two]].
* LeaveNoWitnesses: The slaves that buried Kharis in the past were killed after they were finished.
* PickACard: Jenson uses this trick to gain free drinks at bars. It backfires when he tries it on Solvani.
* SilentSnarker: Kharis, and it gets ''much'' more pronounced in the sequels.
* StageMagician: The Great Solvani, Marta's father.
* TooDumbToLive: More so in the sequels than 'Hand', where seemingly everyone Kharis throttles is too stupid to do anything but stand there with their knees knocking together as he slo-o-o-owly shuffles up to them. A special MedalOfDishonor goes to the Priest of Arcam in ''Mummy's Ghost'' played by John Carradine, when he plots to betray Kharis and steal a resurrected Ananka for himself [[WhatAnIdiot while Kharis is standing just outside the door]].
* WhatHaveWeEar: One of the magic tricks that Solvani does.
* WolvesAlwaysHowlAtTheMoon: Jackals, in this case.
%%* ZombieGait