''"I'll Wait for You"'' is a heartwarming, idealistic [[TheForties 1940]]'s movie starring RobertSterling, MarshaHunt and Creator/VirginiaWeidler.

The movie begins with wideboy, [[NeighbourhoodFriendlyGangsters gangster]], Lucky Wilson, who is the muscles of a gangster mob in [[BigApplesauce New York]]. He goes around intimidating new business owners and picking up "dames". In an attempt to escape from the police, Lucky takes a trip to Salisbury, Connecticut. On being shot, a farm family take him in and help him get better, during which time Lucky falls for the sweet [[FarmersDaughter farmer's daughter]], Pauline Miller. After a short romance, where Lucky neglects to mention his rough background, the police catch up with him, things start to unravel very quickly.
!!This movie contains examples of:

* BigApplesauce
* TheChanteuse: Sally Travers. Although maybe a ''little'' more upbeat, Sally would definitely fall into this category for her [[BareYourMidriff costume alone]]!
* DeadpanSnarker: Lucky, to an extent, especially after he's been shot.
-->'''Lizzie''': You're in my bed.
-->'''Lucky''': Yeah? Well, I'll buy you another one.
-->'''Lizzie''': Does it hurt much?
-->'''Lucky''': No, it feels ''[[SarcasmMode good]]!''
* DumbBlonde: Blonde in Elevator. ''Please'' don't mention the stake!
-->'''Blonde''': Where are we going?
-->'''Lucky''': New joint.
-->'''Blonde''': Stakes?
-->'''Lucky''': I don't know, I've never been there.
-->'''Blonde''': I was kinda looking forward to a stake!
-->'''Lucky''': Oh, angel, I've got a lot of worries in my business. I can't stand but argue with dames, see?
-->'''Blonde''': I just thought a good stake...
-->'''Lucky''': Why don't you shut up.
-->'''Blonde''': The stakes they got at the place I went...''Lucky kisses her to stop her from talking''.
* EmbarrassingFirstName: Lizzie ''really'' doesn't like people calling her that.
* EverybodySmokes
* FarmersDaughter: Pauline and Lizzie
* FollowThatCar: The car chase where Lucky gets shot.
* GirlishPigtails: Lizzie
* PluckyGirl: Lizzie
* {{Tomboy}}: Lizzie