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''Der Schuh des Manitu'' ("The Shoe of Manitou") is a German {{western}} comedy released in 2001 and one of the [[GermanHumor most successful German films]] of all time.

The story revolves around Apache chief Abahachi and his white [[BloodBrothers blood brother]], Ranger. After being conned by Santa Maria, "a real estate agent from Wyoming", who sold them a saloon that consisted only of a front wall, a firefight ensues. Not only does Santa Maria escape, but also Fake Hare ("Falscher Hase", a type of meat loaf), the son of the chief of the Shoshones is killed, who just happened to deliver the "Shoshone Loan". Being framed for his death by Santa Maria, Abahachi and Ranger have to escape from Shoshone captivity to prove their innocence and find a way to repay the loan to chief 'Sly Lizard'.

Abahachi remembers that he owns a treasure, which he inherited from his grandfather Gray Starling ("Grauer Star", meaning cataract, the eye disease). Unfortunately his grandfather raised him very well and tought him to share with others, so he divided the TreasureMap and shared it with his teenage friends. And so, Abahachi has to seek out and reunite the friends of his salad days -- his own CampGay twin brother Winnetouch, the Greek Dimitri and his childhood sweetheart Uschi -- and lead them on in a race against time to salvage the treasure before Santa Maria and his gang of bandits get there.

''Der Schuh des Manitu'' is based on a series of short skits from the comedy show ''Bullyparade''; its style is quite similar to many of Creator/MelBrooks parodies, like ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'', ''Film/RobinHoodMenInTights'', or (more to the point) ''Film/BlazingSaddles''. It is ultimately a spoof of the western novels by German writer Creator/KarlMay and their movie adaptations, the ''Literature/{{Winnetou}}'' films of the 60s, which are immensely popular in Germany.

Being a parody, the whole movie is [[{{Troperiffic}} practically made from tropes]].

There are two English dubs: one is by the original actors, but it suffered from trying to preserve accent gags that worked in German but didn't in English. The other is more of a {{Woolseyism}} that adds even more anachronistic slang (Ranger and Abahachi's catchphrase is now "[[TotallyRadical Wassup?!]]") and translates the [[PunnyName Punny Names]] fairly well (the son of the Shoshone chief is now called Sonny Rabbit).

There's also a stage musical that's been out for a while.
!! Tropes:
* AffablyEvil: PlayedForLaughs with Santa Maria. Sure, he is the bad guy, but he is also very kind to his gang, buying them ice-cream after a job is done and allowing John to sleep longer because he is tired, among others. All in all he acts more like a father than as a gang leader. Being played by SkyDuMont also helps.
* AlliterativeFamily: Not a family, but Santa Marias gang has shades of this. The named gangsters are John, Joe, Jack, Jim, Jeffrey and [[OddNameOut Hombre]].
* AllThereInTheManual: There is a companion to the film written by Michael Herbig himself, containing official biographies of all characters.
%%* AnachronismStew: Played for laughs a lot.
* AssPull: Intentionally parodied with [[spoiler:the gingerbread heart that protects Abahachi from being shot. It is introduced literally ''immediately'' before it's used.]] [[invoked]]
* BabiesEverAfter: [[Creator/LaurelAndHardy Stan Laurel]], actually.
* BenevolentBoss: Santa Maria is a very nice gang leader, untill [[spoiler:he shoots two of his gangsters at the end.]]
* BloodBrothers: Abahachi and Ranger. Also, [[spoiler:Abahachi and Dimitri in the end]]
* BulletHolesAndRevelations: Looking ''through'' the bullet hole at the shooter.
* CampGay: Winnetouch, obviously.
* TheChanteuse: Uschi is introduced this way.
%%* ChekhovsGun: The gingerbread heart.
* CrossOver: Dimitri is actually a character from another skit.
%%* DeathTrap
%%* DramaticGunCock
* DrowningPit: [[spoiler:Santa Maria falls in a tar pit at the end.]]
* ElvisImpersonator: [[PunnyName Grauer Star]]. His impromptu invention of stage diving led to his untimely demise, as none of the audience were familiar with the concept.
%%* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Ranger and Hombre.
* FakeNationality: Apparently, the Wild West is full of people speaking with [[UsefulNotes/GermanDialects strong Bavarian accents]] including but not limited to the natives. Bully fake-justified it with Ranger being a Southerner and Bavarian being the closest CulturalTranslation to a Southern accent. Of course Tramitz and Herbig, the actors portraying the roles are from Bavaria, so they just did the dialect that came naturally.
* AFatherToHisMen: Santa Maria to his {{Mooks}}. Sometimes their dialogues would be more fitting for a group of kids on an excursion, with Santa Maria as the adult in charge, rather than a gang of bandits and their boss. This is of course due to the RuleOfFunny.
%%* FunnyForeigner: Dimitri.
* GottaCatchThemAll: The four parts of the treasure map.
%%* GratuitousEnglish: "Ranger".
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Hombre. After falling in love with Winnetouch, he betrays Santa Maria.]]
--> '''Winnetouch:''' "You are one of us now?"
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Abahachi and Ranger. Comes with being BloodBrothers.
* HoYay: Winnetouch and Hombre are established as a gay couple by the end.[[invoked]]
* HurricaneOfPuns: Right from the beginning to the very end.
* IOweYouMyLife: How Abahachi and Ranger first met.
* LastRequest: Santa Maria offers one to [[spoiler:Abahachi, Ranger and Winnetouch befor burning down the ranch with them inside. Winnetouch requests the song from the Super Perforator commercial. [[SignatureScene Santa Maria is happy to comply]], see ThatRemindsMeOfASong below.]]
* LoveTriangle: Abahachi, Ranger, and Uschi. Abahatchi and Uschi are [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend Unlucky Childhood Friends]], but she falls in love with Ranger. In the end, though,[[spoiler:Ranger and Abahatchi stay together as HeterosexualLifePartners, much to Rangers regret.]]
* MeaningfulName: Dimitri's mule "Apollo 13", named after his twelve brothers who all died in accidents while crossing train rails. He ultimately suffers the same fate and is replaced by "Apollo 14" at the end of the movie.
%%* MobileShrubbery
%%* {{Mooks}}: Santa Maria's gang.
* MosesInTheBullrushes: At one point Dimitri claims that this is how he was found by Abahachi and Grauer Star. Abahachi, however, replies that Dimitri was already 16 when they found him. [[TooMuchInformation And sexually mature.]]
* MsFanservice: Uschi spends almost the whole film in her barmaid outfit.
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Uschi is named after German actress Uschi Glas, who played a lot of 'female love interest' roles in the 60s and appeared as such in at least one of the Creator/KarlMay movie adaptations.
%%* PlotCoupon: The treasure.
* PocketProtector: [[spoiler: The gingerbread heart. Which could stop the bullet because it was at least 10 years old and long turned rock hard.]]
* {{Pun}}
--> '''Abahachi:''' But you always said "Abahachi, when we are big..."
--> '''Uschi:''' But 5'5 is not big.
* PunnyName: Almost all of the Indians, though the puns do not translate into english well.
** Falscher Hase (False Rabit) is german for meatloaf.
** Grauer Star (Grey Starling) means cataract (the eye disease).
** Listiger Lurch (Cunning Amphibian), though Lurch can also translate to Dust Bunny.
* RailroadTracksOfDoom: Lampshaded with the mule "Apollo 13", who refuses to cross train tracks in the middle of a huge empty desert, because all of his twelve brothers were killed on train crossings. He then suddenly steps right on the track when a train approaches in the far distance and refuses to move in any way.
%%* {{Ranger}}: Well, Ranger.
%%* RollercoasterMine
* SayMyName: "ABAHACHI!!!" In slow mo.
* SomewhereAnEquestrianIsCrying: Invoked. Winnetouch's horse Jacqueline has to vomit after walking too fast, something horses are well known for not being capable of doing. The vomiting horse is actually a callback towards a joke from Herbig's old show, the Bullyparade, in which two men discuss the legend of having seen a horse vomit in front of a drugstop (based on a German figure of speech for believing something unlikely) and becoming partners in inventing throw up medicine for horses.
* StraightGay: Hombre, [[spoiler:who falls in love with Winnetouch.]]
* TempleOfDoom: The caves in the mountain "Shoe of Manitu".
* ThatRemindsMeOfASong: The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G0RIbxGxQc "Super-perforator commercial song"]] and the "Gingerbread heart song".
* ThresholdGuardians: Lampshaded by Santa Maria: "No old Indian guarding the treasure? That's unexpected."
%%* TreasureMap
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: Abahachi and Uschi grew up together and made big promises to one another. She ends up with Ranger eventually.
%%* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Santa Maria
* WeaponOfChoice: Santa Maria has a custom revolver that Hombre can identify by its sound alone.
* WidgetSeries: A Weird German movie, made even weirder by the fact that most of the references will fly ''right'' over your head if you're not familiar with German culture. Fortunately, this adds to, rather than detracts from the movie.
* YouGetMeCoffee: Said verbatim by Santa Maria to Hombre