The four minute-long introduction sketch for the 26th Annual ''Hollywood Reporter'' Key Art Awards (1997), which happens to be an epic spoof of every InAWorld-type trailer out there ''and'' stars all the voice actors who made them (back then), including Creator/DonLaFontaine himself.

Copies of the video can be found all over the net, google it.
!!Tropes found in the video:

* AllStarCast: Invoked by Don, who sets out specifically to assemble an all-star crew. Except chances are, you've never seen anyone's ''face'' before.
* AvengersAssemble: Don's mission: getting all of the top voice talents into one car. "MINE..."
* CoolCar: Don's limousine.
* DreamTeam: Don assembles one.
* FacePalm: By Don, after Mark starts listing "all your favorite vendors".
* GlassesPull: Just before Nick delivers his signature line.
* InAWorld: Delivered by the Man himself.
* LargeHam: Everyone. Except Hendricks and Mark.
* LongList: Mark's specialty, to everyone else's annoyance.
* MoodWhiplash: Introducing Mark right after Nick. Also, generally whenever Mark speaks.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: It's just six guys going to the movie awards. But it is ''awesome''.
* NiceHat: Al's beret.
* OnlySaneMan: Hendricks, the driver of the car.
* PluckyComicRelief: Mark. Also, he wears a white sweater when everyone else is in a black suit.
* PowerWalk: The ending. Except Mark, of course.
* ShoutOut: "[[CrocodileDundee Now that's a knife]]".
* SinisterShades: Nick and Al sport them.
* TimeAbyss: Nick, or at least his voice, is "[[Film/JurassicPark 65 million years in the making]]".
* TokenMinority: Al. Hendricks would count, but he is not the "team" member.
* TheVoice: Hal Douglas.