''Ilya Muromets'' is a fantasy movie based upon the [[Myth/RussianMythologyAndTales epic poems]] about a Russian epic hero. Released in 1956, the movie was a literal epic for the Russian film industry, with [[MillionMookMarch tens of thousands of extras and thousands of horses]] used in some of the battle scenes. Then Creator/RogerCorman got his hands on the movie for a release in the early 1960s. While little was generally changed, the "epic" feel of the original is felt to have been lost rather tragically in the conversion. The movie is also known as ''The Sword and the Dragon'' in America, while ''The Epic Hero and the Beast'' is the UK name. Both are drastically changed versions when compared to the original, of course. A copy of the full version with English subtitles can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hooaKxdXbfM here.]]

The film was directed by Alexander Ptushko, who also directed ''Film/{{Sadko}}'' (''The Magic Voyage of Sinbad'' in the USA) and ''Sampo'' (''Film/TheDayTheEarthFroze'' in the USA).

For the ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' version, please go to the [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S06E17TheSwordAndTheDragon episode recap page]].
!!Tropes used in ''Ilya Muromets'':
* AnatomicallyImpossibleSex: Possibly dub induced, but Ilya tells his wife to bear him a child while he's away on his long, long epic journey. In the original, he specifically asks her to bear '''him''' a son.
* AndTheAdventureContinues: After the Tugars are defeated, Illya gives Little Falcon Invicor's sword and rides off in search of more adventure.
* ArtisticLicenseBiology: A horse's tail isn't just hair, it has nerves and bones and does NOT grow back! But then, perhaps that's why the nobleman was so upset at the sentence...
* CaptivePush: When the travellers sing their magic song, we see a column of captives, Ilya's wife at the front, being pushed forward. Corman's version puts the shot at the intro instead.
* ChekhovsGun: Chekhov's Ballista, in this case. At the beginning, a man states that he intends to design one. It gets a few quite important shots (literally) at the final battle. Corman, for some reason, removed the first part completely.
* [[DubInducedPlotHole Dub Induced Pervert]]: Without the first scene where Ilya's wife is taken, we get an extremely creepy Ilya forcing himself on a young woman.
* DubNameChange: From the original title to ''The Sword and the Dragon'' (or ''The Epic Hero and the Beast'' for those in the UK). Many of the character names are also changed to sound less Russian (except, oddly, for Ilya Muromets himself).
* {{Fanservice}}: Well, you can try to argue that the An Son Hi's minute long dance at 1:05 was intended as something else...
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Ilya's wife.
* HaveAGayOldTime: The battle between Ilya and his son does seem to have a possible FoeYay [[{{Squick}} implication]] for a modern Russian.
* HeritageFaceTurn: Ilya is dueling with a young enemy warrior, and suddenly notices the boy is wearing a ring he gave his wife, making him realize he is fighting his own son. The boy is skeptical, but once he looks at the ring, he remembers his mother and says at once he wants to fight on Ilya's side.
* MillionMookMarch: World record for extras.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: The Tugars apparently spent several years just hanging out in their camp while Ilya was in prison, since he gets let out the first time they become a threat again.
* PhlebotinumOverload: Basically what happens to Svyatogor. The Earth can carry him no longer due to his strength.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Falcon grows to adulthood (mightiest among the Tugar warriors even) while his father is in prison. In the bylinas, he was imprisoned for three years, but the movie changed it to ten, with people remarking about the fast aging.
* RaisedByOrcs: Little Falcon, naturally.
* ShootTheMessenger: Ilya goads a Tugar envoy into attacking him just to justify killing the (now unarmed) man.
* ShoutOut: The scene where Ilya gives Durbar and Alexei their instructions for the climatic battle is posed like [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/Die_drei_Bogatyr.jpg a famous painting of the same three characters]] by Victor Vasnetsov.
** "[[Film/DirtyHarry Every penny's worth!]]" during the fake fight between Ilya and his son.
* SparedByAdaptation: The original sources usually have Ilya killing his son.
* TalkingIsAFreeAction: A bit of talking when fighting the dragon, though not that bad.
* UnfortunateNames: Invincor. In the original, his name was Svyatogor, which sounds pretty cool.
* XanatosSpeedChess: Ilya is really good at making stuff up on the fly...
* YellowPeril