->''Here, the sulfur river flows,''
->''Rising when the storm cloud blows,''
->''This is where the creature goes,''
->''Save in the land he knows.''
->''Perhaps, he dimly wonders why,''
->''Is there no other such as I? ''
->''To love, to touch before I die,''
->''To listen to my lonely cry. ''
-->-- The song in the end credits.

''The Legend of Boggy Creek'' is a horror film from the year 1973.

It centers around a cryptid called The Fouke Monster, a [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti sasquatch-like creature]][[note]]probably based on the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_ape Skunk Ape]][[/note]] which prowls in the state of Arkansas. It is shot in a documentary style which varies between with interviews of locals and [[{{Dramatization}} dramatized]] encounters with the Monster.

The film portrays the sightings of the Monster escalating slowly, starting with random caught glimpses of it in the woods and then ending with an attack against a house shared by two families.

It was followed by two sequels: ''Return to Boggy Creek'' in 1977 and ''Film/BoggyCreek2TheLegendContinues'' in 1985.

!!Examples in this work:

* AgonyOfTheFeet: It is mentioned that Herb lost half of his foot in a hunting accident.
* AsHimself: The interviewed cast.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: The Fouke Monster certainly looks the part.
* CampingACrapper: One man is almost attacked when he goes to the bathroom.
* DangerousWindows: Fouke Monster tries to grab one person through a window.
%%* DeepSouth
%%* DontGoInTheWoods
* HellIsThatNoise: Any of the Fouke Monster's calls are eerie to this day. Many were reused in later bigfoot movies such as "Creature of Black Lake".
%%* HollywoodDarkness
* HostileWeather: Thunder can be heard in the background when the sheriff come to check up the Ford house.
* HystericalWoman: Fouke Monster's appearance causes three women to go into hysterics when it grabs for them through an open window. To be fair, the men didn't do much better.
* ItsProbablyNothing: After three women hear the Fouke Monster outside their house, they dismiss the noise just being the wind.
%%* {{Narrator}}: Jim.
* PoliceAreUseless: At the end, when the two young couples in the Ford house call the cops, the police tell them not to worry, there's no monster around, it's just a mountain lion trying to break in and eat them! [[LampshadeHanging Even one of the characters says, 'This is supposed to make us feel safe'?]]
* ProtectThisHouse: The last shown encounter with the Monster plays out like this.
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* ScreamingWoman: Mary-Beth starts screaming when she sees the Fouke Monster outside from the window. Again though, the men don't often do any better.
* TheXOfY: Used for the title.