A Thai superhero and martial arts/action film directed by Bhandit Thongdee. Martial arts choreography was done by Panna Rittikrai, who also did such choreography for ''Film/OngBak'', ''Film/TomYumGoong'' and ''Born To Fight''.

The story follows a firefighter named Chan who is seen as being a bit too impulsive. When terrorists try to break their leader, Osama bin Ali, out of prison, a fire is started and Chan's unit responds. When Chan sees the terrorists shooting people in their escape he confronts them, only to have a mystical amulet embedded accidentally embedded into his body in the ensuing melee. This amulet gives him magnetic and pyrokinetic powers as well as a good degree of invulnerability. Chan then becomes the superhero ''Mercury Man'' to help stop the activities of Osama bin Ali.
!!This movie provides examples of:

* ActionGirl - can be said of almost every woman in the movie, with the notable exception of Chan's mother
* AnIcePerson - [[spoiler: Areena, after she stabs herself with the moon amulet]]
* BerserkButton - Don't try to cut Grace's face
--> "Do you know how much this face cost?"
* ChekhovsSkill - [[spoiler: The boy from the beginning has telekinesis, which he has refined to be able to stop time on a stopwatch perfectly. Used by the villains to further their goals, and later by the boy to foil their plans]]
* EverybodyWasKungFuFighting - Except for Chan's mom, everyone in the movie seems to know Muay Thai or is a capable brawler
* ImpossiblyCoolClothes - Mercury Man's costume is completely fireproof, despite being incredibly thin fabric
* MagicMeteor - The amulets are both this
* MindOverMatter - Introduced at the beginning is a child with telekinesis [[spoiler: who saves the day towards the end of the film]]
* MistakenForMasturbating - Chan, in testing how his body becomes fiery hot whenever his heart beats fast, looks through a girlie mag and his clothes burn off--just as his mom walks in the room
* PlayingWithFire - A less-used aspect of his abilities, Mercury Man has fire-based powers
* ShoutOut - There are a few references to ''SpiderMan'' in the film in the form of graffiti
* SomethingPerson - Mercury Man
* StuffBlowingUp - A tiny shaving of the moon amulet was shown as capable of causing a large enough explosion to travel some miles and still push a jeep a good distance. It's justified in that one of the amulets is basically Plutonium and the other Uranium
* SuicideAttack - The terrorists' objectives involve a copious amount of suicide bombers
* SuperHero
* SuperVillain - [[spoiler: Areena]]
* {{Transsexual}} - Chan's sister, Grace, is a transwoman, portrayed by the famous trans Muay Thai fighter NongToom (Parinya Kiatbusaba)
* WarriorMonk - The guardian of the moon amulet
* WeaksauceWeakness - The amulet has a weakness to ''honey''.