Film / Evil Alien Conquerors
Earth is... perfectly safe.

Du-ug: Have you any more Smirnoff Ice?
Kenny: Yeah, there's half of one in the fridge.
Du-ug: You will die painlessly!

My-ik (Diedrich Bader) and Du-ug (Chris Parnell) have come from the planet Kabijj, with simple orders:
1. Conquer Earth.
2. Annihilate all human life.

Their orders are not so much:
3. Develop drinking problem.
4. Fall in love with divorced hussy.

Their plans are complicated by a transmat malfunction, turning their mighty swords into tooth-picks. Nevertheless, they have 24 hours to decapitate every human being on Earth before the overlords send the head-eating giant CROKER!!! to, uh, eat their heads.

This movie contains examples of: