Subspecies is a series of four horror movies directed by Ted Nicolau, produced by Creator/FullMoonFeatures and starring Anders Hove as vampire Radu Vladislas.

The series consists of

* ''Subspecies (1991)''
* ''Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993)''
* ''Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994)''
* ''Bloodstorm: Subspecies IV (1998)''

It had a spinoff, made in 1997, called ''The Vampire Journals''.

The story involves young Michelle, who came to Romania with her friend Lilian to study its folklore and ends up involved in a war between ancient vampires for the possession of the Blood Stone, a stone which drips the blood of saints.


* ActionGirl: Michelle's pretty badass in the first movie.
** FauxActionGirl / {{Chickification}}: Except in the next three movies she's usually reduced to a whimpering mess.
* AristocratsAreEvil: The vampire Ash, one of Radu's previous fledglings, portrays himself as a sophisticated aristocrat who enjoys the finer things in life.
* TheArtifact: The titular Subspecies... do next to nothing in the series. They're really only there because Full Moon productions always have at least one stop-motion element (usually [[TheMerch so they can sell models and action figures of them]]).
* ArtifactTitle: The 'Subspecies' title in ''Bloodstorm'', the only movie ''not'' to have the little creatures.
* [[BackForTheDead Back For The Undead]]: [[spoiler: Lt. Marin]] comes back as a vampire in ''Bloodstorm'' after apparently having been killed in ''Bloodlust''
* BloodyHilarious: Radu seems to think [[spoiler: his killing of Stefan]] is this in ''Bloodstone''. [[spoiler: Bob The CIA Guy and Radu himself's deaths]] in ''Bloodlust'' fit the bill better.
* BreakingAndBloodsucking: In the original, Radu breaks into the girls' room to feed on Lilian's cut arm and he drains her over a few nights.
* CainAndAbel: Radu and his half-vampire brother Stephan from the first film.
* ContrivedCoincidence: In ''Bloodstone'', the theater Michelle hides in has a glass coffin backstage. Why? Is this theater a hostel for vampires?
* CreepyLongFingers: Radu.
* {{Dhampyr}}: Both Stefan and Radu; Stefan is half-human, while Radu is the result of his father being magically seduced by a hag (of the D&D nonhuman variety).
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler: Michelle will sure live forever, but she's a vampire so she will have to quell her killer instincts, her sister and friends are dead, she is vulnerable to sunlight and she's all alone in a foreign country with nary a way of going back to the US. At least she has the bloodstone to feed upon instead of mortals and Radu is confirmed to be dead]].
* DullSurprise: Radu.
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: Radu. [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] ]] in ''Bloodlust'' when he [[spoiler: kills her to prove his love for Michelle]].
* EvilerThanThou: Radu is regarded as an insane monster even by other evil vampires. Whereas Ash and his vampires maintain a semblance of humanity more like the sophisticated Bela Lugosi type vampires Radu is a horror right out of the Dark Ages.
* {{Expy}}: Maria, the leading girl in ''Bloodstorm'' seems to be one for ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''.
* FertileBlood: The titular imps are tiny demon looking homunculi spawned from the blood of the vampire Radu.
* FullyAbsorbedFinale: The Vampire Journals TV series got it's ending in Subspecies IV.
* HybridMonster: Radu is some kind of half-vampire, half-hag thing.
* IHateYouVampireDad: All of the vampires try to kill the ones who made them. Radu killed his father. Michelle tries to kill him. Ash wishes to kill Radu. Zachery killed his sire and wants to kill Ash for making her.
* IJustWantToBeLoved: Radu's apparent motivation for many of his vile actions is to gain Michelle's love.
* ImmediateSequel: All of the sequels
* KilledOffForReal: It seems like every movie tries to kill off Radu in a horrible fashion but it didn't stick until the fourth film.
* LooksLikeOrlok: Radu, increasingly so with each movie.
* LosingYourHead: Radu in part 2.
* LoveMakesYouDumb: Radu, oh so very much.
* MacGuffin: The Blood Stone, even in the sequel ''named after it''.
* NegativeContinuity: The vampires' ability to walk in the sunlight appears only in the first movie. The backstory on how Radu was sired changes a couple of times throughout the films.
* NeutralFemale: Michelle is mostly this in the sequels. She ''does'' [[spoiler: kill Radu]] in ''Bloodstone'', but as for the rest of the time...
* NotQuiteDead: Radu is seemingly killed several times, only to somehow survive. In the last [[spoiler: they decapitate him (again) but take his head far away from his body and stick it on a post in the sunlight, which seems to do the trick.]]
* OnceAnEpisode: Radu kills a family member of his and a man helping the main character(s) dies in each of the first three movies.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: In the first movie, the vampires walk in plain sunlight.
** Non-evil vampires can walk in sunlight such as Stefan, it also why he looks the most human unlike Radu who follows the path of evil and looks deformed. [[spoiler: Michelle is sorta half in half. As she drinks blood from humans, she shuned by the sunlight but isn't really evil since its more of a survival thing and half the time is mostly forced on her.]]
** Radu himself thanks to his mixed heritage though he is always referred to as a vampire. He can create the miniture subspecies creatures from drops of his blood and return from deaths that would kill regular vampires. At the same time he is vulnerable to all of the conventional vampire weaknesses.
* PsychopathicManchild: Radu is prone to throwing tantrums when things do not go his way and often seeks the approval of his mother or Michelle like a little kid.
* RiseFromYourGrave: Mara in the first film. Radu drains her enough to kill and the locals bury her. Later that night Radu soon arrives at her grave and wills her to climb out of it, showcasing her newly vamped form in the process.
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: [[spoiler: Stefan]] in ''Bloodstone'', [[spoiler: Radu's mother]] in ''Bloodlust'', [[spoiler: Becky, Mel, Random Victim Girl, Lt. Marin (sort of) & ''Radu'']] in ''Bloodstorm''.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Bob from ''Bloodstone'' is one for the custodian from the first movie.
* TooDumbToLive: Michelle, Lt. Marin and Radu.
* TranshumanTreachery: Mara and Lillian in the first movie after they're turned into vampires. They become completely subservient to Radu and help capture Michelle to become his latest servant, even pinning her down on the bed and laughing as he prepares to bite her. [[spoiler: Michelle, after she's turned, flip flops on this trope through the series.]]
* TrivialTitle: The series is named after a small race of creatures who barely factor into the movies.
* TheUnfavourite: Radu. By ''both'' parents.
* VampiresAreRich: Radu inherits a fortune in treasure upon killing his father and his other fledgling Ash has built another fortune in Budapest over the centuries.
* VampireMonarch: Radu's father was the vampire king for the local vampires around Romania and forbid the killing of humans. He banished Radu for refusing to obey this edict. The opening of the first film has the king old and dying with Radu returning to finish him off.
* VampiresOwnNightClubs: Ash own some sort of night club which is where a lot of his income comes from.
* VillainousCrush: Radu for Michelle. He seeks her affection, and would [[spoiler: even kill his beloved mother to prove his love for her.]]