A 1992 {{Dramedy}} {{Mockumentary}} directed by (and co-starring) Creator/WoodyAllen.

After their friends Jack (Creator/SydneyPollack) and Sally (Creator/JudyDavis) split up, the marriage between college professor Gabe (Allen) and magazine editor Judy (Creator/MiaFarrow) encounters several difficulties: Gabe becomes close to one of his students, aspiring writer Rain (Creator/JulietteLewis), while Judy takes it upon herself to introduce Sally to one of her colleagues, becoming dissatisfied when they start a relationship. Meanwhile, Jack and Sally's separation wildly ranges from [[AmicablyDivorced amicable]] to hostile, when it's revealed each is jealous of the other having found a new love interest.

!! Examples of tropes:

* BadassBoast:
-->'''Gabe:''' Boy, I'd hate to be your boyfriend! He must go through hell.\\
'''Rain:''' Well, I'm WorthIt.
* ComedyOfRemarriage: Subverted.
* TheDitz: Sam, Jack's new girlfriend, a good-natured (and much younger) aerobics instructor whose main interests are health foods and fads.
--> '''Man''': "If astrology were true - "
--> '''Sam''': "It is true! It is totally, totally, totally provable, you know?"
--> '''Woman''': "Provable how? From gypsies?"
--> '''Sam''': "Well, it's totally logical, right? You know, why wouldn't the position of the planets have an influence on our personalities?"
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler: Gabe states Jack and Sally will be back together in a year. He's right, but ''Gabe'' and ''Judy'' will break up.]]
* GilliganCut: A few subtle ones. For example, Jack claims he'd ''never'' sleep with a hooker. Turns out, he caves in, sleeps with her, then not only has a regular thing with her, but starts having her ''bring hooker friends'' for some [[ThreeWaySex Menage A Trois]].
* HappilyMarried: Rain's parents are happy and content, in stark contrast to Jack, Sally, Gabe and Judy.
* HighClassCallGirl: Before leaving Sally and finding a girlfriend, Jack hires consummate professional "Shawn Grainger".
* IceQueen:
** Jack sees Sally as one, of the "bossy neurotic wife" variety; a major source of trouble throughout their marriage has been [[spoiler: Sally's apparent frigidity]], combined with her upper-class tastes. Subverted in that it's revealed Jack goes for that kind of woman.
* MeaningfulName: "Rain", named after poet Creator/RainerMariaRilke.
* {{Mockumentary}}
* RecycledInSpace: ''[[Creator/IngmarBergman Scenes From a Marriage]]'' [[AC: but DarkerAndEdgier]]!
* TeacherStudentRomance: Everything seems to be headed that way for Gabe and Rain, but [[spoiler: he changes his mind after kissing her at her birthday party]]. Doesn't make him happier in the long run, though.