->'''Jake''': Let me just say....oy.
->'''Brian''': Amen to your oy.


''Keeping the Faith'' is a 2000 romantic comedy directed by and starring Creator/EdwardNorton and co-starring Jenna Elfman and Creator/BenStiller. His directorial debut, Norton [[{{Dedication}} dedicated the film]] to his late mother, Robin.

Brian Finn and Jacob Schram are at the mercy of a schoolyard bully when Anna Riley arrives to [[GroinAttack stop him]]. The three become inseperable friends, until Anna's father takes a job in California and she moves away. Brian and Jacob stay best friends, grow up and enter into their respective careers: Brian becomes a Catholic priest and Jacob a rabbi. When Anna returns to New York for work and re-connects with her friends, TriangRelations ensue.

A spin of sorts on the 'A priest and a rabbi' jokes.

* TheBartender: Pauly, who accordingly listens to Brian's story and dispenses advice when he's finished.
* BinocularShot: Anna keeps a pair of binoculars in her office, at first to take a closer look at Manhattan landmarks, and then [[NaughtyBirdwatching to watch the man in the office building across from hers having sex]].
* BlasphemousBoast: Anna says, "I work harder than God. If He had hired me, He would have made the world by Thursday."
* ChekhovsGun: The skyscraper across from Anna's office with the windows that can be looked into becomes important in the climax of the film.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint:
-->'''Brian''': You know, there's eight million people in New York...but when the three of us were together it felt like we were living on our own little island.\\
'''Bartender''': ''*Frowns*'' But New York is an island.
* {{Confessional}}: Brian is seen hearing confessions at his parish, though when he sees Anna in the booth [[spoiler: after he kissed her and she confessed she was in love with Jake]], he balks.
-->'''Brian:''' Excuse me if I say that I don't think I'm the best person to offer objective advice on this particular confession.
* ConvertingForLove: Strongly implied with Anna.
* CoolTeacher: Jake, when he's helping a young member of his congregation learn a Haftarah for his Bar Mitzvah.
* DidNotGetTheGirl: [[spoiler: Brian]]
* DrowningMySorrows: Brian at the beginning of the film
* EroticDream: Brian has one about Anna.
* ForcefulKiss: [[spoiler: Brian]] does this to Anna, thinking she's about to confess she's in love with him. [[spoiler: She's not.]]
* FunnyForeigner: Don the karaoke machine salesman plays this role initially with Brian and Jake, before dropping the act when they start quizzing him about prices.
* GoodShepherd:
** Brian does charity and community work and is obviously well-loved by his flock.
** Jake is popular with his congregation and helping Brian to set up a joint Jewish-Catholic community centre.
* HotForPreacher: Averted, but see SexyPriest trope below
* HowWeGotHere: 3/4 of the film is Brian recounting to Pauly how he came to end up drinking in his tavern.
* IHaveNoSon: Jake's mom disowns his older brother Ethan after he marries a Catholic girl. Although [[spoiler: it's ultimately revealed that she's at least attempted to reconcile with Ethan, who isn't willing to accept it.]]
* IrishmanAndAJew: Anna describes her, Brian and Jake as 'Two micks and a yid'
* IronicEchoCut: Used after Jake's attempt to liven up his Shabbat service by having the Harlem Gospel Choir perform 'Ein Kelokeinu'
-->'''Jake''': How upset are they?
-->'''Rabbi Lewis''': Let's just say they're less than thrilled.
-->''[Cut to meeting with Larry, the president of the synagogue]''
-->'''Larry''': To be honest we're less than thrilled.
* JewishMother: Jake's mom spends a lot of time harassing Jake about his love life.
* JewsLoveToArgue: A brief flashback shows Jake arguing with his father. Brian's narration implies that the argument is over Jake's decision to become a rabbi instead of entering into the family business. The argument is unheard, save for Jake's closing line:
-->'''Jake''': I don't wanna listen to any of you! ''[[TantrumThrowing (throws down yarmulke and storms off)]]''
* LikeBrotherAndSister: {{Lampshaded}} by Jake when Brian admits he's in love with Anna:
-->'''Jake''': I mean, she's like your sister, Brian, that's-
-->'''Brian''': Yes, thankyou for adding depth to my confusion!
* {{Montages}}: Several.
** There's a GoodTimesMontage showing Brian, Jake and Anna hanging out together. Overlaps as a FallingInLoveMontage, as it also covers [[spoiler: Jake]] and Anna falling in love.
** Then there's the DrunkenMontage when Brian wanders the streets drinking....
** ....and this is followed by a SadTimesMontage since the trio are now separated/not speaking to each other.
* [[NiceJewishBoy Nice Jewish Girl]]: Jake is under pressure from his mother and his synagogue to find a Jewish wife. TruthInTelevision, as Judaism is passed down the generations through matrilineal descent. Jake's brother Ethan is disowned by his mother because he married a non-Jew.
* ObliquelyObfuscatedOccupation: The audience never exactly knows what Anna's job is, other than that it's in business or management. Brian describes it as 'analysing synergies or synergising analogies'
* PowerWalk: Brian and Jake, to Carlos Santana's 'Smooth'. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOBZpm6DAoc See it for yourself.]]
* RomanticFalseLead: [[spoiler: Rachel Rose is this for Jake- although their double date with Brian and Anna goes reasonably well, it becomes clear that [[FirstGirlWins Jake is far more attracted to Anna]], and after dropping Rachel back at her place, he goes straight to Anna's apartment and a SexyDiscretionShot ensues.]]
* SceneryPorn: The entire film is a loving look at UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity.
* SecretRelationship: Anna and [[spoiler: Jake]]
* SexyPriest: {{Lampshaded}} by Anna in a conversation with Brian:
--> '''Anna''': I've seen the way women look at you, even though they know you're a priest - especially when they know you're a priest!
* SheIsAllGrownUp: Brian and Jake's reaction when they meet Anna coming off the plane.
* TriangRelations: Of the Type 4 variety, where Anna is in a secret relationship with [[spoiler: Jake]] and [[spoiler: Brian]] is in love with her and unaware of the relationship.
* TwoGuysAndAGirl
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: Anna to [[spoiler: Jake]]
* VowOfCelibacy: Brian, a Catholic priest, develops feelings for his childhood friend, Anna. He falsely convinces himself that his feelings reciprocated, and wonders about his future in the church. In fact, Anna is in a secret relationship with their mutual friend (who's a rabbi, but they have different rules).
* {{Workaholic}}: Anna, and how! She carries her cellphone with her everywhere and has it [[FetishFuel strapped to her thigh]] when she's on a date.