Jamie Morgan is an aspiring photographer who has very prominent birthmarks on his face (which is shaped like a heart) and arm. He tries living a normal life, but is continually stared at and teased by various people. He receives a summons to a dilapidated flat block and given a chance by the sinister Papa B to be rid of his marks for a price. Jamie takes it and feels much more confident and happy in his life, getting a chance at a relationship with aspiring model Tia. However, he must hold up his end of the deal with Papa B and is forced to cut out a man's heart and place it on a church's steps or suffer the consequences.

A very well done indie film and star turn by [[Film/AcrossTheUniverse Jim Sturgess]]. While having a simple story, it's very well written and acting and can be genuinely frightening at several points.

Not to be confused with TheHeartless.

!!This film contains examples of:

* ApologeticAttacker: Jamie when he cuts out the heart of the prostitute.
* BeatStillMyHeart: Jamie's end of the bargain is for him to cut out a man's heart and leave it on the steps of a church on the night of a full moon.
* BuryYourGays: For his sacrifice, Jamie finds a gay prostitute on the streets to kill.
* DealWithTheDevil: Done between Jamie to get rid of his birthmarks.
* DisappearedDad
* DoItYourselfThemeTune: The film's major songs were written by director Phillip Ridley and his friends in order to save money.
* FateWorseThanDeath: "Unhappily ever after, mate!"
* FreakinessShame: It's revealed that [[spoiler:Tia still slept with Jamie despite him still having his birthmarks.]]
* GainaxEnding
* {{Jerkass}}: [[spoiler: Perfection]].
* KubrickStare: Jamie has a rather unnerving one.
* LizardFolk: The demons.
* LouisCypher: Papa B.
* ManOnFire: Happens three times during the film.
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane
* MoralityPet: Jamie's father and girlfriend.
* ShowerOfAngst: Jamie takes one after he completes his end of the bargain.
* StartOfDarkness: [[spoiler:subverted]]
* [[spoiler:ThroughTheEyesOfMadness: At the film's end, it's revealed that Jamie imagined all the supernatural elements of the film, meaning that he never lost his birthmarks.]]
** [[{{OrWasItADream}} Or did he?]] [[spoiler: Maybe the Devil was just being a jerk who doesn't keep his promises but gives the illuson that he has in order to mess with people.]]
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic: After immolating himself with a Molotov cocktail, Jamie peels off his burnt flesh to reveal himself to be healthy and birthmark-free.