->''"A knight is sworn to valor.\\
His heart knows only virtue.\\
His blade defends the helpless.\\
His might upholds the weak.\\
His word speaks only truth.\\
His wrath undoes the wicked!"''
-->-- [[BadassCreed The Old Code]]

A 1996 fantasy movie starring Creator/DennisQuaid, Creator/DavidThewlis, Creator/PetePostlethwaite, Creator/JasonIsaacs, Creator/DinaMeyer, and, most famously, the voice of Creator/SeanConnery.

Quaid is Bowen, a knight in 10th Century (Saxon) England who is one of the few left who adhere to the "Old Code" of KingArthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Bowen is the teacher and mentor to a young prince named Einon. During a peasant uprising, the King is killed in battle and the prince is horribly injured. Bowen takes the boy to his mother, who strikes a deal with an intelligent dragon (Sean Connery) to perform an ancient ritual, which will give the prince his life back. A few weeks later as Einon assumes his role as the new King, Bowen realizes that Einon is [[TheCaligula cruel and sadistic]], more than the previous King. Disillusioned, Bowen believes that the dragonheart corrupted Einon and sets out to hunt down and kill every last dragon.

After many a year of dragonslaying, Bowen comes across the one who performed the dragonheart ritual, though he doesn't recognize him. They fight to a standstill, and decide to strike a partnership instead of killing each other. The dragon harasses towns and Bowen will pretend to kill him. The dragon doesn't have to worry about actual slayers and Bowen makes a living hustling the villagers.

Bowen eventually gives the dragon a name, Draco, after the dragon constellation. His time with Draco reminds him of how far he has gone away from the Old Code, and he realizes that Einon was always evil. Both Bowen and Draco believed their influence could change him but they were wrong. They then decide to encourage another peasant uprising to bring down Einon. With Bowen as a leader and with Draco as muscle, they believe they can succeed. What no one expected was that Draco and Einon's fates are linked together through the dragonheart.

The movie was one of the first after ''Film/JurassicPark'' to feature such extensive CGI, but more advanced in the aspect of CGI being used to portray a main character interacting with live actors. Draco was a living, breathing character of his own and Sean Connery's voice gave him added weight.

Critics were ho-hum about the film, but many moviegoers enjoyed it. Criticisms seemed to be more on the non-Draco production values, compared to epics like ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'', showing a few dozen people fighting a battle in a crowded forest didn't give quite the same spectacle ([[RealityIsUnrealistic never mind the fact that armies in the dark ages tended to not be much larger than a few dozen men]]). Also, the humor was sometimes slapstick and at other times anachronistic, with the monk character Gilbert quoting from the ''16th'' century King James Bible.

The head screenwriter, Charles Edward Pogue, published a [[{{Literature/Dragonheart}} novelization]] of the story which expanded somewhat on the characters, events, and world.


A sequel, ''Dragonheart: A New Beginning'' was released direct-to-video in 2000. Although the new dragon, Drake, was voiced by {{Creator/Robby Benson}} of ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'' fame, it was fairly standard DTV fare geared towards a younger audience.

Toward the end of Bowen's life, he had returned to the cave where he had first met Draco - and discovered a dragon egg. The egg was put in the care of Gilbert's monastery, where it hatched into a young dragon named Drake. Drake is cared for by a friar and the novice Mansel in secret, until he is one day discovered by Mansel's friend Geoff, an orphan stableboy who dreams of being a knight. Meanwhile, a pair of travelers arrive from the East, searching for a dragon they believe has been born; a prophecy says an ancient evil will take hold of the land using a dragon's heart when a two-tailed comet blazes across the sky. The comet is just days away, and they intend to prevent the evil from happening.


A third film, titled ''Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'', was released direct-to-video and on Netflix in February 2015, and it serves as a prequel to the first film. Gareth, a squire aspiring to be knighted, discovers a dragon and a clutch of eggs while searching for treasure to pay off his debt. The dragon - who Gareth names Drago (voiced by {{Creator/Ben Kingsley}}) - saves Gareth's life by sharing his heart after the young man is badly wounded protecting the eggs, and the two become bonded.

Drago, however, becomes cursed by the evil sorcerer, Brude, who wants the eggs for himself: in bright light or by fire, Drago becomes ghostly, unable to fight, and on the night of the full moon - just two days away - Brude will be able to fully bend Drago to his will. Gareth and Drago, and their two new companions, must protect the eggs, figure out a way to break the curse, and stop Brude and his army.


A fourth film titled ''Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire'' was released direct-to-video and on Netflix in June 2017. It's a sequel to ''Dragonheart 3'' and Drago is voiced by {{Creator/Patrick Stewart}}. After Gareth, king of Britannia, passes away, his twin grandchildren, Edric and Mehgan, fight each other for the throne using their inherited dragon strength and fire powers. When Vikings led by Thorgrim steal the Heartfire - Drago's source of power - and challenge the siblings' rights to the throne, Edric and Mehgan must set aside their sibling rivalry or the kingdom may fall.


!! These films provide examples of:


[[folder: ''Dragonheart'' (1996)]]
* ABoyAndHisX: In this case, a grown man and his dragon.
* AbhorrentAdmirer: Einon purposely acts as one to Kara for murdering her father.
* ActionGirl: Kara, who began as something of a DamselInDistress and TookALevelInBadass with Bowen's instruction.
* ActuallyIAmHim: Apparently, Bowen doesn't figure out Draco is the dragon he swore to kill until they travel to Avalon together.
* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: Compared to the novelization, the film has many additions and omissions that create a number of plot holes:
** The reason for the animosity between Bowen and Brok is left unanswered. In the book, the reason is that a duel between them was held in the past to see which of them would be Einon's mentor and Bowen won.
** The film exposes Einon as a villain to the audience early on when he takes his father's crown and tells him to die, making Bowen look stupid for blaming Draco's heart for Einon's "corruption." It makes sense in the book since Einon doesn't tell Freyne to die and jerks away with the crown, and it's after he's revived by Draco that Einon reveals his true nature by laying waste to the peasant village and rounding up rebels for his quarry the following day.
** The book explains that King Freyne was a dragonslayer who forced Aislinn into a loveless marriage as he only wanted her for her beauty, after which he slaughtered her dragon-worshipping people, leaving her unable to love Einon and for his father to taint him. Aislinn reveals all of this during the scene in Draco's cave and when she helps Kara escape the castle.
** In the film, Bowen's character arc of an honorable knight turned dragonslayer and going back to a knight of the Old Code is shaky and questionable at best. The book details that Draco uses the cons with Bowen as a way to pick at Bowen's conscience as he sees the peasants suffer under Einon's rule until they and Kara arrive at the reeking swamp village, where Bowen is at the end of his rope and he can no longer justify conning the king's minions; a plot point nonexistent in the film.
** When Kara stabs Einon in the shoulder, Draco's shoulder glows in response. However, when Einon falls into the cistern at the end of the film, Draco doesn't respond to it. The book rectifies this by having Draco's entire body glowing as he writhes in pain.
** In the book, the swamp village residents are not only starving but so poor that they offer Bowen bits of metal and kitchen utensils as payment for his services. By adding a bunch of pigs to the scene, the film makes the swamp people look like idiots as they already have enough meat to feed themselves. On top of that, when the con is exposed, the villagers appear to turn cannibal when they go after Bowen, Kara, and Gilbert. The book explains that the villagers go after them because of being tricked out of making a meal out of Draco.
** In the film, Gilbert's mule Merlin is last seen before Bowen and Draco's fight. In the book, Merlin is with Gilbert when he appears at the swamp village, and later accompanies the group to Avalon and Kara's village.
** Bowen appears wearing the headband of Kara's father on his arm near the end of the film without explanation, but the book shows Kara giving it to Bowen as her "lady's favor" in the cistern when they go to save Draco from Einon.
* AllThereInTheManual: The novelization not only gives greater detail about the world and its deterioration under Einon's rule, it has more development and provides insight for characters like Bowen, Draco, Kara, Gilbert, Einon, Queen Aislinn, Brok, and Lord Felton.
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore: An unusual example where the [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/77/Dragonheart_%28JPN2%29.jpg Japanese]] poster is more action-filled than the [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/18/Dragonheart_ver1.jpg American]] one.
* AndNowYouMustMarryMe: Einon decides to make Kara his bride, both because he finds her beautiful and because he knows she hates him.
* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: [[spoiler:Draco dies and ascends to the heavens with his brethren]].
* AsLongAsThereIsEvil and AsLongAsThereIsOneMan: Draco tells Bowen that there is an equalizer in this story, the day cannot be won until Einon is dead. [[spoiler: And Einon can't die unless Draco dies.]]
* AttemptedRape: Einon to Kara, in the scene where she stabs him. In the novelization of the film, [[spoiler: it's not an attempt - he actually DOES rape her]].
* AnAxeToGrind: Becomes Kara's WeaponOfChoice toward the end.
* BadassBeard: Bowen.
* BadassCreed: See the page quote.
** The novel reveals the Code in full:
-->''Inside the Table's circle,\\
Under the Sacred Sword,\\
A Knight must vow to follow\\
The Code that is unending.\\
Unending as the Table -\\
A Ring by Honour bound.''\\

-->''A Knight is sworn to Valour.\\
His Heart knows only Virtue.\\
His Blade defends the Helpless.\\
His Might upholds the Weak.\\
His Word speaks only Truth.\\
His Wrath undoes the Wicked.''\\

-->''The Right can never die\\
If one man still recalls.\\
The Words are not forgot\\
If one voice speaks them clear.\\
The Code forever shines\\
If one heart holds it bright.''

* BadassPreacher: Brother Gilbert near the end.
* BeatStillMyHeart: The physical heart itself is removed from the dragon and shown onscreen.
* BigBad: Einon is the main antagonist of the film.
* BittersweetEnding: Due to the bond shared by Draco and Einon, [[spoiler:in order for Einon to be beaten, Draco himself must die. Oh, and also he's the last dragon still alive in the entire world. But even though Draco dies, by sacrificing his life in order to stop Einon, he's redeemed himself and earned his place in the Dragons' Heaven, among his brothers again at last]].
* BloodFromTheMouth: Hewe has some on the corner of his mouth during the battle at the end, though it's not a fatal example.
* BondOneLiner: Gilbert gets quite a few of these during the battle in the forest.
* BreathWeapon: Fire, naturally, considering that this is a movie about a dragon. Interestingly, Draco breathes fire from his ''nostrils'', not from his mouth; this makes the stalemate with Bowen more plausible.
* BrokenBird: Kara, to an extent, because of her father's murder. The novelization implies that Queen Aislinn (Einon's mother) may also be one; Einon's father invaded her homeland and slaughtered many of her dragon-loving people, but kept her for his queen because of her beauty.
* BucketHelmet: Kara wears one toward the start.
* ButtMonkey: Felton in the novelization. He's always picked on by Einon's men (and occasionally Einon himself), partly because he is poor at hunting (to the point that once he left a dead deer out the day before, claiming to shoot it that day, but didn't realize before telling everyone to look at his "kill" that the carcass had been half eaten by a scavenger overnight). He's caught with his pants down when Draco attacks the village, his house is damaged in the attack, and Bowen steals his money by asking for it in advance and then pretending to have been eaten. [[spoiler:He gets his ''hand'' cut off by a peasant.]] Later on, during the battle, Gilbert shoots him in the rear with an arrow, giving a BondOneLiner to add insult to injury. Immediately after, the girl he had been in bed with attacks him, knocks him out, and then steals some money and his jeweled cuff (which he had been wearing over his stump). In the end, he [[spoiler:is stabbed from behind and killed by the peasants.]]
* CassandraTruth: No one believes Kara when she tells the townsfolk that Bowen's "in league with the dragon!"
* CaveBehindTheFalls: Quite literally, Bowen finds Draco in a... well, a cave. [[CaptainObvious Behind a waterfall.]]
* CessationOfExistence: Draco says that only certain dragons get to have an afterlife, branded by the stars. The others just... disappear when they die.
* ChekhovsGun: During Draco's attack on the castle, a big axe is dropped when one of the dragon slayers gets killed. It is later picked up by Kara to defend herself from Brok and afterwards it's used by Bowen [[spoiler:to kill Draco]].
* ChekhovsSkill: When pretending to be hunted down by Bowen, Draco deftly catches the ballista bolts that Bowen shoots at him. During the final battle, it comes useful when the real dragon killers use ballistas against him.
* ChessMotif: In the novelization, Queen Aislinn is forever playing chess. During Einon's childhood she played it with Bowen, who was the only one who saw any value in it; after Einon becomes King, she plays against herself.
* CoconutSuperpowers: Subverted; the movie takes its time to reveal Draco, but once he is shown in full they don't cut any corners.
* ConMan: Bowen and Draco form a duo, scamming villagers out of their money by staging dragon kills.
* {{Constellations}}: The constellation Draco is also known as the Dragon's Heaven. According to dragon religion, dragons that live honorable lives are allowed to become a star in the constellation when they die.
* CoveredInMud: Kara's villagers, in addition to throwing [[ProducePelting fruits/vegetables]] at her, throw mud. Bowen taunts her about the mud, and she responds by smearing a smashed watermelon in his face.
* CreatorCameo: Director Rob Cohen is Draco's singing voice. He also makes an appearance in the shallow-water con scene: he is the villager that walks out and says "Meat!" first.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Brother Gilbert turns out to be one of these, once he has a bow and arrow in his hands; he even follows Bowen into situations so dangerous that the men of the village hesitate.
* DeadpanSnarker: Bowen and Draco both have their moments.
* DeceptiveDisciple: Einon, to Bowen.
* DisneyDeath[=/=]DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler:Einon]] appears to die by falling off the highest tower of the castle. This fails to kill him, due to [[spoiler:the fact that he is bound to life as long as Draco lives]].
* DisappearsIntoLight: At the very end of the movie, [[spoiler:as Draco dies, his body fades into light, which ascends to the stars.]]
* DoesntTrustThoseGuys: Bowen claims that the word of a dragon is worthless because you can't trust them.
* ADogNamedDog: "Draco" is Latin for "dragon". Justified in that he refuses to tell his real name and says humans can't pronounce it anyway. Lampshaded by Draco:
-->''So instead of calling me "dragon" in your tongue, you'll call me "Dragon" in some other tongue.''
* DoNotTauntCthulhu: Kara's father remarks to Einon that he should be grateful, for it was a stroke from his blade that made Einon a king. [[EyeScream That crack ends up costing him dearly.]]
* TheDragon: Not Draco, actually - Einon's general, Brok.
* DualWielding: Kara prefers to fight with two axes. Bowen during the forest battle.
* EvilAllAlong: Einon. Bowen spends years convinced it was the dragon heart that turned him dark but in a duel, Einon point blank tells him he never believed in the Code and Bowen realizes the man was always going to be a tyrant.
* TheEvilPrince: Einon, who grows up to become an Evil King.
* ExactWords: "Death should be a release, not a punishment." Einon later uses this to justify killing Kara's father, since she asks the King to release him.
* ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask: While practicing with Einon in the beginning, Bowen pours himself a drink and is still able to parry all of Einon's blows without even looking.
* FallenHero: Bowen, a once proud and noble knight of the Old Code, turns into a disillusioned mercenary and dragonslayer. (And for a while, a ConMan with a dragon for a partner.)
* FateWorseThanDeath:
** Einon is a big fan of this trope. In his words, 'Death should be a release, not a punishment.' It gets brought up in a scene as well: "In your kingdom, Einon, there are fates worse than death!" "I'll think one up for you." He later decides to make her his bride, which may be the fate he intended.
** Draco considers his soul fading into nothingness - a fate that awaits him if he is unable to redeem himself - to be one.
-->'''Draco:''' Yes knight, I do long for death, but... fear it.\\
'''Bowen:''' Why? Aside from your misery, what's to lose?\\
'''Draco:''' My soul.
* ForcedToWatch: [[spoiler:Right before Einon prepares to kill his mother, he gives Draco a cruel smile. Draco growls threateningly and tries to shoot some fire, but because he is chained up, he can do nothing but watch the subsequent matricide.]]
* ForcefulKiss: Einon does this to Kara, not just to mock her about killing her father before, but to reveal his plan to marry her.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: When Kara thinks she's defending Draco from Bowen, he starts admitting the ruse, while in the background, Draco is silently waving his hand to indicate "No, stop!", (while ''mouthing'' the word "no") and ends by quickly drawing a line across his throat in the universal sign of "Shut UP!".
* GiantFlyer: Draco is one, considering that he's a large dragon about as big as a house.
* TheGift: Parodied with Brother Gilbert, who picks up a bow and arrow pretty quickly.
** His [[BoomHeadshot first]] and [[GroinAttack second]] shot in his life, after some vague instructions, are both deadly shots.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Averted with Einon's mother, Queen Aislinn, whose only crime was loving her son and trying to save him. Between Einon and his father, this movie is a much stronger example of God Save Us From the Kings.
* HandsOnApproach: Bowen gives Kara instruction of how to properly use a battle hatchet.
* HereThereWereDragons: The Arthurian days are past, the Old Code is almost forgotten about, and dragons have since been nearly hunted to extinction. [[spoiler: And at the end, they're all gone.]]
* HeroicBSOD: Bowen has one after realizing that he had helped wipe out an innocent species for no reason (he thought that Draco's heart had made Einon evil, when in fact Einon had always been a monster.)
* HealingHands: Kara tends to an injury Bowen receives while fighting with Einon; Bowen compliments her on having "a healer's touch."
* HealItWithFire: After Draco performs the dragonheart ritual, he gives the wound a quick shot of flame to cauterize it.
* HeelFaithTurn: Bowen redeems himself from his FallenHero status thanks to '''KingArthur'''.
* HeroesWantRedheads: Bowen, to Kara. It's made more explicit in the novelization, where he actually confesses his feelings.
* HeroicResolve: Bowen at Avalon, citing the Knight's Code in front of a statue of KingArthur.
* HeroismWontPayTheBills: The idealistic Brother Gilbert points out that a proper hero [[KeepTheReward should not accept payment]], to which Bowen sensibly points out that honor will not put food in his belly nor shoe his horse. The dickish Lord Felton still uses it as a pretense to avoid paying Bowen for his service.
* HitMeDammit: Draco tries to convince Bowen to kill him in order to beat Einon.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Bowen sorely wanted to believe that Einon was better than his father. He's also irrationally suspicious of his future ally Draco at first, [[DramaticallyMissingThePoint believing that the only reason Einon became evil was because Draco's heart made him that way]].
* InkSuitActor: The FX artists made Draco talk and act with Sean Connery's mannerisms.
* IsThatTheBestYouCanDo: Draco says this when Bowen first attacks him.
* IWantThemAlive: When Einon realises that he is immortal as long as Draco lives, he orders off the dragonslayers his mother hired, even using the exact words, "I want it alive!"
* IWasBeatenByAGirl: [[spoiler:Brok is killed by Kara.]] His final words are, "A girl?"
* KickTheDog:
** We know Brok is a bad guy because he insults Bowen early on for no reason, calling him a nursemaid. The novelization explains that Brok's animosity towards Bowen stems from a duel the two had that decided which of them would be Einon's mentor. King Freyne wanted Brok to mentor Einon while Aislinn chose Bowen, and Bowen emerged the victor.
** [[BigBad Einon]] also gets a lot of moments when it counts, including shooting Kara's father for sport. In the novelization, [[spoiler: he later rapes Kara after she tries to kill him.]]
* KnightInSourArmor:
** Bowen, who literally is a knight.
** And, ironically enough, Draco. The dragon has every reason to hate humanity for how they've hunted his kind down to near-extinction and is a pretty world-weary DeathSeeker all around, but he still aims to do his part to help the very people that fear him and undo his mistakes that led to Einon's rise to power.
* LargeHam:
** [[EvilIsHammy Einon]] and Brother Gilbert
** Bowen, too. Quaid must have been picking [[ChewingTheScenery bits of the set out of his mouth]] for a week after shooting some of his scenes.
* LastOfHisKind: Literally for Draco; for Bowen, he was the only one who kept to the Old Code.
* LeftStuckAfterAttack: During their first fight, Draco uses his bladed tail against Bowen, which slices through a standing tree with ease, but when he bring it down on a fallen log, it has just enough give that it doesn't cut through, and his tail gets stuck.
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to the DarkerAndEdgier novelization based on the original screenplay, the film was made to gear towards families. ExecutiveMeddling and CreativeDifferences caused the moments of somewhat graphic violence in the book to be lessened or removed completely, and more wisecracks and moments of slapstick to be added.
* LightIsNotGood[=/=]DarkIsNotEvil: In a complete reversal of the [[GoodColoursEvilColours standard]], Einon's wardrobe is almost entirely white, and Bowen's is almost entirely black.
* LiteralChangeOfHeart: Draco gives away half his heart, hoping to redeem the prince.
* TheMagicGoesAway: At the end of the film, [[spoiler:with Draco's death, dragons are gone.]]
* MartialPacifist: What Brother Gilbert turns into when he proves to be a quick study with the bow - rather than aim to kill, he tries to incapacitate his targets. His only exception, complete with quoting ThouShaltNotKill while lining up the shot in a moment of conflict, [[spoiler: is loosing an arrow at King Einon, though he ''remains'' this due to Einon's immortality clause kicking in.]]
* {{Matricide}}: During the final battle, [[spoiler:after the tyrannical King Einon's mother tries to kill the dragon who provides Einon with immortality as long as their hearts are shared, he murders her without remorse to cement how evil he is.]]
* TheMedic: The novelization gives Queen Aislinn this role. It's noted that Einon is annoyed by her frequent forays out into the villages to dispense healing herbs and minister to the sick, but as it doesn't really inconvenience him, he lets her do as she pleases.
* MexicanStandoff: Probably the only way they could do it between a man and a dragon. Draco tried to chew Bowen in self-defense, so Bowen grabbed his sword and embedded it in the roof of Draco's mouth. If either tried to make the finishing blow it would be suicide.
* TheMiddleAges: The setting of this movie.
* MonsterFacade: Draco pretends to menace a farming village so that Bowen can charge them a fee to slay the monster. PlayedForLaughs when the felled dragon cannot sink into a lake deep enough to preclude being mobbed and discovered to be unharmed. "This is as deep as the stupid lake gets," he snarls to Bowen in a StageWhisper.
* MonsterProtectionRacket: Draco attacks villages and pretends to be killed by Bowen.
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: [[spoiler:Draco's sacrifice heralds the arrival of a golden age for the kingdom.]]
* NamedByTheAdaptation: The dragonslayers: in the novelization, they're Uhlrich, Tavis, Trahern, Cavan and Ivor.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero:
** The film's story wouldn't have happened if the heroes hadn't all collectively broken it. Bowen and Queen Aislinn take the mortally-wounded Einon to Draco to see if the dragon can save his life, and Draco himself gives half his heart to Einon despite sensing evil in the boy. Saving the prince only paves the way for a regime that's even more tyrannical than the last.
** Bowen doesn't want to kill Draco because he's the last of his kind. But ''whose fault is that'', dragonslayer? Not to mention he was only killing dragons in the first place to ''kill Draco'', thinking that it was his heart transplant that made Einon evil. Turns out Einon was a massive prick to begin with and parroted the teachings of the Old Code just to satisfy Bowen and be taught how to fight.
** Gilbert's well-aimed arrow to Einon's heart not only incapacitates Draco long enough for him to be captured, but makes Einon realize that if Draco dies, he dies, and causes him to race back to the castle to stop the dragon slayers before they can finish the job.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Kara has difficulty wielding a huge poleaxe against Brok until he mockingly cuts the shaft in half, making it easier for her to use to kill him.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: Creator/DennisQuaid (Bowen) and Creator/DinaMeyer (Kara) retain their American accents despite playing European characters. Averted with Creator/DavidThewlis (Einon), who according to [[WordOfGod Patrick Read Johnson]] had to mimic the Northern English accent used by young Einon (Lee Oakes) since his scenes were shot first.
* ObviouslyEvil: So obvious with Einon that it's baffling how everyone saw it but Bowen.
* OfferedTheCrown: In both the ending narration and the novelization of the film, [[spoiler: it's heavily implied that Bowen and Kara are named King and Queen after Einon's death]].
* OffingTheOffspring: Well, Queen Aislinn ''tries''... that's the reason she hires the dragonslayers. She realizes that Einon will die if Draco does. Unfortunately for her, Einon figures it out too.
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: Bowen the instructor vs Einon the evil monarch.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: They're intelligent, can talk, seem capable of some magic, and though they're commonly hunted by humans, they're still expected to help them in order to ascend to their version of "Heaven." Also, they have tails that act like giant scissors, and they can only breathe fire through their nose (said fire tends to have explosive effects.)
* PalatePropping: Leads to a standoff with Bowen literally ''inside'' Draco's mouth.
* PlayingPossum:
** In the novelization, Bowen does this in the training scene at the start, after falling off a wall.
** In the film, Einon does this briefly after falling down a flight of stairs.
* PlotHole: Number of scenes were cut from the film that help the story flow more naturally, contain character development, and help explain their motivations.
* ProducePelting: Kara's villagers do this to her when she tries to convince them to fight Einon.
* PromotedToLoveInterest: Kara in the novelization.
* RecycledTrailerMusic: Randy Edelman's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTKSUlMbp9A main theme]] for the film has been recycled countless times in other movie trailers. If you don't recognize it right away, go to about 2:28 on that video. If you still don't recognize it, you probably haven't been to a movie theatre since 1996. It is frequently used for montages at the UsefulNotes/{{Academy Awards|Ceremonies}}, possibly because the score was not even nominated the year the movie came out. In fact, Edelman's theme is also featured in the film's sequel and later prequels.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: According to Draco, a dragon must earn his place in the Dragons' Heaven. If they don't, then in Draco's own words, "our spirit disappears, as if we never were." By sharing his heart with Einon, he loses his place in the Heavens. [[spoiler:But by sacrificing his life to stop Einon, he earns his place back, and becomes the brightest star in the Dragons' Heaven]].
* RedemptionInTheRain: Bowen renews his knightly vows in the pouring rain, [[spoiler:kneeling before King Arthur himself.]]
* RedheadInGreen: Kara often wears green.
* RequisiteRoyalRegalia: Our first hint of Einon's true nature is when he steals the crown from his dying father, who tries to hold onto it.
* ReverseGrip: Bowen holds his sword like this a few times.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Bowen believes that the dragonheart corrupted Einon, so he intends to kill every last one.
* RousingSpeech: Bowen gives one to the villagers.
* SameSexTriplets: Identical girls in Kara's home village.
* SleepCute: Draco is made of this trope.
* SceneryPorn: The landscape and castle are beautiful.
* TheSociopath: Einon. At the beginning, he comes across as a naive and boisterous but still well-meaning kid who loves his (albeit tyrannical) father and needs some guidance from a wise mentor to be an even better king. However, cracks begin to form when his reaction to seeing his dying father is to try and seize the crown. And once he becomes king, it becomes clear the whole naive kid thing was an act he put on for Bowen to learn swordsmanship, which he readily drops and begins a reign of terror, abusing his power to pursue his often sadistic whims without expressing an ounce of remorse or empathy for others.
* StarringSpecialEffects: Draco.
* StarsAreSouls: Good dragons who die become a star in the Draco constellation. [[spoiler:This happens to Draco when he dies.]]
-->Draco: To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.
* TheStoic[=/=]StoicWoobie: Queen Aislinn, in the novelization. She seems to have developed this personality as a result of her forced marriage to a ruffian and the equally brutal kingship of her only child.
* SoulJar: Draco. [[spoiler:As long as he lives, so does Einon.]]
* {{Synchronization}}: Draco and Einon can feel each other's pain. [[spoiler:Einon also lives as long as Draco does.]]
* TalkingAnimal: Draco.
* ThanksForTheMammary: Brother Gilbert to Kara when he jumps on Bowen's horse.
* ThatManIsDead: Kara speaks of a great knight she saw once. Bowen, the knight in question, responds that "that knight died of his wounds long ago."
* ThisIsMyNameOnForeign: Kinda. Draco even replies that Bowen is just calling him "Dragon" in a different tongue instead of his own, but accepts the name because he finds an honor to be named after the constellation.
* TrainingThePeacefulVillagers: Bowen, Draco, and Kara raise a peasant army. One that is better trained and better organized to face Einon's army.
* TheUnreveal: Draco's real name, which supposedly [[TheUnpronounceable can't be pronounced by humans anyway]]. He's about to say it but it devolves into a loud series of roars and him falling onto his back due to Kara stabbing Einon in the shoulder back at his castle.
* UnwantedRescue: Queen Aislinn helps Kara escape from the castle rather than be forced to marry Einon. Kara initially doesn't ''want'' this rescue - not because she doesn't want to escape, but because she doesn't want to accept help from the woman who gave birth to the monster. Aislinn wins her compliance by saying, "I won't let you suffer the same fate as me."
* VirginSacrifice: When the people of Kara's village don't want to pay money to Bowen to drive Draco away, he suggests they offer one of these instead. Of course they pick the loudmouthed redhead who keeps trying to stir up rebellion.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Einon offers to make Kara his queen. Because she has no interest in marrying or bedding with her father's murderer, she refuses.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Gilbert's mule Merlin and [[spoiler: the remains of Sir Eglamore.]] In the film, Merlin and what's left of Sir Eglamore are never seen or mentioned again after the scene where Draco and Bowen fight to a stalemate. In the novelization, after the fight, Gilbert wakes up the next morning and finds the arm. He mistakes it for belonging to Bowen and when Gilbert reappears at the swamp village, he tells Bowen about burying the arm in the glade beneath a cross with Bowen's name on it. Merlin is with Gilbert at the swamp village, taken to Avalon with him, Bowen, and Kara, and then Kara's village afterwards.
* YouKilledMyFather: Einon slaughters Kara's father right in front of her, inciting her endless hatred.Kara's father killed Einon's father

[[folder: ''Dragonheart: A New Beginning'' (2000)]]
* ABoyAndHisX: A boy and his dragon.
* ActionGirl: Lian's WaifFu skills enable her to take out several opponents on her own.
* AwardBaitSong: "''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UJj69zNGyQ My Heart Goes With You]]''", sung by Rona Figueroa, the actress who plays Lian.
* BreathWeapon: Fire ''and'' ice this time.
* ChekhovsSkill: Drake tries to learn the forgotten Dragon art of breathing ice, but fails. Naturally, he manages to pull it off at the climax.
* ColorMeBlack: This was attempted on the BigBad prior to the events of the movie. It utterly failed, the [[spoiler:dragon in human form]] is still bent on genocide.
* ConspicuousCG: Some of the worst spots are Drake's first flight, and the final battle, with [[spoiler:the dragons being especially shiny and the way they're moving when compared with the rest of the movie]].
* CoveredInMud: At one point, TheRival Roland trips and gets a face full of stable mud.
* ADogNamedDog: "Drake" is a term meaning "(small) dragon", or certain (small) types of dragon.
* DualWielding: Both Roland and Osric fight with a sword in each hand at some point.
* FanDisservice: Seeing a monk - even a supposedly teenage one - run around in nothing but diaper-like underwear.
* FartsOnFire: While learning to [[BreathWeapon breathe fire]], Drake starts to lose control of it and turns away from the nearby village to avoid damaging anything. Unfortunately, it comes out the wrong end, and he destroys a building.
* IdiotBall: Lian and Kwan are knowingly carrying around the heart of an extremely evil dragon. How did it not occur to them until [[spoiler:Osric regained his true form that his heart, rather than Drake's, might possibly be the one in the prophecy?]]
* IntergenerationalFriendship: Lian refers to Kwan as her loyal servant, her wise teacher, and her closest friend.
* LastOfHisKind: Drake. [[spoiler:Kinda.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: The credits song, ''My Heart Goes With You'', serves as Lian's. She even hums it at one point.
* LiterallyShatteredLives: During the final battle, [[spoiler:Drake kills Griffin by breathing ice on him instead of fire. Griffin falls to the ground and shatters. Unfortunately, one of the pieces impales Geoff.]]
* MentorOccupationalHazard: [[spoiler:Poor Kwan...]]
* OldMaster: Kwan
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler: Osric transforms into a dragon]] at the film's climax.
* ParasolOfPain: Master Kwan's weapon.
* PlayingPossum: Done by [[spoiler:Osric and his men]] in battle. [[spoiler:Osric was pretending that he was dying and needed Drake's heart, but when Geoff realized that Osric wasn't wounded, then some of Osric's "dead" men jumped up and attacked.]]
* RenownedSelectiveMentor: Geoff is trained by the king's advisor Osric. Osric claims it is because he's a natural and deserves special attention, but his real motive [[spoiler:was to make Geoff eager for battle and to trust him in order to convince Drake to give up half his heart]].
* TheRival: Roland is to Geoff, somewhat.
* SamusIsAGirl: The first time Lian is seen, she is believed to be a boy; it is only a little while later that she is revealed to be a girl.
* SecretTestOfCharacter: Kwan and Lian want to test Drake to see if it will be his heart that will cause the evil. [[spoiler:Kwan claims that there's a way to learn all of the ancient dragon secrets instantly; Drake passes by refusing and deciding to learn naturally, year by year, from Kwan.]]
* {{Sequel}}: Takes place years after the first film.
* SevenDeadlySins: Used as a bit of a RunningGag.
-->'''Geoff:''' Come on, don't say it like that, take some pride in being special!\\
'''Mansel:''' All right, I ''am'' special!\\
'''Geoff:''' It's not like {{Pride}} is one of those Seven Deadly Sins or anything.\\
'''Mansel''' ''(stops walking and frowns)'': ...Actually, it is.
** And then later:
-->''(Mansel is holding a whole armload of food)''\\
'''Geoff:''' Hey, you have fun. 'Cause it's not like [[VillainousGlutton Gluttony]] is on that seven deadly sin list too.\\
''(Mansel quickly sets down all the food and walks away)''
* SurroundedByIdiots: "YOU are ''all'' '''''INCOMPETENTS!'''''"
* TakingTheBullet:
** [[spoiler:Osric]] [[PlayingPossum pretends to do this]] in battle.
** [[spoiler:Kwan]] [[TakingTheBullet does this toward the end.]]
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks:
** Osric does this in battle.
** [[spoiler:Geoff throwing his sword at Griffin]] in the climax.
* WaifFu: Lian uses this a couple times.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Once [[spoiler:Osric becomes a dragon again, he calls Drake "brother"]] and invites him to destroy humanity together.
* YouHaveFailedMe: Stefan has served Osric loyally for years. One mistake, and he gets a dagger in his chest.

[[folder: ''Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'' (2015)]]
* ABoyAndHisX: Again, a boy and his dragon.
* ActionGirl: Rhonu. When he suggests that she not accompany him and insists that it's for her protection, she just ignores him.
-->'''Rhonu:''' Do I look like I've lived a life of comfort?
* AndThisIsFor: When Rhonu [[spoiler:kills Brude]], she says, "For my mother!"
* AnnoyingArrows: Gareth takes an arrow to the gut and still keeps running and fighting for a good minute before even slowing down. Somewhat subverted since, once the fight ends and the adrenaline rush is gone, Gareth would have died had Drago not intervened.
* TheArcher: Rhonu uses a bow most of the time.
* BelligerentSexualTension: Rhonu and Gareth.
-->'''Drago:''' I do think she likes you. Notice how she ''sneers'' at you.
* BigBad: Brude, the evil sorcerer leading the Picts.
* BloodFromTheMouth: [[spoiler:Sir Horsa]] when Gareth kills him.
* BreathWeapon: Drago, as a dragon, can breathe fire, although he only does it two or three times in the film.
* BumblingSidekick: Lorne. He fails at his spells multiple times, and also accidentally drops a dragon egg, ending the life inside and causing an explosion that reveals to the Picts where they are.
* ChekhovsSkill:
** Drago attempts to teach Gareth how to "shadowjump" - to use shadows like doors. He is unsuccessful during their training sessions, but is able to pull it off during a fight.
** At the beginning of the movie, Brude uses a spell to swap places with one of the Druid mages, putting the mage in the path of a deadly spell. [[spoiler:Lorne uses this spell in the final battle to swap places with Gareth, so that Gareth can get free and join the fight.]]
* TheChosenOne: Gareth is referred to as this a couple times due to him finding the eggs and Drago sharing his heart with him.
* CoveredInMud: Sir Horsa tells Roland to kneel, and then then keeps telling him to get lower until his face is in the mud, and tells him that that's the stench of the common people and asks if that's what he wants to go back to.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Rhonu has a fairly prickly nature and takes a while to warm up to Gareth.
* DistractedByTheSexy: When Drago tries teaching Gareth to shadowjump, he comments that maybe Gareth can't concentrate because his mind is too distracted by thinking of Rhonu (and he can tell Gareth likes her because of their connection through the dragonheart).
* ADogNamedDog: "Drago" is Italian for "dragon", and Gareth picked the name simply because it's part of the word "dragon".
* DramaPreservingHandicap: Brude puts a spell on Drago early on that makes him ghost-like when light shines on him, thereby nullifying his StoryBreakerPower for much of the film (this of course, has the added bonus saving the film money by not having to animate Drago realistically in all scenes)
* DualWielding: When not using her bow, Rhonu uses a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: The first time we get the idea that Gareth's a good guy is when a shopkeeper can't pay the tax. Gareth keeps Sir Horsa's attention away from the man: he "teaches him a lesson" by breaking a cheap, easily-replaceable vase instead of the ornate dragon one the shopkeeper loved.
* EvilSorcerer: Brude.
* FacialMarkings: Rhonu has markings across her forehead and cheeks.
* FieryRedhead: Rhonu is a redhead with a bit of a temper.
* GroinAttack: Gareth does this to himself in an attempt to make Drago feel the same thing through their {{Synchronization}}. It doesn't work on the dragon.
* HeroesWantRedheads: Gareth tries to flirt with Rhonu almost immediately, and their feelings for each other become clear throughout the movie.
* HeroicResolve: Gareth realizing that he needs to live by the Old Code.
* InfantImmortality: Assuming it also counts for viable eggs, [[spoiler: averted, thanks to [[BumblingSidekick Lorne]]]].
* IWantThemAlive: Brude wants Drago kept alive so that he can use him, and, because Gareth's death would mean Drago's death, he needs Gareth alive too.
* LiteralChangeOfHeart: Drago shares half his heart with Gareth. At one point, he remarks that Gareth's greed can affect the heart and that the curse has quickened.
* MadeOfExplodium: The eggs explode when they fall on the ground.
* MythologyGag: The first film had Draco stating that Bowen could not possibly pronounce his real name. This prequel shows just how difficult to pronounce a dragon's name is.
* MindControl: Brude intends to use this on Drago.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Lorne tries to use a spell to free some slaves by breaking the ropes binding them. It works - but also snaps Rhonu's bowstring as she's firing at the guards.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: This one came to Earth inside an ''asteroid''.
* OverlyLongName: Drago's real name is Hissyoxyillammochogannatoss; Gareth asks if he can call him a different name due to its difficulty.
* {{Prequel}}: Takes place before the first one.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Drago, when being controlled by Brude.
* TheRival: Kalin is one to Gareth; they both want to be knighted.
* RhymesOnADime: The spells. For instance: "By sun and moon, switching stance, two as one, Druidís Dance!"
* TheStinger: The potter that Gareth spoke to at the start of the film sells his dragon mugs, which are now popular.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Rhonu to Kara (a FieryRedhead whose parent had been killed by the villain) and Lorne to Gilbert (clumsy comic relief).
* {{Synchronization}}: Drago and Gareth feel each other's pain and emotions. Used hilariously in a scene where they hurt themselves (e.g. stomping on their own foot) just to bother the other one, culminating in Gareth hitting himself in the groin and Drago laughing because he's armored there and didn't feel it.
* ThrowDownTheBomblet: The dragon eggs are explosive if broken. Gareth uses this intentionally once.
* TitleDrop: Used once.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Gareth, for a scene or two.
* YouNoTakeCandle: Gareth tries to communicate with Drago this way before the dragon reveals that he can talk properly.
-->'''Drago:''' I shared my heart with the village idiot.
* YouKilledMyFather: Brude killed Rhonu's mother and taunts her about it.

[[folder: ''Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire'' (2017)]]

* AccidentalMurder: Edric explains to Drago that Mehgan's flames got out of control and set the house ablaze when she was mad at her father, and he died in the fire. [[spoiler: Later, Mehgan reveals that she set the house on fire only to hide the fact that ''Edric'' accidentally killed their father, when he pushed him onto a sharp spike without realizing it during an argument and stormed out of the house.]]
* ActionGirl: Mehgan. In her very first in-person appearance, she led an army of Vikings into battle.
* AllThereInTheManual: The official Facebook page [[https://www.facebook.com/DragonheartMovie/posts/1628147440529018 revealed]] the names of the dragons Drago raised, as they appear on the castle murals: Draco, Siveth, Kinabalux, Basilor, Tatsu, and Vipero.
* ArrangedMarriage: Mehgan "un-arranges" one for a young woman.
* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: [[spoiler:Drago dies and becomes a star in the Draco constellation]].
* BadassBoast:
-->'''Mehgan:''' Just remember that when we set sail, I needed an army - and that now, I ''am'' one.
* BigDamnHeroes: Drago shows up right at the perfect moment to save Edric, and later both of the twins, and then later on [[spoiler:the women that Mehgan trained to fight show up to save her.]]
* BittersweetEnding: Even though Drago [[spoiler:has the chance to save himself with the Heartfire, he sacrifices himself so that Edric can use the Heartfire to save Mehgan, thus keeping their family together, earning himself a place in the Dragons' Heaven.]]
* BloodFromTheMouth: Edric spits blood out of his mouth almost casually in his first appearance.
* BrokenBird: Mehgan, to an extent. Having to grow up wearing up hood to hide the dragon scales on her face, and having the ability to control fire, Mehgan was constantly accused as being an evil witch, and put down by her father.
* ChekhovsGunman: The actor who appeals an issue to Edric in court later turns up to sneak him and Drago back into the castle.
* DeathByChildbirth: Edric and Mehgan's mother at the beginning of the film.
* DePower: Happens twice: [[spoiler:to Drago when Mehgan steals his Heartfire, and to both Mehgan and Edric at the end of the film.]]
* DisappearsIntoLight: At the end of the film, [[spoiler:as Drago dies, his body fades into balls of starlight, and ascends to the heavens.]]
* DoesntTrustThoseGuys: Edric was raised by his father to mistrust dragons.
* DraconicHumanoid: Edric and Mehgan, due to their inherited dragonheart: they both have patches of scales on their bodies, and one has SuperStrength while the other has [[PlayingWithFire power over fire]].
* HeirClubForMen: Mehgan assumes that Edric refuses to give up the throne to her because she's a woman.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Drago gives up his Heartfire, knowing that he'll die without it, so that Edric can save Mehgan's life. This earns him his place in the stars.]]
* HiddenBackupPrince: Edric and Mehgan.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Mehgan, when growing up.
* {{Interquel}}: Takes place around 70 years after ''The Sorcerer's Curse'' and many years before the first film.
* KingIncognito: After Prince Walter runs away from home after [[spoiler:his mother's death,]] he goes on to live as a commoner.
* KingOnHisDeathbed: The situation at the start of the movie and the cause of the main conflict: King Gareth is dying.
* LineageComesFromTheFather: Edric and Mehgan are royalty through their father, Prince Walter.
* MacGuffinMelee: The fight for the amulet containing the Heartfire.
* MightMakesRight: Mehgan fights with Edric over the throne because she is the firstborn twin and the rightful heir.
* MissingMom: When her son Walter was a child, [[spoiler:Queen Rhonu died tragically when the dragon she became bonded with at the end of ''The Sorcerer's Curse'' was struck by lightning and killed.]]
* MyGreatestFailure: Drago claims word-for-word that the rift in Gareth's family is his.
* MythologyGag: The campfire scene between Drago and Edric acts as a nice throwback to the same scene between Draco and Bowen in the original film, as well as the moment in the woods where Drago pins down the twins and shouts at them, similar to how Draco talks to a pinned Bowen after their fight. At the end, [[spoiler:Drago ascending to the stars acts as a lovely callback to Draco's death: as "To the Stars" plays, Drago's body turns into light and rises into the air, an "explosion" gets reflected in the main characters' eyes, and Drago's new star twinkles in the sky.]]
* NeverLearnedToRead: Edric.
-->"I can't read."
-->"But you can ''sign!''"
* OlderAndWiser: Drago.
* ParentalNeglect: King Gareth unintentionally never spent much time with Walter as he ruled the kingdom and helped Drago raise the next generation of dragons.
* ParentalSubstitute: Drago to Edric and Mehgan.
* PlayingWithFire: Mehgan was born with the ability to control fire.
* PutTheirHeadsTogether: Drago does this at one point to Edric and Mehgan to end their bickering.
* RagsToRoyalty: Edric and Mehgan.
* ReallyRoyaltyReveal: Edric and Mehgan were raised as villagers before eventually learning of their royal heritage.
* ScreamingBirth: The film starts with one as Edric and Mehgan are born.
* SelflessWish: Drago blames himself for King Gareth's family being fractured and Drago fears he will be refused entry into the Dragons' Heaven as the result. When Walter's children Edric and Mehgan are discovered, Drago takes it upon himself to heal the rift between them and their family. [[spoiler:This act is what earns him a place in the stars.]]
* SeriesContinuityError: Assuming that the Draco in the mural is the one in the original Dragonheart movie, he shouldn't have his name yet, since it was Bowen who gave it to him.
* SiblingRivalry: Between Edric and Mehgan, as they engage in combat over which one of them should have the throne.
* SuccessionCrisis: After King Gareth's death and the disappearance of his son, his twin grandchildren fight for the throne.
* SuperpowerfulGenetics: Edric and Mehgan have respectively inherited enhanced strength and the pyrokinesis from their grandparents, King Gareth and Queen Rhonu.
* SuperStrength: Edric's special ability from the dragonheart.
* {{Synchronization}}: This occurs due to the dragonheart, but in an unusual way since it's inherited and split by twins: Drago is bonded to Edric emotionally and to Mehgan physically.
* UngratefulBastard: Mehgan is angry, rather than thankful, when [[spoiler:Edric saves her from being killed by Sable in her sleep.]]
* UntoUsASonAndDaughterAreBorn: Edric and Mehgan.
* WardrobeWound: When Mehgan sends fire at him, Edric doesn't seem to notice his burn wounds, only looking down and saying "My shirt!"
* WithMyHandsTied: Edric challenges Thorgrim to a fight this way, tying one hand behind his own back.
* WouldntHitAGirl: Edric, at least until now.
-->'''Edric:''' Do you know what, I've never said this, but I really wish you had been a brother.
-->'''Mehgan:''' Why's that, Eddy?
-->'''Edric:''' Because I would have done this much sooner. ''(punches her)''