->'''[[WesternAnimation/PorkyPig Porky]]''':''"[[BreakingTheFourthWall Hey, th-th-th-that wasn't in the script!]]"''
->'''[[WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck Daffy]]''': ''"Don't let it worry ya, Skipper. I'm just a [[ScrewySquirrel crazy, darn fool duck]]. Hoo-hoo Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"''
-->--Porky establishing a Looney Tunes hallmark, and Daffy giving his very first lines of dialogue.

'''''Porky's Duck Hunt''''' is a [[TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation 1937]] WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes short directed by [[Creator/TexAvery Fred Avery]]. It is a landmark short in the series, being one of the first truly [[ZanyCartoon zany cartoons]] and thus codifying what distinguished a Warner Bros. cartoon from anyone else's cartoons. This was also first time Creator/MelBlanc performs the voice of Porky and the debut appearance of then unnamed WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck.

The plot of the short is fairly simple--a young WesternAnimation/PorkyPig goes out on a duck hunt, only to find trouble from the other hunters, as well as one particularly pesky duck roaming the ponds...

This short was an immediate smash hit with audiences, and thus received a follow up a year later, ''WesternAnimation/DaffyDuckAndEgghead''.

This short can be found on the DVD set "The Essential Daffy Duck".

[[IThoughtItMeant Has nothing to do with]] WesternAnimation/PorkyPig appearing in VideoGame/DuckHunt.
!!Tropes Related To This Short:
* AscendedExtra: Though this is most notably remembered as Daffy Duck's first appearance, he doesn't really have a very prominent role, he's just one of several ducks to vex Porky, and a decent amount of the humor featuring Daffy doesn't involve him personally (he only has two lines). He also has an extremely different voice than the one they gave him in his next cartoon. Despite all of this, it was enough to make him a WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes star.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Porky's reaction to seeing Daffy throw his dog back towards him when he thinks his dog got Daffy:
-->"Hey! Th-th-that wasn't in the script!" (with script in hand).
* BreakoutCharacter: Daffy Duck.
* CreditsGag: The ending title card has Daffy make one last appearance, bouncing and looping around the letters. This was because Creator/BobClampett (who was animating for Tex at the time) had some leftover animation he wanted to put in but couldn't within the actual cartoon, so Tex allowed him to put it in the credits.
* ComicallyCrossEyed: The short features a cross-eyed hunter whose gun barrels are also crooked. When he tries to shoot down a duck, he ends up shooting down ''planes!''. Daffy's eyes aren't straight either.
* TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation
* IncomingHam: "It's ''me'' again!"
* JugglingLoadedGuns: "It's not loaded. W-w-w-watch... *BOOM!*"
* LazyArtist: Zig-zagged. A scene with Porky in a boat has the cel of the boat's oars painted side up.
* LooneyTunesInTheThirties
* MadHatter: In the first line Daffy ever delivers, he cheerfully admits that he's crazy.
* PublicDomainSoundtrack: The opening uses the classic tune "A-Hunting I Will Go" and at one point, some fishes get drunk and appropriately sing the classic drunk song "Moonlight Bay".
** Subverted: A cockeyed hunter rises from the blinds, and Carl Stalling cues up "I Only Have Eyes For You."
* ScrewySquirrel: Daffy Duck, natch.
* SignLanguage: "This is an electric eel, folks!"
* TalkingToHimself: Mel Blanc voices both Porky and Daffy, one of the earliest examples of this trope in a Warner Bros. cartoon. There will be [[{{Understatement}} many, many others]].
* ZanyCartoon