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''The Escapist'' is a Prison Break drama film set in a British prison and revolving around [[TheOldConvict Frank Perry]], one of the oldest inmates who has long since given up hope. When he finds out his beloved daughter has become a drug addict and is near death following an overdose, he decides he’s to break free. He formulates a plan to escape, and the twin narratives of planning the escape and the actual escape are played simultaneously.

The film was very well-received despite limited release, and it finally gives the incredible Creator/BrianCox a starring role. The rest of the cast includes [[Series/BandOfBrothers Damien Lewis,]] [[Series/FlashForward2009 Joseph Fiennes,]] Creator/DominicCooper, Creator/LiamCunningham,[[Film/TheLifeAquaticWithSteveZissou Seu Jorge]] and [[Film/{{Underworld}} Steven Mackintosh]].

!!''The Escapist'' provides examples of the following:

* TheAlcatraz: A very creepy, very bizarre seemingly underground prison.
* AxCrazy: Tony. Lenny Drake borders on this at times.
* BittersweetEnding [[spoiler: Frank is killed by Rizza for protecting Lacey; Brodie, Lenny Drake, and Viv all die horribly in the escape, but Lacey escapes safely and Frank is reunited with his daughter in the afterlife.]]
* BreakTheCutie: Tony eventually succeeds at this in regards to Lacey, to both parties' detriment.
* DeathEqualsRedemption [[spoiler: Frank gives his life so that Lacey and the others can escape, and is reunited, presumably in heaven, with his daughter after seeing Lacey to freedom.]]
* DepravedHomosexual: Tony is particularly nasty example, possibly with a side of [[{{Ephebophile}} ephebophilia]].
* DyingDream: [[spoiler: Although it’s debatable. Frank clearly dies, but it’s implied that the escape was real and at the very least Lacey escaped.]]
* FaceDeathWithDignity: [[spoiler: Frank]]
* FinalSpeech: Frank gives one to Rizza. Rizza is quite surprised by this and none too pleased.
* GreatEscape: Frank orchestrates one of these.
* HellholePrison: The atmosphere is terrifying gloomy and claustrophobic, and the guards are dangerously apathetic, leaving total control of the prison to Rizza and Tony.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Frank]]
* InterruptedSuicide: Lacey via Frank.
* IronicEcho: “You have one thing going for you, Frank. You’re too old to die young.”
** "Stare at something else."
* TheOldConvict: Frank himself.
* PrisonRape: Threatened at, and later carried out on, Lacey, leading to him attempting [[spoiler: suicide]].
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Lacey gives one to Tony by means of a chair and a pillow.
* TraumaCongaLine: Lacey. Imagine that first you’re forced to parade naked to your cell while hundreds of convicts leer at you, and then you’re stalked by the untouchable brother of the prison kingpin, and the guards actually herd you into an area to be raped by the aforementioned brother. And then imagine that after all of this you wake up in your cell later on only to find said rapist on top of you about to do it again. You then snap and and kill him and as a result become a near-catatonic suicidal mess.
* TunnelKing: Brodie has past experience as a [[Series/GameOfThrones smuggler]].
* SecretStabWound: Frank seems not to pay his any mind, at least not until [[spoiler: the timelines converge.]]
* SmugSnake: Both Rizza and Tony
* VillainousBreakdown: Rizza has one when he realizes he's lost his power over both Lacey and Frank, as well as losing his [[spoiler: brother,]] and his whole facade as king of the prison is threatened.
* WhatAreYouInFor : Fully averted in that nobody asks each other what they're in for, due to having been in prison together for a while, and no one asks Lacey what he was sentenced for when he arrives.