The 2004 Drama by Damien O’Donnell (''Film/EastIsEast'') tells the story of two young disabled men in Ireland claiming the dignity and independence everyone deserves. It stars Steven Robertson, Creator/JamesMcAvoy and Romola Garai.

Michael Connolly (Robertson) is a young Dubliner with cerebral palsy, who lives in a Residential Home for the Disabled, when one day his boring and mundane life is turned upside down by the arrival of also wheel chair bound rebel Rory O’ Shea ([=McAvoy=]). Michael realises that the foulmouthed and opinionated Rory can understand him despite his speech impediment and they become friends. They successfully apply for Independent Living Allowance, start living together in their own flat and hire the beautiful Siobhan as their caretaker. Difficulties arise when Michael starts falling in love with the girl.

In the UK the film was released under the title ''Inside I’m dancing'' and received mixed reviews, which mostly criticised its predictability while the actor’s performances were praised.


!!This movie contains examples of:

* TheAlcoholic: Implied with Rory's father, though in Ireland it's hard to tell.
* BaitAndSwitch: This little bit of dialogue from Rory and Siobhan
--> '''Siobhan:''' Were you born like this?
--> '''Rory:''' Like what?
--> '''Siobhan:''' Dodgy hair and shit taste in music.
* BitchAlert: Eileen, "we don't give out front door keys", "we don't allow coarse language here".
* BittersweetEnding: Prepare your tissues.
* BumblingDad: Rory's dad, who has him in care homes simply because he's unable to cope.
%%* BuryYourDisabled: Type 1.
* CantSpitItOut: Michael. Literally.
* ConvenientSlowDance: Michael tries to pull this trope. It doesn't go as he expects.
* ClusterFBomb: Rory.
* DaddyHadAGoodReasonForAbandoningYou: Played with. Both Michael and Rory are in care homes despite having their fathers still around. Rory's is an alcoholic and unable to cope with looking after his son. Michael's is a politician - and is likely too busy to take care of him.
* ADateWithRosiePalms: Michael gets one when Siobhan gives him a sponge bath. Put bluntly by Rory
--> "Did you get a hard on?"
* DecoyProtagonist: The American title would suggest Rory is the main character. He isn't.
* DialogueReversal: In one of the most tearjerking and heartwarming ways:
--> '''Rory:''' [[spoiler: While dying in hospital]] Rory O'Shea was here.
--> '''Michael:''' (''pointing to his heart'') Rory O'Shea is here.
* DisabledLoveInterest: [[spoiler: Subverted. Michael hopes that he would become this to Siobhan, but she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.]]
* DisabledSnarker: Rory.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The care home seems to be a combination metaphor of a strict boarding school and a prison.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: Michael starts to style his hair once he leaves the care home.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: The ending throughout the movie.
* GeniusBonus: People who are familiar with Duchenne muscular dystrophy will see the [[TearJerker birthday scene]] in a different light.
* HandicappedBadass: Not physically, but Rory does have a very sharp tongue. He also does attempt to get into a bar fight early on in the movie.
* HospitalHottie: Siobhan dons a nurse costume for a party.
* HopelessSuitor: Michael to Siobhan. Rory as well to a much more limited extent - they just flirt a little.
* IJustWantToBeFree: Rory doesn't want to live in the residential home anymore, which he often compares to a prison. On a less literal level it also ties in with the below.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Both protagonists. Rory even more so.
* ImprobableHairstyle: Rory arrives at the care home with an impressive head of intricate spikes - quite a feat for a guy that can only move his index finger. But subverted when he gets a bath and the nurses refuse to spike it for him. Notably when he gets Michael to do it, it's a less elaborate style.
* InspirationallyDisadvantaged: Subverted. Michael is a borderline DeadpanSnarker and has a sneaky sense of humour. Most notably when trying to convince the council to let him live outside the care home, he just paraphrases their pamphlet.
* LetsJustBeFriends: [[spoiler: Michael and Siobhan remain on good terms after Rory's death]].
* LoveTriangle: [[spoiler: Defied.]]
* MissingMom: Michael's mother is dead and Rory's isn't around.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Rory during his "that's what I call a gift" speech.
* ParentalAbandonment: Michael's father doesn't acknowledge his handicapped son. Until he faces him with his new friend and ne self-confidence that is.
* PositiveDiscrimination: Deconstructed.
* RagingStiffie: Michael gets one while Siobhan is washing him.
* SirSwearsALot: Rory again.
* SpikyHair: Rory's style of hair and clothing immediately sets him apart from the other inhabitants of the Home.
* TitleDrop: Played with since ''Inside I'm Dancing'' is the original title. The American title was likely taken from the quote from Rory.
* UptightLovesWild: A non-romantic version with Rory and Michael's friendship.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic: The first time we see Rory he's being loaded out of the van doors which have a very cagelike appearance.
* YouAreTooLate: [[spoiler: Rory doesn't live to learn that Michael has gained him his Independent Living Allowance.]]