A 1992 {{Dramedy}} {{Mockumentary}} directed by (and co-starring) Creator/WoodyAllen.

After their friends Jack (Creator/SydneyPollack) and Sally (Creator/JudyDavis) split up, the marriage between college professor Gabe (Allen) and magazine editor Judy (Creator/MiaFarrow) encounters several difficulties: Gabe becomes close to one of his students, aspiring writer Rain (Creator/JulietteLewis), while Judy takes it upon herself to introduce Sally to one of her colleagues, becoming dissatisfied when they start a relationship. Meanwhile, Jack and Sally's separation wildly ranges from [[AmicablyDivorced amicable]] to hostile, when it's revealed each is jealous of the other having found a new love interest.

!! Examples of tropes:

* BadassBoast:
-->'''Gabe:''' Boy, I'd hate to be your boyfriend! He must go through hell.\\
'''Rain:''' Well, I'm WorthIt.
* ComedyOfRemarriage: Subverted.
* TheDitz: Sam, Jack's new girlfriend, a good-natured (and much younger) aerobics instructor whose main interests are health foods and fads.
--> '''Man''': "If astrology were true - "
--> '''Sam''': "It is true! It is totally, totally, totally provable, you know?"
--> '''Woman''': "Provable how? From gypsies?"
--> '''Sam''': "Well, it's totally logical, right? You know, why wouldn't the position of the planets have an influence on our personalities?"
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler: Gabe states Jack and Sally will be back together in a year. He's right, but ''Gabe'' and ''Judy'' will break up.]]
* GilliganCut: A few subtle ones. For example, Jack claims he'd ''never'' sleep with a hooker. Turns out, he caves in, sleeps with her, then not only has a regular thing with her, but starts having her ''bring hooker friends'' for some [[ThreeWaySex Menage A Trois]].
* HappilyMarried: Rain's parents are happy and content, in stark contrast to Jack, Sally, Gabe and Judy.
* HighClassCallGirl: Before leaving Sally and finding a girlfriend, Jack hires consummate professional "Shawn Grainger".
* IceQueen:
** Jack sees Sally as one, of the "bossy neurotic wife" variety; a major source of trouble throughout their marriage has been [[spoiler: Sally's apparent frigidity]], combined with her upper-class tastes. Subverted in that it's revealed Jack goes for that kind of woman.
* MeaningfulName: "Rain", named after poet Creator/RainerMariaRilke. The climax of the film between Rain and Gabe is during a thunderstorm.
* {{Mockumentary}}
* NoEnding: The film doesn't end so much as ''stop'' (deliberately).
-->'''Gabe:''' Is this over now? Can I go?
* PerfectlyCromulentWord: Played with in the film. Gabe says he looked up "epucious" in the dictionary and couldn't find it. Rain tells him she made up the word for the character in her story, and that it ''sounded'' like it would fit his personality.
* RealityEnsues: Jack dates a perky aerobic instructor in her twenties -- then finds out she doesn't fit in with his middle-aged friends and becomes an embarrassment.
* RecycledInSpace: ''Film/ScenesFromAMarriage'' [[AC: but DarkerAndEdgier]]!
* TeacherStudentRomance: Everything seems to be headed that way for Gabe and Rain, but [[spoiler: he changes his mind after kissing her at her birthday party]]. Doesn't make him happier in the long run, though.