''Jack Frost'' is a 1998 family film about a man who gets reincarnated in a snowman's body after a fatal traffic accident. This is in order to allow father-son bonding that had never quite happened in Mr. Frost's human life.

Under no circumstances is it to be confused with an [[SimilarlyNamedWorks identically-titled]] [[Film/JackFrost1997 film that came out the preceding year]].

!!This family film provides examples of:

* AccidentalTruth: The harmonica really was magical, much to both Charlie and Jack's surprise.
* BackFromTheDead: With a large side of RedemptionQuest.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: When Jack comes back as a snowman, he's momentarily dismayed upon discovering that his new body isn't anatomically correct.
* BittersweetEnding: Jack reconciles with his son. But ultimately has to pass on.
* ButNowIMustGo
* CassandraTruth: Charlie tries to explain to his mom several times that the snowman is really Jack, but she and Mac think he's gone nuts.
* DeadpanSnarker: Jack. Even more in his snowman form.
* FreudianExcuse: The bully Rory claims that he never knew his father.
* {{Getting Crap Past The Radar}}: One scene had the titular snowman receive two snowballs to the chest during a snowball fight. He [[ManIFeelLikeAWoman gropes himself for a second]] before throwing them away.
** And when making a snowman, Jack pretends he misunderstood about where to attach the carrot.
*** This one later comes back to bite him when he becomes the snowman, looks down to find out in his own horror that he has no genitals.
** In the cold mountains, Jack says, "My balls are freezing!"
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: The bully, Rory.
* PapaWolf: Armed with snowballs. And he knows how to use them.
* ParentalAbandonment
* {{Snowlems}}: Take a guess. Type II.