->''"One thought he was invincible, the other thought he could fly. They were both wrong."''

'''''Marked for Death''''' is a 1990 action film with Creator/StevenSeagal in his third starring role.

Seagal plays DEA agent John Hatcher, who has just retired and returned to his home in UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} following a drug bust in UsefulNotes/{{Colombia}} in which his partner was killed. His experiences have left him disheartened; he believes that there is no way the drug flow could ever be stemmed. Alas, a confrontation breaks out between him and some goons of the Jamaican drug-dealing ring Jamaican Posse who are flooding the streets with drugs. The next day, some members of the gang including its leader, Screwface (Basil Wallace), shoot Tracy (Creator/DanielleHarris), the daughter of John's sister Melissa (Elizabeth Gracen), in a drive-by shooting. Screwface then returns to Jamaica. John, alongside old friend Max (Creator/KeithDavid) and Jamaican cop Charles (Tom Wright), embarks on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge through Chicago and eventually Jamaica to take Screwface out.

Though not quite so famous as ''Film/AboveTheLaw'' or ''Film/HardToKill'', this film is one of Steven Seagal's better ones; a fine example of his brand of action and which showcases him at his limb-snapping, wisecracking best.

!!This film provides examples of:

* BackupTwin: [[spoiler: After Hatcher decapitates Screwface, he learns Screwface had a twin brother.]]
* BadBoss: Screwface.
* BondOneLiner: [[spoiler:"I hope they weren't triplets."]]
* BoringInvincibleHero: Seagal, as always. Well, maybe not 'boring', but definitely invincible.
** The "invincible" part is violently tested [[spoiler:versus Screwface #2.]]
* TheCameo: Reggae singer Jimmy Cliff is performing in a Jamaican club performing the song "John Crow". [[CelebrityParadox Bizarrely]], the song was written for the movie, and actually includes the lyrics ''"Screwface you know that your time has come! [[{{Foreshadowing}} You don't live right, you gonna die tonight!]]"''. Is Jimmy Cliff omnipotent??
* UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}: Its suburbs, at least.
* CrypticConversation: Hatcher has this with Screwface's mistress when he seeks out information on the drug lord's whereabouts.
--> '''Mistress:''' Screwface have [[spoiler:two head and four eyes]], and ''that'' is the secret to his magic.
* DoItYourselfThemeTune: Seagal actually wrote the reggae song (and sang the opening lyrics) "John Crow" which plays over the end credits.
* DreadlockRasta: The vast majority of the baddies sport the hairstyle.
%%* DrugsAreBad
* EyeScream: [[spoiler: Screwface #2.]]
* FanService:
** There are a bunch of naked women scattered in it for no reason.
** Basil Wallace even does MaleFrontalNudity at one point. Mrs. Wallace must be very satisfied.
* FruitCart: In the opening chase scene, a cart gets tipped over.
* GroinAttack: [[spoiler: Hatcher turns Screwface #1's own katana on himself.]]
* HollywoodVoodoo: Played with. While Screwface is never shown to have any actual magical powers, he likes to maintain the illusion that he does to keep his {{Mooks}} loyal.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: [[spoiler: John throws Screwface #2 down an elevator shaft, where he lands on a pipe.]]
** Seagal himself said in an interview that this was his favorite "kill."
* MandatoryUnretirement: Averted. John turns down the offer to return to active duty when Screwface's territory starts spreading into the suburbs.
* TheMobBossIsScarier: That Screwface is feared by his soldiers is a constant theme throughout, but it gets taken to an extreme in one scene where a mook named Nesta throws himself out a window rather than help Hatcher take down the boss man.
-->Screwface give me a thousand deaths worse than you. Go find him your-fucking-self. (Jumps out window)
* OffWithHisHead: [[spoiler: Screwface #1.]]
%%* RoaringRampageOfRevenge
* ScaryBlackMan: Screwface and his goons.
* ShoutOut: The name "Screwface" comes from a BobMarley song.
* SwordCane: Screwface employs one as his weapon of choice.
* VillainsOutShopping: In one scene, Screwface is playing dominoes with some of his boys and is wearing what can only be described as a [[TheCosbyShow "Cosby sweater"]]. [[VillainousBreakdown Then he gets word that]] [[BerserkButton one of his major henchmen has been killed by Hatcher]]...
* WelcomeToTheCaribbeanMon: The finale takes it place in Haiti.