[[caption-width-right:295: Every second, every minute, man I swear that she could get it...]]

''Poetic Justice'' is a 1993 romantic comedy film starring Music/JanetJackson as the titular Justice, Music/TupacShakur as Lucky, and Regina King as Justice's best friend Iesha.

The movie focuses on Justice coping with her life after the loss of her boyfriend, played by Q-Tip. She learns to love herself again and opens up to a budding romance with an unlikely friend after embarking on a mini road trip.

!!''Poetic Justice'' contains examples of:

* TheAlcoholic: Iesha, to Justice's chagrin.
* CrazyCatLady: Justice. Her friend even lampshades this.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Lucky
* DrowningMySorrows: Iesha
* DrugsAreBad: Lucky's baby mother does crack and sleeps with another man with her kids in the next room. This causes Lucky to storm out of her apartment with his daughter, sick of her neglectful ways.
* Main/EpunymousTitle: She's called Justice and she writes poetry.
* InformedFlaw: Chicago has a hard time--staying hard.
* {{Jerkass}}: Chicago. Whether its [[spoiler: hitting Iesha and then attempting to attack Justice when she intervenes]] or verbally attacking Justice for showing interest in Lucky. An inner monologue reveals he planned to [[spoiler: cheat on Iesha]].
* MyCarHatesMe: Justice couldn't get her car to start, causing her to ride with Iesha, Chicago, and Lucky in the latter's mail truck.
* TheNineties: Box braids, dashikis, oversized bamboo earrings and mom jeans, oh my!
* {{Poetry}}: Justice recites poetry in a few voice overs throughout the movie. They're all works by {{Maya Angelou}}.
* RoadTripPlot: Both destroys and creates relationships.
%%* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan
* SlapSlapKiss: Justice and Lucky spend a lot of time getting on each others' bad sides before they eventually [[spoiler: hook up]].
* TranquilFury: Chicago seems to ignore Iesha's insults about him ([[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and his hair]]) being weak, but when she mentions that she's thinking about being with somebody else, he stays silent for a while, then slowly walks up to her... and then punches her in the face.
* VertigoEffect: Happens to Iesha when Chicago punches her in the face.
-->'''Iesha:''' [[PrecisionFStrike MotherFUCKER!]] ''(goes to attack Chicago)''
* WouldHitAGirl: Chicago to Iesha.