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''Splinter'' is a 2008 horror film directed by Toby Wilkins.

The film opens with a gas station attendant [[DontGoInTheWoods out in the woods]] being attacked by what appears to be a rabid animal. It then cuts to a couple; Seth Belzer (Paulo Costanzo) and Polly Watt (Jill Wagner); attempting to go on a camping trip, but upon failing to erect the tent, deciding to go to a motel instead. As they drive, they are pulled over by escaped convict Dennis Farell (Creator/SheaWhigham) and his junkie girlfriend Lacey Belisle (Rachel Kerbs), whom are eloping to flee to Mexico. The two hijack their car and take the couple hostage.

As night falls and the four continue on, they hit an animal. Investigating the damage, Dennis gets a splinter in his finger. Seth and Lacey, meanwhile, discover that the animal they hit is covered in black spikes. When the carcass suddenly convulses, they flee. Stopping at the aforementioned gas station, Lacey goes to use the bathroom. There, she discovers the body of the attendant, covered in the same black spikes. The body suddenly comes alive, attacks and kills her.

Seth, Polly and Dennis take refuge inside the station. Observing an animate severed hand that manages to slip inside, Seth, a biology student, determines they are under attack by a parasitic organism. The organism, manifesting as the black spikes, takes over the bodies of the animals or people it kills and uses them for locomotion. It can also use severed limbs such as the hand for this purpose. Furthermore, one piece infected with it can connect itself via the spikes to another piece (for example, an infected severed pair of legs can connect itself to the severed torso of a different person).

The three must find away to keep safe from the organism, as well as defeat it. But Dennis, due to the splinter he got earlier, has already been infected himself...

Not to be confused with the 2006 film of the same title.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AndIMustScream: When Lacey discovers the body of the gas attendant, it turns out that despite his horrific condition, he's ''still alive,'' even begging her to kill him.
* AmputationStopsSpread: [[spoiler: After Dennis' infection gets out of control and his arm takes on a life of its own, they cut it off to make sure it doesn't spread. And it works.]]
* AbnormalLimbRotationRange: One of the first things that the creature does is [[spoiler:to [[BodyHorror break the bones of the infected parts so that it has full mobility in every direction]]]].
* BodyHorror: A film whose main antagonist has the ability to infect hosts and twist them into rotting, flailing monsters with spikes sticking out their flesh.
* CollidingCriminalConspiracies: A hostage situation turns into a fight for survival agains a parasitic monster.
* GasStationOfDoom: The movie revolves around a gas station being under the attack of a parasitic organism.
* {{Gorn}}: We've got a parasite that breaks the bones of its host and turns them into violent, mutilated zombies, then Dennis graphically hacks off his own arm to stop the infection from consuming him as well.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: Sheriff Frankel is torn apart, and gruesomely put back together by the virus.
%%* HeroicSacrifice: Dennis at the end.
%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Dennis.
* LifeOrLimbDecision: Later in the film, [[spoiler: the parasitic virus that Dennis contracted from pricking his finger has spread entirely up his forearm, taking full control of it. Before it can spread further, Dennis bravely decides to hack it off himself with a box-cutter but then blacks out from the sheer pain caused by his infected arm's violent independent movements. Fortunately, Seth and Polly take over and manage to finish the job for him. Due to the crudely improvised "surgical" tools involved, the experience for Dennis is understandably not comfortable.]]
* MarionetteMotion: Those infected exhibit violent, jerky movements with no fluidity due to the virus controlling them.
* OneHandedShotgunPump: Dennis performs several in the climax.
* ParasiteZombie: The creatures in this film are mostly corpses reanimated by a fungal parasite.
* PuppeteerParasite: The organism consumes its host from the inside out and then basically drives their bodies.
%%* PeoplePuppets
* TheVirus: A haemovore fungal mould that takes you over, eats you from the inside out and infects via sticking creatures with thorns made via it's own biomass.
* UseYourHead: The parasite ''loves'' to do this with ''full-sized'' hosts.
* PainfulTransformation: The attendant after being infected by an animal. We see his body ''contort and twist unnaturally while he screams in pain''
* ZombieInfectee: [[spoiler: Dennis accidentally gets a splinter in his finger earlier and leaves it up to the point that it starts violently moving around by itself. They cut it off luckily, but near the end of the movie, he gets infected again, and not in an area that can be cut off. This leads Dennis to blow up the gas station while he's in it to kill both himself and what's left of the infected.]]