'''''Glory Road''''' is an American film directed by James Gartner, released on January 13, 2006.

The film is based on a true story dealing with the events leading to the 1966 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, in which Don Haskins, head coach of the Texas Western College (now the University of Texas at El Paso) led a team with an all-black starting lineup, a first in NCAA history. The film follows a semi-fictional version of this tale.

!!This film provides examples of:

* JackieRobinsonStory
* MiracleRally
* SaveOurTeam
* UnderdogsNeverLose
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory; To the point that Texan A&M University-Commerce demanded Disney to apologize for portraying them very negatively.
** Disney argued that this was a case of AdaptationDistillation; they couldn't show each game where the team had racial slurs thrown at them.
* WhiteMaleLead
* WhiteMansBurden: A variation - Instead of a single impoverished minority, it's an entire starting lineup.