''Desperately Seeking Susan'' is a 1985 comedy-drama film directed by Susan Seidelman, starring Creator/RosannaArquette and Music/{{Madonna}}.

It concerns Roberta (Arquette), a bored housewife from New Jersey who follows the saga of Susan (Madonna) and Jim (Robert Joy), two lovers who contact each other through the personal ads. Through a series of complicated events, Roberta is mistaken for Susan, who is being hunted by a criminal who wants some earrings she stole. When Roberta hits her head she gets amnesia, and when a friend of Jim named Dez (Aidan Quinn) mistakes her for Susan, Roberta goes along with it. And that's just the beginning of the story.....
!!This film provides examples of:
* AmnesiaDanger
* CatchPhrase: Susan's "Good going, stranger!"
* CelebrityParadox: At least one scene features Susan dancing to a Madonna song. See also ActorAllusion in Trivia.
* EasyAmnesia: Roberta loses her memory when she bangs her head on a pole. [[spoiler:She regains it when she hits her head on the ground.]]
* JerkAss: Although Susan is fairly affable and doesn't seem to be deliberately malicious, her callous behavior and constant mooching off or taking advantage of everyone she meets puts her more in this trope than JerkWithAHeartOfGold.
* KitschyLocalCommercial: Gary's Oasis.
* IdentityAmnesia: Roberta gets amnesia and starts to think she is Susan.
* MistakenIdentity: Roberta is mistaken for Susan constantly throughout the movie.
* NiceGuy: Dez
* NoodleImplements: In-universe when Roberta is mistakenly picked up for solicitation while carrying a cage of doves and put into a car with another prostitute, the other prostitute asks her, "[[HeadTiltinglyKinky What do you use the doves for?]]"
* NoodleIncident: Some of the reasons why people chase Roberta-as-Susan off.
* SympatheticAdulterer: [[spoiler:Roberta has sex with Dez after getting her memory back, probably at least partly because she thought her husband was cheating on her (he actually was, but not in the circumstances she believed he was).]]
* TapOnTheHead: Roberta hits her head twice in the movie and suffers no damage aside from brief EasyAmnesia.
** It's also how Roberta knocks out the guy who is chasing her and has caught up to Susan.
* TheEighties: Susan in particular rocks an extremely Eighties-tastic wardrobe. Because she wears Susan's clothes for a big part of the movie, Roberta by extension does this as well.