Take the basic story of ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife.'' Add Muppets. This 2002 movie is what you get.

An angel named Daniel (Creator/DavidArquette) watches Earth on Christmas Eve in horror. Kermit the Frog and his friends, through a series of mishaps, misplace their theater's December rent payment to the wicked Rachel Bitterman (Creator/JoanCusack), who wants to tear down the theater to build a nightclub. Determined not to let the despondent Kermit give up on his dreams, Daniel appeals to his [[{{God}} Boss]] (Creator/WhoopiGoldberg) to review the situation and intervene.

Daniel himself is sent to aid Kermit, who is so distraught by the events that he wishes he had never been born. As in the original film, the angel grants the wish, taking Kermit on a crazy trip through an alternate existence in which Miss Piggy is a theatrical has-been who does telephone acting, Fozzie is a pickpocket, and Gonzo is homeless, among others. Then when Kermit tries to un-wish the situation, Daniel's not entirely sure how to put the world back to normal...

!!This film provides examples of:

* AccidentalMisnaming: Because Daniel is nervous and mutters when dealing directly with The Boss for the first time, he tells her his name is, "D-d-d-dan... Danny... el...". With that, The Boss calls him "Danny-elle". (Which could be interpreted as "Danny L." [and is written as such on the Blu-ray subtitles], when you find out that [[{{Tuckerization}} Daniel was named after Jim Lewis' son]].)
* AdrenalineMakeover: More of an Adrenaline Costume Change; Piggy changes into a martial arts ensemble ''really'' quickly to face off Bitterman.
* BigBad: Mrs. Bitterman.
* BitingTheHandHumor: After Daniel wonders aloud how Bitterman could take control of so much in the Kermit-less universe, Kermit comments, "Corporate synergy... it's out of control." He then crosses his legs revealing the Creator/{{NBC}} logo on the bottom of his foot (this special was produced by NBC). Ironically, the Muppets would later be bought by Creator/{{Disney}}, which actually owns rival network Creator/{{ABC}}.
* TheCameo:
** Several celebrities appear as themselves, including Carson Daly, Kelly Ripa, and Regis Philbin.
** [[Franchise/StarWars Yoda]] has a brief cameo while Daniel is attempting to send Kermit back to his own reality.
** And the cast of ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' appeared during the scene showing Miss Piggy's brief "professional acting career" on that show (she plays a dying patient who is lying motionless under a sheet the whole scene).
* CoincidentalAccidentalDisguise: While carrying a big sack of money, Fozzie gets covered in green paint and is mistaken for [[Literature/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas The Grinch]] by a Who girl who randomly appears for this gag.
* ContinuityNod: In the CrapsackWorld, Kermit is horrified to see the popularity of [[Film/TheMuppetMovie Doc Hopper's Frog Legs]].
* ConspicuousCG: The giant dragonfly concocted by Whoopi Goldberg just because she can.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Rachel Bitterman.
* CrazyCatLady: Piggy has been reduced to one of these in the reality where Kermit never existed.
* CueTheFlyingPigs: Courtesy of Miss Piggy; Bitterman still refuses to believe it though.
* DarkerAndEdgier: The [[AlternateUniverse world in which Kermit was never born]].
* {{Determinator}}: Fozzie goes through a lot in his attempt to get the payment to Bitterman.
* {{Expy}}: Bitterman fills the role of [[Film/ItsAWonderfulLife Mr. Potter]].
* EyeScream: To get to the alternate universe, Daniel sprinkles snow into Kermit's eyes. [[spoiler: To get out of it, Daniel actually ''spits'' into Kermit's eyes.]]
* FaceHeelTurn: Pepe the prawn, who leaves the Muppets to work for Bitterman, followed by his inevitable HeelFaceTurn back.
* ForWantOfANail: Apparently, if Kermit had never existed, the Muppets would have each suffered miserable existences.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: When Fozzie reachers Bitterman Bank, the security guard mishears Fozzie, believing he has Ms. Bitterman's laundry (instead of money). When he reachers her office, they discover [[spoiler: his sack of cash is actually a sack of clothes from the Salvation Army folks he bumped into earlier]].
* FunWithAcronyms: Bitterman Bank And Development ('''B.B.A.D.''')
* GiftOfTheMagiPlot: Played in the beginning of the film, when several Muppets exchange gifts only to discover that they've given up prized possessions to do so.
** {{Subverted|Trope}} with Johnny Fiama and Sal, because while Sal has sold his moped to buy Johnny a solid gold record player, Johnny apparently hasn't even ''thought'' of getting Sal anything.
* HarmlessFreezing: Kermit is frozen while sitting in the park after losing the theater, Daniel sends him flying into a nearby trash can before warming him up with no ill effects.
* HongKongDub: Briefly during Piggy and Bitterman's showdown.
* HotterAndSexier: Well, okay, it's still the Muppets, so for the most part it's kid-friendly... but man, did they manage to cram in a lot of innuendoes in this movie. For one thing, they put on a show based on ''Film/MoulinRouge'' with Miss Piggy singing "Santa Baby." With Miss Piggy asking Kermit if he wants to sleep with her in French at the end, to which Kermit replies, "Say WHAT?"
** Not to mention the cage-dancing Scooter, and Pepe's many suggestive remarks to Miss Bitterman, who almost buries his head in her breasts at one point.
** It gets taken even farther with the business associate that Bitterman meets to disclose her plans about the Muppet Theater. She says that he needs to come help her "decorate her tree" and "oil her chair". The executive makes suggestive remarks about this until Bitterman tells him that "not everything is an innuendo." Yeah.
* IceQueen: Rachel Bitterman, who is so cold that even the ''Muppets'' can't melt her heart.
--> '''Bitterman:''' I ''hate'' you Muppets!
* ImpossibleTheft: In the alternate reality, Fozzie picks Kermit's pocket and steals his wallet. Daniel {{lampshade|Hanging}}s the impossible part when he points out that Kermit doesn't ''have'' pockets.
* InMysteriousWays: The Boss invokes the trope toward the end of movie.
* ItsAWonderfulPlot: Kermit needs to be reminded that he has a wonderful life, hence the story. The angel mentions it's actually required when someone says they wish they'd never been born.
* ItsAllMyFault: Fozzie, regarding the rent money mishap and impending closure of the theater.
%%* {{Jerkass}}: Rachel Bitterman.
%%* LetThereBeSnow: The finale.
* LovableSexManiac: Pepe, towards Miss Bitterman.
* MaliciousMisnaming: Bitterman continually calls the Muppets "Muffins" and Pepe "Pee-pee". Also Glenn (who apparently is second-in-command in Daniel's part of Heaven) keeps calling Daniel "Dan" or "Danny", despite Daniel ''repeatedly'' telling him in their conversation that he prefers to be called Daniel.
* MeaningfulName: Rachel Bitterman is a very bitter, cynical individual. Averted with her father, with whom the Muppets are implied to have had a good relationship.
* MythologyGag:
** A big one to the original ''Film/TheMuppetMovie'', when Kermit discovers that in the world where he never existed, Doc Hopper did successfully open his chain of French-fried frog legs restaurants.
** While in the park, Kermit sees a statue of himself with some children, which has this (first movie-inspired) inscription: "For the lovers, the dreamers and you..."
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: Heaven, or at least the part where Daniel works, is a giant cubicle farm.
* ParentalBonus: As usual with the Muppets, particularly the scenes in the alternate reality.
* PostKissCatatonia: Not quite, but very nearly when Kermit kisses Piggy toward the end.
* RaceAgainstTheClock: Bitterman is counting on the Muppets failing to pay the rent by the time specified on the modified lease so she can evict them and tear down the theater.
* RecycledINSPACE: ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife'' [-WITH MUPPETS-]!
* SantaClaus: Fozzie accidentally gives the rent money to a street-corner Santa (actually a Salvation Army volunteer) instead of delivering it to Bitterman by the deadline.
* ShoutOut: The Muppets' stage show is a very drawn-out ShoutOut to ''Film/MoulinRouge'', complete with color-change, [[GRatedDrug "funny green root beer"]], and "Saltine" the performer. Heck, just look at its name: Moulin ''[[Literature/AChristmasCarol Scrooge]]''.
* ShowWithinAShow: A few, starting with the play being performed in the Muppet theater.
* StationIdent: Because the movie originally aired on NBC, there's a humorous moment where Kermit displays the NBC peacock logo on the bottom of one of his feet.
* TongueOnTheFlagpole: A RunningGag features a frog attempting to pull his free, and instead stretching it to ridiculous lengths.
* TropesForDummies: Daniel is given the book ''Performing Miracles for Dummies''.
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