->''"Get ready for cut-throat comedy!"''
-->-- '''{{Tagline}}'''

A 1997 BlackComedy film directed by Tom Schuman and starring Creator/JoePesci.

Mob courier Tommy Spinelli (Pesci) has been ordered by his superior to bring back eight decapitated victims' heads. At the airport he crosses paths with a young med-school graduate who's about to join his girlfriend and her parents at a hotel in Mexico. When Spinelli reaches his destination, he finds that he and the med student have inadvertently swapped luggage. HilarityEnsues.

Also features Creator/KristySwanson, Creator/DavidSpade, Dyan Cannon, and George Hamilton.

!!Contains examples of:
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Laurie dishes one out to Charlie [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan to get him to stop babbling about the (still unbeknowst to Laurie) severed heads]].
* BerserkButton: [[ItMakesSenseInContext "Would you like an enchilada?"]]
* BilingualBonus: Some of the dialogue spoken by the Mexican characters is untranslated from the original Spanish (which doesn't hurt the film too much, because their comments tend to be [[SmallReferencePools popular Spanish phrases that most English speakers know or at least have heard of]]).
* BlackComedy
* BodyInABreadbox: Right there in the title.
* BumblingDad: Dick Bennett (George Hamilton's character)
* ButtMonkey: Dick Bennett, again. All he wanted was to do some fishing in Mexico, and he ends up getting wrongfully arrested for murder, tortured during interrogation, and is implied to get [[PrisonRape raped]] while temporarily in jail.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Spinelli is pretty good at this.
* DecapitationPresentation: As you'd expect from the title.
* DeerInTheHeadlights: Laurie.
* DeadpanSnarker: Whenever David Spade shows up in a film, you can count on it.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Don't sass-talk Spinelli, or he just might throw you out of a speeding minivan.
* FauxActionGirl: Laurie is [[InformedAbility talked up by her fiancé as a race-car driver]], but this is never mentioned again. She also does only token badass things such as [[ArmorPiercingSlap slapping people]] and clonking another woman over the head with a vase.
* HairTriggerTemper: Tommy. [[Creator/JoePesci Naturally]].
* HamToHamCombat: Any scene in which Joe Pesci confronts David Spade, or in which Joe Pesci confronts Ernestine Mercer (the actress playing the grandmother).
* HurricaneOfPuns: "''Heads'' up! Stop a''head''. Anybody need to use the ''head''?", etc.
* HypocriticalHumor: "Didn't I tell you to watch your fucking language?"
* ILied: When Laurie finds one of the heads, she screams loud enough for the entire hotel staff to hear. Charlie quickly grabs Laurie and muffles her mouth with his hand just as one of the employees opens the door. Charlie reassures him that everything is fine, prompting the employee to leave. Then Charlie tells Laurie that he will let her go if she promises not to scream again. Laurie [[SchmuckBait gives her word]] - and then, once she is free, immediately resumes screaming!
* {{Jerkass}}: Tommy Spinelli of course, but quite a few other characters as well.
-->'''Charlie:''' I don't think [Laurie's] father likes me.\\
'''Tommy:''' I can understand that. I just met you, and I don't like you either.
* JustJokingJustification: Charlie tries this on Laurie after frightening her [[AccidentalInnuendo out of the closet]] (where she is hiding from one of the severed heads) by saying, "The bodies are in there!" [[DudeNotFunny Laurie isn't biting.]]
* LadyDrunk: Annette.
* MaximumFunChamber: Dick's treatment in the Mexican prison.
* NightmareFuelStationAttendant: Quite a few characters, but most notably Pesci's and Spade's.
* NoMereWindmill: Annette is the first person in the family to discover one of the severed heads. But because she has a drinking problem (and, in fact, happened upon the head precisely because she was trying to sneak some booze), the rest of the family just assume that she's experiencing a psychotic reaction as a result of her alcoholism.
* OnlySaneMan: Charlie, most of the time.
* PantyShot: Laurie very [[StealthPun briefly]] flashes her [[UnusualEuphemism nylon triangle]] while [[EekAMouse leaping upon a pillow in horror at seeing the heads]].
* [[ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything The Pirate Who Doesn't Do Anything]]: Laurie is supposedly a race-car driver, but we never see her race.
* SatchelSwitcheroo: The basis of the plot.
* ScreamingWoman: Both generations of Bennett females.
-->'''Annette:''' I can't stand it! I'm losing my mind! Everywhere I look, there are heads! AAAAAH!
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior: Annete's mother. She's so unbearable that Tommy ends up throwing her out of a moving car and down a ditch. Annette is very happy.
-->'''Annette:''' I thought the old battle-axe would never die!
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: Kind of. Laurie faints upon first seeing the heads, while Annette works herself into a frenzy and ends up tackling Charlie in a fit of paranoia. Still, they get off pretty easy compared to the guys, particularly the father.
* TooDumbToLive: Grandma. She keeps [[BullyingADragon insulting and ranting at Spinelli right up until the moment he shoves her over a cliff]].
-->'''Grandma:''' Get your hands off me, you goon! Don't fuck with meeeeeeee!
* WhereDoYouThinkYouAre: On more than one occasion, Charlie has to remind [[TheDitz Laurie]] that many things they take for granted in the U.S. are not the same in Mexico. For example, he explains that in Mexico the police are massively corrupt (which, unfortunately, is TruthInTelevision).