''Leonard Part 6'' is a [[strike:2-hour Coca-Cola commercial]] 1987 big-screen comedy for Creator/BillCosby -- and [[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Leonard_Part_6_1987.aspx so notoriously bad]] that the star himself [[CreatorBacklash told people not to see it]]. Cosby was contractually obligated to promote the movie. They didn't specify '''[[LoopholeAbuse how]]''' he could promote the movie. Cosby appeared on every late night talk show warning people to stay away, and the film ended up becoming a BoxOfficeBomb and a huge winner at the [[UsefulNotes/GoldenRaspberryAward Razzie Awards]].

The story is ostensibly the sixth great adventure of top CIA agent Leonard Parker (Cosby), the others remaining classified for now. Leonard has gained a wide variety of eccentric skills over the years, and now that he's been brought out of retirement to stop a plot by evil vegetarians who plan to train animals to kill people, he'll have to use most all of them to save the day...and his relationships with his ex-wife and daughter, while he's at it.

* AnimalAssassin: The evil vegetarians plan to train animals to kill people.
* AnimatedCreditsOpening: The credits are accompanied by crude animations out of animal drawings.
* AwardBaitSong: "Without You", performed by Peabo Bryson (a few years before he became one of the go-to guys for this trope) and Regina Belle. It was actually a radio hit.
* CoolCar: Leonard's armored, camo-colored, tank-turreted Porsche.
* DanceBattler: Leonard's ballet lessons [[NoodleIncident when he was undercover with the Bolshoi ballet]] helps him when he fights Medusa's minions.
* EvilIsHammy / LargeHam: Medusa is entertainingly over-the-top.
* EvilVegetarian: Medusa.
* FoodSlap: Leonard ends up wearing most of the meal when he dines with his estranged wife - both times.
* FruitOfTheLoon: The film made a point of depicting the vegetarian villain look extra-crazy by having her always eating fruit while she ordered around her mooks and pursuing her wacky plans. Mind you, this is a food-obsessed movie anyway.
-->'''Medusa:''' Grape me!!
* KitchenChase: Monroe is shooting at Leonard with a revolver, switches to an uzi, then switches to another revolver, and his shooting "accidentally" opens a bag of coffee beans into a coffee grinder, breaks a couple eggs for frying, and punctures a carton of oil which some eager chefs help themselves to for cooking.
* ProductPlacement: One scene contains a refrigerator full of Coca-Cola cans (Creator/ColumbiaPictures' owner at the time), whose labels are all conveniently facing the camera. Elsewhere, a table with a huge stack of Lava Soap bars upon it appears backstage at a theater, and Alka-Seltzer proves vital to the climax. Creator/RogerEbert went into a rant about this while reviewing the film on ''Series/SiskelAndEbert''; see BerserkButton on the series' page for the full quote.
* RetroactiveLegacy: Supposedly the sixth in a series featuring the eponymous character.
* RoadTripAcrossTheStreet: The "agonizing ride" for Leonard to see his estranged wife.
* SelfSurgery: Played for laughs as Bill Cosby's character removes a bullet from his own shoulder.
* UnInstallment: We never did see Parts 1 through 5... because they were locked up " in the interests of world security".
* UnusualWeaponMounting
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: The chefs from Leonard's restaurant don't think much of a hitman attempting to murder their boss...
* WeaponizedAnimal: The movie included an ostrich with missile launchers mounted on it.
* WeHaveToGetTheBulletOut: Leonard, having been shot, removes the bullets himself, his trusty manservant only standing by with surgical tools and a mirror. Given the large jar full of bullets that the extracted slug ends up in, this is not the first time he's had to do this by a long shot.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The MayDecemberRomance between Joan and Giorgio never really gets resolved.
* YourHeadAsplode: This happens to one of Medusa's {{mook}}s in the climax, as the unexpected-by-''anyone'' result of Leonard forcing him to taste meat.
There are no ''Leonard Parts 1 through 5'', if you were wondering. The title itself is a spoof of [[{{Sequelitis}} multi-part spy thrillers]]. And even if there were prequels, Cosby would have probably destroyed them all by now. Or traded them in for a lifetime supply of pudding and JELL-O.